Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout

By on April 1, 2014

As well as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and famed supermodel, Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio also a busy mother who cares for her two young children. She leads a full and extremely busy life meaning that looking like she does and maintaing her look is no easy feat. She’s undeniably  one of the most beautiful women on the planet with a 34-25-35 body that any woman would envy and any man would admire. And her legs…wow! That said, Alessandra Ambrosio’s body wasn’t simply gifted to her. She’s had to work hard to look like she does and believe it or not didn’t always look anywhere near as good as she does today.


Brazil Butt Lift


Her story started eleven years ago when she contacted the fitness coach Leandro Carvalho who was based in Brazil. Alessandra Ambrosio demanded (her word!) that he help her achieve longer legs, thinner thighs and a tight tush – it was her ultimate wish. Leandro jumped at the idea and worked on ways to make this possible, resulting in him creating the Brazil Butt Lift workout for which he is now famous. The worker helped Alessandra Ambrosio carve her gorgeous set of pins and now countless models are approaching Leandro about his famed workout and asking for the same treatment. The Brazil Butt Lift workout works by working the three types of muscles in the butt – the gluteal maximus, gluteal minimus and gluteal medius. Leandro found ways of working these muscles without adding any bulky mass to either the butt of the thighs and instead managed to help Alessandra Ambrosio and many more sculpt a lean lower half.

If you’d like to find out more about the Brazil Butt Lift, you can find lots of videos and demonstrations of the moves online. Many of them are step by step so it’s easy to follow. I’ve tried it myself and can tell you that while it’s hard work it’s definitely worth it and you feel fab after each workout!


Workout Tools


Elastic bands are used in the Brazil Butt Workout to help carve a better behind. Standing on the bands while holding the other end in the air and swinging your arms about moves the butt but also gives resistance which tones. Another tool Alessandra Ambrosio often adds to her workouts, especially the Brazil Butt Workout, is ankle weights. They provide resistance and make all her workouts that bit tougher, helping her to gain strength and tone her gorgeous pins.




Alessandra Ambrosio also practices Capoeira which is Brazilian martial arts combined with dance and upbeat music. It’s great for keeping your butt round and full as well as trimming your figure, all the while building up your strength, stamina and balance. In fact, Alessandra Ambrosio is only one of many supermodels to follow the practice for a leaner body.


Alessandra Ambrosio’s Other Workouts


As if the Brazil Butt Life and practising Capoeira weren’t enough, Alessandra Ambrosio also practices Pilates and Cardio Barre. When she’s not working out for her job, she loves doing sports like volleyball, surfing, yoga, roller skating and snowboarding for fun! She certainly deserves her supermodel body considering how hard she works for it – I’m tired just thinking about all she does!




For breakfast Alessandra Ambrosio loves to have bacon and eggs and eats them daily. Her fiancee cooks them for her and, to keep her from getting bored, he makes the, either scrambled, fried or Benedict. Alongside her bacon and eggs, Alessandra Ambrosio sometimes has sandwiches, bread, bagels, fruits, muffins or coffee.




For lunch, it’s reported that Alessandra Ambrosio mostly has salad along with something like chicken breast, filet mignon, rice or beans. She’s also a big fan of a restaurant called Mishima which is near her home and often orders things such as tuna rolls, miso soup, California rolls or salad for her lunch. After lunch, Alessandra Ambrosio often even indulges in a sweet.

When she’s on a shoot however lunch for the supermodel is mostly only a light lunch or snack to keep her looking her best.



In the evening, Alessandra Ambrosio tends to have a snack of a handful or nuts and a cup of coffee before dinner to keep her full. When dinner rolls around, she eats a range of things including salami, lobster ravioli, caviar and tiramisu. Of course, there are nights when her and her fiancee don’t fancy cooking in which case they simple visit the Japanese-barbecue style restaurant Gyu-Kaku near there home. Here she’s likely to eat various meats, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, spicy Kalbi soup, s’mores and filet mignon.


As you can see, Alessandra Ambrosio has worked hard for her supermodel figure and continues to do so but at the same time she loves to indulge in food. She doesn’t restrict herself to eating only salad and doesn’t count calories, she just works hard to work it off and tries to be more conscious while working.

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