8 Signs You’re Not in the Honeymoon Phase Anymore

By on March 16, 2015

The honeymoon phase sure is sweet, isn’t it? You’re oddly infatuated with each other and calling each other honey suckle boo boo bear and kissing at least 47 times a day is the norm. But what happens when you step out of the honeymoon phase? Here’s 8 signs you are definitely out of the beloved honeymoon phase, but you haven’t nearly reached the end point yet. It’s the perfect middle ground where everything’s dandy and calm.


1. You’re Extremely Comfortable Around Each Other

You wouldn’t dare let your partner see you without your makeup on during the honeymoon phase, and you’d never let out that disgusting belch after finishing a huge can of Pepsi. But when you’ve left the honeymoon phase and things get more casual, you find yourself absolutely 100 percent comfortable with your partner. Anything goes! It’s like being around your brother, your cousin, or your best friend- and it’s totally awesome. No more walking on egg shells or worrying about, well, anything!

2. You Fight A Lot More Often

Here’s a sad fact: there’s a lot more fighting after you dismiss yourselves from the honeymoon era. That’s because suddenly, the rest of the world actually matters. Suddenly you’re not enormously worried about hurting your partners feelings or ruining the relationship. You’re comfortable enough with each other to be there for the good times and the bad times, and fights- whether the pesky little nags or bigger arguments- are sure to flare up. But that’s not really a bad thing- after all, a good relationship needs a little bickering every now and then!

3. Sex Is Casual 

At first, doing it on the kitchen counter at 4 o’clock in the afternoon right before your parents showed up was hot. You wanted to try every position you could think of and wanted to explore the more taboo and crazy side of sex. But as time goes on (for the most part) the kinky, crazy rendezvous tend to simmer down. You’d much rather wait till before bedtime to get your rocks off, and it’s usually the same 2 positions before it’s over. It’s not that you don’t like it, but after recreating the entire Kama Sutra, you’re a little worn out.

4. You’re (Sometimes Brutally) Honest

Little white lies are somewhat common during the honeymoon phase: you might not tell her she looks BAD in her new dress, but you won’t tell her she looks good either. Instead you go for the “You look beautiful babe, but I like your blue dress better”, or something along those lines. Well, after that jolly phase comes to an end, you’re less afraid to be more blunt and honest with your lover, and telling them that the dress does in fact not flatter their figure or his new haircut is an absolute no-go is part of the norm. It’s a good thing, and shows how comfortable you are with each other!

5. You Don’t Spend As Much Time Together

In the beginning, you never hesitated to drop plans with your pals to spend an evening with your partner. You didn’t mind showing up at work a few minutes late if it meant staring into your partner’s eyes for an extra thirty seconds. You’d do everything and anything you could to simply be around your love. But now, friends start coming back into the picture and you’re working late to make a few extra bucks to pay for the house. You’re okay with a break from each other; it’s actually NOT the end of the world like you thought it was.

6. You Forget the Little Things

Now here is one of the biggest issues of this stage in a relationship: you tend to forget the little things; and that could potentially be a huge problem. My biggest piece of advice? Even though sparks aren’t flying as brightly as they used to and you’re not slightly ‘obsessed’ with your partner, it doesn’t mean it’s time to completely forget about the small things. They’re important- so keep up!

7. You’re Completely Yourselves

This goes hand in hand with being comfortable. You don’t hide your flaws or your quirks, and you’re NEVER afraid to be yourself; no matter how crazy or silly you may be!

8. You Enjoy Them and Their Quirks

When you can just sit back and watch your partner, enjoying them fully with their quirks and all, you know you’ve reached passed the honeymoon phase and entered into a brand new phase where you’re fully in love with your other half, but you don’t feel the need to stare/kiss/talk constantly. You love them for who they are, flaws and all.

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