40 Trendy Asian Hairstyles for Girls 2017

By on September 26, 2017

Asian women should be the happiest! Their natural hair is straight, meaning that it can be styled in a wealth of different ways. But it can also be a curse, as some might crave waves, curls or high updos; and these might be difficult to get. The good news is, there’s hope. There are lots of quality hair products that you can use to style your hair at home and make it look incredible for days. Whether you’re going to a fancy party, wedding, or any other sort of event, we’ve put together a list with 40 trendy Asian hairstyles for girls. Get inspired, and make your pick!

1. Ash Pink Bob & Bangs 

via  Pinterest/newaylook.com

Ash pink is the color of the year. If you have light skin tone and big, bold eyes, why not take a risk? To emphasize on your facial features even more, go for a straight fringe. It might seem like the simplest hairstyle, but it has a very cool effect.

2. Romantic Light Aubergine & Layered Fringe

via Instagram/Ponysmakeup 

Light brown hair and a layered fringe might be the change you need for this autumn. The hairstyle is discreet and very easy to style in case you get bored; and feel the need to make it wavier or tie it in a chic ponytail.

3. Full Fringe with Sides Updos 

via Pinterest/hairstraightenerbeauty

This traditional Japanese hairstyle with twisted side buns is absolutely incredible. We love the full fringe and neat bottom waves. The hair color complements beautifully the pale skin tone. Dare to be different this season!

4. Blonde Pink Braids & Full Fringe 

via Pinterest/Blipo Kawaii Shop

Pale pink can be a very nice hair color. It is enticing and romantic; perfect for Asian girls with big black eyes. To give a more playful appeal to your hair, go for braids. We guarantee that you’ll look 5 years younger!

5. Sided Ponytails

via Pinterest/tokyofashion

The classical Asian hairstyle consists of high side ponytails, straight full bangs and two layered hair strands on the sides for an added touch of glam and originality. As far as the color is concerned, we recommend warm pink and a light brown at the base.

6. Long Light Brown Hairdo

via Pinterest/afloat.co.jp

Long hair is more than recommended for Asian girls because it has the most attention-grabbing allure. Keep it natural and make sure to trim the ends every month for a uniform, healthy hairdo. If you feel the need to adjust the color, choose two tones lighter to have a balanced, uniform look.

7. Fresh Brunette Hair & Side Parting

via Pinterest/Phyrra

When black hair meets really pale skin, you need to be very careful. To preserve the freshness and balance of your look, keep it natural. Stick to warm makeup otherwise, the effect will be too striking. For an added touch of glam, you can opt for a slightly different lipstick just to make sure everyone’s eyes are on you.

8. Dark Blonde Beach Waves

via Pinterest/ridemybikee

Warm blonde and dark brown roots is a hairstyle that complements all girls with either slim or full face features. For an added touch of romance, get some light waves a parting on one of the sides.

9. Purple Waves

via Pinterest/Molly Hardy

Purple-licious hair is the new trend of the year. Wear it regardless of the season! Choose a simple, wavy styling to balance the effect and feel like the most confident woman wherever you go.

10. Cute Asian Bob & Layered Fringe

via Pinterest/home.raysa

One of the greatest benefits of a layered fringe is that it hides imperfections. If your face seems too big and you’d like to slim it down, a layered bob with a fringe will make it smaller. Also, you’ll look 5 years younger.

11. Short Angled Bob & Side Parting 

via Pinterest/Style and Designs

There’s something unique about angled black bobs. On Asian women, the contrast is fabulous. It will bring out your eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Simple at a first glimpse, but striking in its essence, you can wear the hairstyle everywhere you go. Always remember – less is more even when it comes to the way to style your hair.

12. Voluminous Bob & Fringe Cuts

via Pinterest/Cuded Art & Design

Most Asian women don’t have a lot of hair. However, you can create the illusion of extra volume with the right hairdo and hair products. Layers are the best because they help frame the fame and integrate your face beautifully into the hairstyle.

13. Effortless Layered Bob 


via Pinterest/Maggie Connor

An effortless short bob with curls at the end is the best hairstyle for Asian girls with delicate features. Style it with a side parting, and let your eyes speak for themselves.

14. Short Graphic Pixie

via Pinterest/Hitoshi Kawasaki 

This short graphic pixie is an avant-garde type of hairstyle that only works on women who are aware of their beauty. Bring it out with a striking color blend such as warm blonde with a hint of red.

15. Short Layered Bob 

via Pinterest/Vyral

Short layered bobs are excellent for women with prominent jaw lines. Keep it short in the back and longer in the front to frame the face even better, and bring all the focus to your neckline.

16. Loose Shoulder Bob

via Pinterest/Style & Designs 

We love loose hairstyles that seem effortless. This longer brown bob that reaches your shoulders might be the change you need to feel confident again. It’s such an easy to style hairdo that you can wear on a daily basis; as well as at a party.

17. Medium-Length Hairdo & Middle Parting 

via Pinterest/Yelly Pronjita 

Sometimes all you need to feel confident again is a quick trim and some highlights for your medium-length brown hair. For dark brown hair we recommend lighter highlights to give an extra nudge and illuminate your features.

18. Pinkage Rose 

via Pinterest/ulzzang 

This beautiful hairstyle has a very romantic allure that you can achieve too if you choose to get some extra highlights. Also, the fringe beautifully complements women with long, prominent facial features. If you haven’t had the courage to dye your hair until now, maybe it’s time for a change!

19. Cute Straight Fringe & Layers

via Pinterest/minepom

Do you want to look 10 years younger? Or maybe you just need a new hairstyle to bring out your beautiful eyes! try out this full fringe and integrated layers to revamp your current hairdo, and make it stand above the crowd.

20. Wavy Dark Blonde Bob

via Pinterest/marissa lbarbol 

Warm blonde is a hair color that can do miracles to your face. Styled properly in a wavy bob, it brings out your eyebrows and beautiful eyes. Do things differently and go get a bob! You won’t be sorry.

21. Boho Chic Highlights 

via Pinterest/Mei Misaki

Asian girls with a thing for everything boho-chic related need a complementary hairstyle. This interesting messy bob with a straight fringe looks stunning. It looks like messy hairdos are in trend these days! And now we get why.

22. Dark Brown & Light Red Highlights 

via Pinterest/piepunk 

Light red hair with hints of blonde at the tips creates the most stunning balayage. What we love most is that the color is discreet; and yet it has a very nice effect because of the bouncy curls. If you have longer hair, this hairstyle might be just what you need.

23. Elegant Bob & Sided Parting 

via Pinterest/luxeasian 

Searching for a luxurious hairstyle inspiration for a party? Well then, maybe you need a bob. Go for the elegant, neat type with curled ends and sided parting. It works really well at any sort of formal event.

24. Messy Ponytail & Uneven Fringe 

via Pinterest/Park SunHee 

We truly love messy high ponytails that exude a sense of sheer originality. As far as the fringe is concerned, you can see it is uneven. That’s exactly what makes it special. Sometimes you don’t need to try had to get a killer hairstyle in less than 5 minutes.

25. Bouncy Long Waves 

via Pinterest/bestie.vn

Bouncy waves are easier to style than you think. You need a comb and a quality hairspray. Keep your natural hair color; it might surprise you, but everyone is crazy these days about hair that looks fresh and natural.

26. Chocolate Brown 

via Pinterest/Lim Bora 

Asian girls should definitely try chocolate brown hair at least once in their lives. It’s such a vibrant color that brings out all your natural facial features, including eyebrows, lips and eyes.

27. Bleach Blonde & Middle Parting 

via Pinterest/Chic Tus-U-Bul 

We don’t recommend that you bleach your hair at home. To make sure the strands remain intact, consult with a professional stylist. This guarantees you a beautiful, healthy hairstyle that will make a memorable impression.

28. Light Brown Ponytail

via Pinterest/Annie X

Playful hairstyles are the best! A high ponytail paired with a cute fringe exudes a sense of freshness. If you feel the need to change your color, we recommend light brown. It will open your face and bring out your eyes and lips.

29. Beach Waves & Middle Parting 

via Pinterest/May Zin 

You can never go wrong with beach waves. Whether you’re heading to college or you need to get ready for a party, this hairstyle is easy to do and long-lasting. The secret is to use good-quality hair products for the effect to be visible for hours in a row.

30.  Light Brown Ombre 

via Pinterest/Natita 

Asian girls have straight and often sensitive hair. Regardless, it doesn’t mean you can’t change colors without damaging it. Get a light ombre at the ends and you’ll look fabulous. Choose a nuance that’s close to your natural hair; just to help make an easier transition.

31. Accents of Aubergine 

via Pinterest/ Tunnie Le 

The best hints of aubergine are obtained on dark brown hair. We love the color because it completely changes your features; at the same time, the change is not too radical giving you time to get used to it.

32. Creamy Blonde Beach Waves

via Instagram/852sonediary

Creamy blonde hair is something you don’t see everyday on the streets of Japan or China. If you feel the need to stand out, the style might be just what you need. Dare to make a striking change this autumn season!

33. Full Red Waves 

via Pinterest/Dwita Kharisma 

Redheads are at liberty to style their hair in so many different ways; especially if they have long, voluminous hair. Choose the one with a fringe for an added hint of freshness; and get loose curls to emphasize on the red color. As an alternative, you can go for a few highlights and give it some extra movement.

34. All-Natural Brown Bob 

via Pinterest/itsmestyle 

Simple, brown hair with discreet frontal highlights is often the best choice when you feel the need for a change; but you don’t know what to pick. Get some loose waves on the sides and a middle parting for an added touch of originality.

35. Light Brown Layered Hairstyle 

via Pinterest/mamalane 

If you have medium-length hair and feel the need to spice things up, get some layers at the tips. It creates a messy effect that looks stylish and rather interesting. Don’t forget that it’s extremely healthy to trim the ends every couple of weeks; just to ensure a healthy growth.

36. Medium-Length Ash Blonde 

via Pinterest/Judith Li

Ash blonde is the type of hair color that only the most confident women can wear with pride. If you’re not one of them, you can become one. All you need to do is get the courage to make a change for once.

37. Green Balayage

via Pinterest/Peony

Balayage is a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We love the effect it creates, especially on girls with black hair. Green highlights on brown works miracles when styled properly.

38. Creamy Blonde & Purple Ombre 

via Pinterest/thammyhammat.vn

Creamy blonde is such a romantic hair color for women with pale skin tone. If you add light purple at the tips the final effect will be incredible. Add a touch of romance and wow everyone around you with a blend that not everyone can think of.

39. Silver Gray & Waves for Medium-Length Hair 

via Pinterest/Hairstyle Stars 

Silver gray is another hair color that conquered the heart of women all around the world; not just in Asian countries. It blends perfectly with darker hair, as well as with lighter nuances of light brown and even blonde. Make your pick and choose an autumn hairstyle that really grabs attention.

40. Pink Bob & Short Fringe 

via Pinterest/Luzia Marinho

Are you looking to wow everyone around you this year? Do you feel the need to stand out? Well then, you might want to try out this cool pink hairstyle. It’s chic, trendy, and incredibly stylish. The short bangs gives it an extra touch of vintage allure; which emphasize your eyes and eyebrows. Make a bold move and try it out!

Ladies, we know that there are thousands of trendy hairstyles out there for you! Making a choice is tough. We’ve gathered 40 of the best hairstyles for Asian girls we could find. Do you have a favorite one? Let us know which you like the most, and we’ll help you choose. It’s time to wow everyone with a hairdo that exudes freshness and originality inside out. We recommend that you ask for the advice of a professional before making a pick. Only an expert stylist will know which of the 40 hairdos matches your facial features, head shape, and bone structure.

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