8 Ways to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

By on November 20, 2014

Volume in hair and pouty lips give a fuller look. There are many ways to create natural looking fuller lips. With these few simple tips you can create a gorgeous, natural looking pout as good as the pout of Angelina Jolie- no kidding! Even the thin nest lips look broader using certain shades of lip color and certain styles of lip make-up.


1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!


One of the easiest methods to create great looking lips is to exfoliate them regularly with a tooth brush or soft bristle and remove the dead and dry skin on top of your lips. You can also create a simple homemade exfoliator with sugar and honey mixture for your lips. Use this easy treatment twice a week and remove that terrible tan look from your lips. When your lips finally start to have the same color all over, you can continue on to the next set of tips. Whatever your natural lip shape may be- from small to large- a bit of exfoliation and daily application of Vaseline can really do wonders in giving you a more defined, plumper look- naturally.


2. Blend Light and Dark Shades


 You don’t have to be a makeup artist to perform this trick: simply apply lighter and darker shades of lipstick together and blend. You’ll notice an instant increase in lip size and overall poutiness.
3. Apply a Bit of Nude Liner
One easy way to increase lip size is to simply dab a bit of white or nude colored lip liner right above and below the lips. (If you have darker skin, use a tan colored lip liner). Blend it in a bit with your finger so the white or nude shade is not so visible.


4. Dark Lipstick


If you have thinner lips, you have to be extra careful when it comes to choosing the color for your lipstick. Matte and light colors are great for thin lips, but if you have broad lips, you’ll want to stick with a lighter shade for your pout while blending darker color on the rest of your lip. Dark lipstick, on the other hand, is ideal for lips that are of medium width. The darker shade creates a gorgeous effect on the lips, taking them from flat to fat- and the right kind of fat!

5. Lip Plumpers
Women in the Victorian Era used to let bees sting their lips to create a beautiful, full effect on their lips. But luckily, in this day and age, you don’t have to suffer through that kind of torture to get the plump lips you’ve always dreamed of. Lip plumpers, when used daily, instantly give your lips an alluring plumpness that can’t be ignored. Use a colored lip plumper as your sole means of covering your lips, or choose a nude or light shade to go underneath your lipstick. There’s a huge variety of quality lip plumpers to choose from, and cost isn’t an issue- some companies, like NYX, sell their lip plumpers for less than $5 a piece.
6. Lip Liners
Much like eyeliner, lip liners can work magic in completely changing your appearance. Lip liners offer an incredibly easy way to go from bland, dull lips to big, roomy lips with plenty of pout. Get gorgeous lips fast: simply create an artificial outline for your lips using a lip liner and fill in with a deeper color that suits your complexion. It’s amazing what makeup can do, right?
7. Lip Injections
If the above solutions just simply aren’t enough or you’re tired of going above and beyond to amp up your lifeless lips, then you might want to consider lip injections. Lip injections, although painful, are a long lasting solution for women who want to have fuller lips. These injections have Hyaluronic acid and less of collagen that fill the dermis part of your lips. Most of these injections must be taken every six months to have a lasting effect.
8. Lip Exercises
Lip exercise
That’s right- there’s exercises for your lips. Feel free to add these to your regular workout regime! Simply press your lips against each other a couple of times a day to improve overall plumpness of the lips. You can also whistle and practice ‘the pout’ often to help strengthen that weaker muscle. Easy!
How do you get plump lips?


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