30 Benefits of Yoga For Women

By on February 20, 2015
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21. Builds Patience

Yoga is tough and it can take a lifetime to master. The progress is slow but steady and it teaches you to stay persistent. As your health increases exponentially, the payoff of patience with yoga is great. It instills a sense of calmness and reminds you that when you put in the work, you get the results. It also helps balance your emotions so you can be literally, more patient. For many type A people, it allows them to see the value in slowing down and doing less. It teaches people to move slowly and think about what they are doing instead of rushing.


22. Improves Focus

Yoga helps cognitive function because your circulation is reversed so gravity brings blood right to your brain. As you breathe deeply in yoga you are also sending the brain the oxygen it needs to function optimally. When you balance on one foot it takes total focus and it improves your ability to focus in other areas of your life. More than ever before, because of technology, our attention span is at risk of going extinct and the ancient practice of yoga will save our ability to stay present and focus on just one thing at a time.

23. Improves Eyesight

In yoga there are certain poses that target certain organs. There are exercises that improve eyesight by strengthening the muscles around the eyes and relaxing them with heat and darkness. Many people stare at bright computer screens all day and the yoga poses for eye health will allow your photoreceptors to recover from the stress of light.

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24. Improves Memory

Yoga can help to create new brain cells and those new cells can improve your brain’s capacity. As you increase blood flow to the brain, you will experience better recall and retention of information. As your stress lowers your brain will be able to perform better as well. Poses such as shoulder stand, handstands and headstands will greatly increase your cognitive functions. As you continue to practice you may find it easier to let go of distracting thoughts and think more efficiently.

25. Helps Detoxify Your Body

Certain yoga poses target your filter organs, the gallbladder, the liver, pancreas and spleen. Certain foot and ankle stretches will stimulate these organs by releasing the meridians linked to these organs. As you compress these organs in poses like peacock and forward fold, you will increase blood and oxygen flow to those areas to improve their function. As you twist your torso you will break up build up from the intestinal walls so it can be flushed out of your system.

26. Reduces Painful Inflammation

Inflammation is the source of many conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis. It can be caused by stress, toxic dietary habits, dehydration, environmental toxins or a combination of these factors. Yoga can help to reduce painful inflammation of the joints and muscle tissue because the poses and breathing techniques remove toxins from the body and calm the nervous system. 70% of the toxins of the body are released through expiration in a gaseous state.

27. Helps Heal Injuries

Yoga is prescribed for injury recovery as it can help build atrophied muscles and strengthen bones. The bones are constantly being regenerated at the center and as your bring more oxygen to your bones with the blood it will stimulate growth. Restorative yoga is also a safe form of gentle exercise that will help your circulation, immune system and nervous system.

28. Can Reduce Migraines

Migraines are a condition of the nervous system that can be induced by stress, dietary allergens, alcohol consumption or dehydration. Yoga can help reduce migraines for women who are more likely to suffer from them than men. As you lower your stress through slow breathing and meditation, your nervous system will normalize and you may even find the motivation to adopt of more healthy lifestyle.

29. Reduces Muscle Soreness

Yoga can reduce that painful feeling you get the day after working out really hard. Restorative yoga releases the fascia which is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles. Restorative yoga can help reduce recovery time and lessen your soreness. You will build endurance and strength overtime so you become less sore as you exercise and bring more oxygen to your capillaries.

30. Improves Circulation

Many people suffer from poor circulation do to sedentary jobs where blood flow is constricted. Yoga greatly improves the circulation of your body using gravity and by increasing both the heart rate and oxygen levels. Your blood will also be purified as you have regular bowel movements. Improved circulations can reduce chronic pain, brain fog and fatigue. As your brain receives better blood flow you will not waste energy and your body can overcome fatigue, depression and anxiety.

There are more than enough logical reasons to incorporate yoga into your life as a regular habit. These benefits will increase over time and will be more apparent with consistent daily practice. The instructor will help you find the appropriate class and you may want to try a few different instructors to find one that you really click with. Yoga truly is the perfect option for a long and healthy life.

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