13 Best Calorie Burning Exercises

By on April 3, 2015

Here are fun cardio exercises that will help you lose weight while having a good time. See which ones you want to try out and you’ll figure out which ones suit your personality. Whether you’re competitive or just playful, social or more introverted, there are some great options for you.


Spin Class

spin class 

If you live in a flat area or a crowded city, biking can be difficult. Spin classes are a great safe option for those of you who aren’t able to cycle on hills and roads. If you have never been in a spin class you have no idea how intense it is. It’s nothing like a casual ride along the beach, it’s like a full blown race. Your teacher will tell you when to kick it up a notch make the resistance stronger to make it feel like you’re going uphill. Some spin classes are heated and some require you to get your own clip in shoes. You probably want your own anyway so you don’t share sweaty foot fungus.


Hot Yoga

hot yoga 

A very accessible and high calorie burning exercise is yoga in a very hot and humid room. The temperature will probably be around 110 degrees and you will sweat bullets. By the end of class you’ll know you got your butt kicked and you’ll be glad you went. Make sure you bring a face towel and a larger towel for your mat so you don’t slip. This is most effective if you go once or even twice per day! Make sure you drink water with added minerals to make up for how much sweating you’ll be doing and drink extra water so you don’t get dehydrated.


Stand Up Paddle

stand up paddle 2 

Paddling long distances will tone your core and arms like nobody’s business. Your feet and legs will be engaged to keep you balanced and this exercise is cool because if you get a board, it’s a one time investment that you can use on your own time whenever you want. As long as there is a large body of water near you, you can train. Get ready to have ripped abs and a sexy back with this calorie burning exercise!




If you want to get your heartrate up in the comfort of your own neighborhood, running is a great cardio exercise. Get a great playlist ready or sign up for Spotify to get you in the mood. Make sure you wear legit running shoes so you don’t get shin splints and over a week or two it will become easier. If you can avoid running on pavement it will save your knees. Grass or dirt trails are much better. Your endurance will get better and better over time.


Hip Hop Dancing

 hip hop dance 2

If you’re a people person and get bored easily then this is the calorie burning exercise for you! As your mind is distracted by trying to follow along and learn the moves, you’ll be burning a ton of calories! You’ll be able to meet people and dress in fun funky dance clothes. Who said working out can’t be fun too? Dancing can help build confidence as well as coordination. Just be aware it’s so addicting you might just look forward to your workout. Don’t worry if you’re a terrible dancer, there are always beginners and you have to start somewhere.




If you want long lean muscles and flexibility as well as a great workout then ballet is a great option for you. We all know the ballerina build which is thin and graceful. The combination of dancing, toning the muscles and stretching can help you attain your fitness and weight loss goals in an artistic way. It’s great to exercise with a group too and it will keep you more motivated. Again, don’t be intimidated by the feather light and bendy ballerinas that have been practicing for years, just look to them for inspiration.


Aerobic Classes

aerobic class 

The faster paced aerobic classes at your local gym will definitely burn calories. It gets your heart rate up because you stay moving and move quickly for an extended period of time. Try a couple of teachers until you find a few that you really like and just keep going. Consistency is just as important as the activity you do and if you want to do it everyday, compliment your cardio with an hour of really gentle breathing and stretching to get rid of your soreness.




Jumping and lifting bells and balls can be a very high calorie burning exercise. Lifting your body weight in repetition and getting in touch with that explosive energy requires quite a lot of our energy. This type of exercise will also help you build muscle so don’t be fooled if you don’t see the scale change because muscle weighs more than fat.


Swimming Laps


This meditative exercise can definitely burn some serious calories. Not only does it improve endurance but is low impact and tones your arms and shoulders. You don’t hear of people getting injured while swimming laps right? You can always switch up the type of stroke you do and switch from swimming above or below water to keep it interesting. Don’t get discouraged if you find it really hard at first, your endurance will get better if you’re consistent with your training.


Hiking Elevation


If you think hiking is not a good workout, think again. Find a hill or mountain and put your boots on because you’re in for a calorie burning adventure. Not only will you catch some sunshine and get a nice healthy glow, you will be able to breathe fresh air instead of the recycled air conditioned air in the gym. You never know what cool animals or weather patterns you’ll encounter and don’t forget your hiking buddy and camera! You may not feel the workout until the next day when your legs are so sore you can barely walk down stairs.


The Good Old Fashioned Power Walk


If you’re wanting a very low impact but effective exercise that won’t make you bulk up, then power walking to some groovy beats is your go to girl! Your calories will start burning more after 30 minutes so start with 30 minute walks and work up to 45 minutes. Keep a good clip and try to do it everyday. You’ll love how much energy you get from this invigorating exercise. Unlike running, it’s not hard on your joints so you can do it long-term. If you’re not a competitive person and you like audio books, podcasts and nature then this is your go to workout.




If you’re a social bunny you may want to join a club sport like soccer it will be fun and you can let your competitive side come out to play! You’ll get your cardio in for sure and you won’t be bored. Playing a sport is often less considered as we get older but there are plenty of adult leagues you can join that are either all girls or co-ed. Who knows you may meet a nice guy too!




There’s nothing like a good scrimmage to get your heart pumping and your sweat pouring. The elliptical seems really boring when you have the option of playing basketball doesn’t it? Basketball challenges your coordination and increases your endurance. You’ll quickly appreciate frequent training in basketball so you can keep up with everyone. Don’t worry if you’re short, you could make a great point guard. Don’t let yourself think this sport is just for guys, it’s so much fun and you’ll enjoy it. It’s also something you can practice on your own in a park and you don’t have to spend more than the $20 for the ball at your local sporting goods store.


Remember, the more you enjoy your workout and look forward to it, the more you will do it so try out different things until you are hooked! Also don’t get discouraged by people that are more experienced because one day that will be you. Make your exercise a daily priority and you’ll just keep feeling better and better about yourself and your life!

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