Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

By on April 6, 2014

For a lifetime beauty goal, Ann Margret is an excellent person to emulate. She manages look decades younger than she is and still has a healthy goal. Already in her 70s, Ann Margret has been the source of plastic surgery rumors. Although she is a grandmother, her skin and physique do not match her age. To achieve this eternal look, many plastic surgeons have speculated that she has gone past natural remedies and stepped into the realm of surgical solutions.

Did Ann Margret Get Plastic Surgery?

Some top physicians have speculated about different techniques that Ann Margret may have used to achieve her youthful look. Plastic surgeons believe that she may have had an eye lid lift at some point in time. Like many stars, Ann Margret also appears to have had multiple Botox shots. These filler shots are typically used to increase the elasticity of the skin an remove wrinkles. Stars like Ann Margret use them around their eyelids or along their forehead to get rid of fine lines or deep wrinkles. In addition, many older stars use an eye lid lift to look younger. As women age, the skin around the eyes can begin to droop. This can cause women to look older than they are. By getting an eye lift, Ann Margret’s surgeon would essentially lift the skin and remove any droopy epidermis. Since her eyes have few wrinkles or signs of droopy skin, there is a strong chance that Ann Margret used Botox and had an eye lid lift.


Renovation and Lip Injections

Other than the previous procedures, Ann Margret’s plastic surgery experience may have involved a hypodermic injection to plump the skin and prevent sagging. Likewise, her lips are slightly fuller than the average 70 year old woman. Together, Botox, facial fillers and eye lifts could be combined to make her face as youthful and beautiful as it is presently.


Unlike many women who use Botox, Ann Margret has managed to retain full control of her expressions and facial muscles. She has managed to avoid Botox overkill and uses only a tasteful amount of plastic surgeries. Although she has not discussed her plastic surgery procedures, the before and after pictures demonstrate a youthful skin tone that would be almost impossible to attain at her age. By using these procedures, Ann Margret has maintained an elegance that harkens back to the vivid beauty of her youth.

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