20 Best Friend Songs

By on June 28, 2015
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Everyone knows of songs that are dedicated to love and romance, but best friend songs are few and far between. If you love your best friend and want them to know that you care, choose one of these 20 songs about friendship. Read through the list and leave us a comment with your favorites. If we missed one of your favorite best friend songs, leave us a comment at the bottom to let us know.

1. Anytime You Need a Friend by Mariah Carey

If you listen to the song closely, you will hear a song about the type of love that exists between two friends. This song is all about the fact that love will always be there to guide you home. All in all, this is one of our favorite best friend songs because it is fairly easy to hum and beautiful to listen to.

2. You’re My Best Friend by Queen

It does not get better than Queen. If you are a fan of classic rock and androgynous lifestyles, then Freddie Mercury is the person to listen to. This song leaves you with a happy-go-lucky feeling and a new appreciation for friendship. Even better, link to this YouTube video on your friend’s social media site and let your best friend hear how you feel.

3. My Best Friend by Weezer

Weezer may not be quite as popular any more, but their songs are still worth listening to. The only sad thing about listening to this song is that we wish it was about us—really, how cool would it be to become Rivers Cuomo’s best friend?

4. With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles

No list would be complete without at least one mention of the Beatles. Known as being one of the best rock bands of all time, the Beatles also created a song about friendship. Along the way, they also share a few off color jokes and some tips on getting high. You may or may not want to play this for your kids, but it is certainly one of the better songs about friendship. Released on September 30 of 1978, this song peaked at number 71 on the Hot 100 list.

5. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler

Everyone has low points in their life, but good friends and family help us to get through it. If you have been going through a rough patch and need a reminder that your friends are there for you, then tune into this song. Released on June 10 of 1989, this song may be an old one, but it hit the number one spot on the Hot 100 Billboard charts. Even if you do not recognize it right now, turn it on—you have undoubtedly heard it played on the radio several times before.

6. We’re Going to Be Friends by White Stripes

If you want a warmer, happier tone to White Stripes, then “We’re Going to Be Friends” is your best option. It still has the same vintage guitar tones, but the entire pace and sound is a bit softer.

7. I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5

Before scandals and legal cases, the Jackson 5 were a sweet, young troupe of children. They made waves for being one of the youngest groups to become a hit. Although they have obviously changed since then, some of their original songs remain classics. If you listen closely, you can hear them sing “Just call my name, and I’ll be there”. As anyone who has ever had a close friend can attest, this is exactly what real friendship is like.

8. Lean on Me by Bill Withers

Peaking at number one for three weeks, this song was first released on July 8 of 1972. Although you most likely are unfamiliar with Bill Withers, this is one of those songs that people tap their foot along to in the elevator. Few people remember the artist or the name, but that does not stop this song from being an exceptionally tender, upbeat remix. Unlike the original version of this son, Bill’s version has a much better beat and is much more heartfelt.

9. True Friend by Miley Cyrus

If you do not remember this song by Miley Cyrus, you are not the only one. She actually first sang it when she was in the role of Hannah Montana. She sang a song about being grounded and always being there for a friend. The song also covers the ups and downs of friendship, and you have to take the good with the bad. Although this song and her Hannah Montana image have long since passed, it is still a great song about friendship.

10. You Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman

Technically, this may or may not be a song that you plan on listening to a lot. It really depends on how you feel about Disney songs. If you are a fan of Disney, or just love to sing their songs, then this one will work for you. You may recognize the song from the first Toy Story movie. Sung by Randy Newman, it is by far one of the best songs about friendship out there. You have to like singing along to Disney songs, but then again, who doesn’t?

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