10 Best False Eyelashes

By on May 25, 2015

Gorgeous, standout eyes don’t make themselves; and if you want eyes that POP like Kim Kardashian or Katy Perry, you’ll need a set of top-of-the-line lashes to get the job done. We’ve come up with a list of the 10 BEST false eyelashes- ones that are not only affordable, but get the job done.


1. Ardell Natural Lash

For a gorgeous, natural look that provides a flawless finish, Ardell Natural Lash is an excellent choice. Ardell Natural Lash is designed with a lightweight band that goes on quickly and easily with secure edges for a fabulous finish. Knotted and feathered to perfection, these comfortable and stylish lashes are a steal at only $3.99. Plus there’s TONS of color options to suit every gals preference!


2. Urban Decay Cosmetics Fast Easy Sexy Partial False Lashes

Stunning, come-hither lashes shouldn’t have to be a hassle; and that’s what women across the globe LOVE about Urban Decay Cosmetics Fast Easy Sexy Partial False Lashes. These lovely partial lashes are applied with little to no effort, perfect for beginners OR professional who crave a stand-out style. Worth the $15!


3. e.l.f. Cosmetics False Lashes Dramatic Lash Kit

Dramatic eyelashes for only ONE dollar!? You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s too good to be true, right? WRONG. E.l.f. has done it again, this time with their easy-to-apply lash kit. Set includes a set of beautiful, full lashes to make your eyes pop along with a contour tray and adhesive gel.


4. SEPHORA Collection Irresistible False Lash

Sephora is ALWAYS a top choice for makeup, and that’s why the Sephora Collection Irresistible False Lash is on our top 10 list. These lashes are your basic set- perfect for the office or the nightclub, providing an irresistible and full set of lashes that will make heads turn. The newly formulated clear glue ensures a long-lasting hold that is strong enough to withstand even the craziest nights. These beauties are just $10.


5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Eyelashes 

From thick and bold lashes to all natural style, colorful pieces to dramatic multi-dimensional strips, Make Up For Ever Eyelashes has it all. These incredibly high quality lashes have what it takes to create dramatic results you’ll adore. For only $16, you can get your hands on a set of lashes that will seriously change your lash game for life. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and over 100 positive reviews!


6. Red Cherry False Eyelashes

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of false eyelashes, Red Cherry is an excellent choice. They literally have over 20 different high quality styles to choose from, from simple and elegant to quirky and extreme. There’s something for everyone in the mix and you’ll love how easy they are to apply. A flawless finish is a given with Red Cherry False Eyelashes!


7. Kardashian Lash Dash Faux Lashes

At one point or another we’ve all longed for Kim Kardashian’s beautiful eyelashes. They’re SO bold, so intense, and so tantalizing. Well, now we can achieve this same alluring style with Kardashian Lash Dash Faux Lashes. These stand-out lashes create high-density eyes that will draw attention no matter how large the crowd- just like a real Kardashian would. Did I mention they’re around $7?


8. MAC 20 Lash

MAC is widely known for creating products with vivid colors and bold effects; and this theory holds true when it comes to their false eyelashes too. MAC 20 Lash specially designed for impact and attitude, easy to apply and comfortable to wear. There’s several different styles to choose from, from high impact to all natural and everything in between. You can always trust MAC to create a product that rocks the runway- just $17 for these gems!


9. Lilly Lashes Vegas

Let’s just be honest here: Lilly Ghalichi has some of the most striking set of eyelashes we have EVER seen, and when we heard she was coming out with her own line of falsies we were thrilled. Finally, girls like us can achieve that intense, luscious look for only $25. All of Lilly Lashes are exceptional, but we especially love the bold look of the Vegas set, which can be used 20-25 times!


10. Revlon Volumize Featherlite Technology

Whether it’s your foundation, eyeshadow, or lip stain, we all want our makeup to have one thing in common: a lightweight feel and effortless application. That’s what the Revlon Volumize Featherlite Technology is all about: providing a lovely, all natural finish that feels as light as a feather. Comfortable and beautiful, all for under $10.

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