10 Signs the Two of You Are Meant To Be

By on March 3, 2016

So you have been with this guy for awhile and everything is going fairly well, but you’re starting to ask the difficult question: are you and him soul mates? Are you meant to be? We’re going to help you answer this prying question with 10 possible signs the two of you are meant to be together!


  1. You’re Comfortable with Him

Being comfortable with someone is so important in a long-lasting relationship. I mean, if you have to hide certain details or personality traits from him, how long can you really keep up the façade? Being absolutely comfortable with your partner- and having him accept you for who you are- is crucial when developing a relationship that’s built to last.

  1. You Tell Him Everything

Of course, it’s not just about how you act around him; do you feel like you could TELL him everything too? If he knows everything about you- even your deepest darkest secrets- it could be a definite sign the two of you are meant to be. (And hopefully he feels just as comfortable sharing everything with you too!) But it’s not just about sharing intimate details and secrets; you should be able to tell him how you’re feeling about something even if it means it may end up in a disagreement.

  1. You Imagine a Future With Him

You dream about the day where you and him will have your very own place, waking up making coffee and cooking pancakes on the stove. It fills you with so much happiness and pleasure to think about the many trips, conversations, adventures, and so much more you will share with him in the future. If, in your eyes, he is a definite part of your future and you imagine about it regularly, it’s a good sign he will be around for awhile.

  1. You Respect Him

Respect is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. If you respect him to the fullest, then you’re probably meant to be with him.


  1. You Trust Him

The second most important part of a relationship is TRUST. If you have absolutely no doubt in your mind about this man and trust him completely, he’s certainly someone you want to stay with. Someone you don’t every worry about, you don’t have to check his phone, and you don’t wonder if he will be loyal to you when he goes out with his guy pals- that’s a man that should be with you in the future.

  1. You Can Work Through Any Issues

You know what they say- the strongest relationships last through the biggest disagreements and work through the most treacherous arguments. Does this sound like you and your man? Can you work through any issues you may have? If it’s been proven time and time again that your relationship can withstand the worst of the worst, you’re probably meant to be together- after all, there’s probably very LITTLE that would actually lead you two to separate since you have such a powerful history of sticking together through the problems.

  1. You Don’t Even Think About Dating Others

The saying goes you’re not in love until you stop thinking about cheating; is this true? Possibly. Is it true for you in your situation? If you’re truly meant to be with someone, you won’t think about dating someone else. You won’t question your relationship with whom you’re currently with, and the thought of being with someone other than them is just downright terrible. He is the only one for you. You don’t want anyone else; you don’t even THINK about it.


  1. You Have Fun Together

Okay, seriously- what relationship is going to work for the long haul if you don’t even have any fun together? When you’re with the one that’s meant for you, you’ll never get bored of them. You could be sitting in a dark room with nothing but you and him, and the two of you will still find plenty to talk about and tons to laugh about. If the two of you have tons of fun together, practically all the time, and they constantly put the biggest smile on your face (even when you don’t want to), it could be a sure sign that you have found the person you are meant to be with.

  1. You Introduce Him to Friends and Family

You don’t want to introduce just anyone to your friends and family members- especially not someone you’re going to be with for a very long time. If you feel like he is the one for you and the two of you are meant to be together, then you probably have the urge and desire to introduce him to your friends and family. And you know what? If h feels the same way about you he will be happy and proud to meet the people so close to you. So this is a BIG indication when it comes to determining whether or not the two of you are meant to be together, ladies!

  1. It Just Feels Right

There are certain things that others just won’t understand or comprehend; love is certainly one of these things. In the end, it just may feel ‘right’ to you. You may feel like there is simply no one out there better than him and the relationship is close to perfect. You can’t really explain it to anyone and even if you tried they wouldn’t understand it. And that’s OKAY. You’re in love and you think he is the one for you, and that’s enough. Nobody else NEEDS to understand it. It’s a beautiful thing!


After reading through these 10 signs, do you feel like you and your partner are meant to be together? Do you have anything to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you!


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