7 Yoga poses to Tone Your Butt

By on February 27, 2015

By now we have all probably heard the term ‘yoga butt.’ Yes it is a real phenomenon that women who regularly practice yoga have. If you’re in the market for one, let’s look at some of the poses that actually target the gluteus maximus and surrounding muscle groups. As you diminish the fat of the belly and waist, it accentuates the natural muscles more. Don’t get me wrong, the yoga butt is not reason enough to practice yoga, and why should it be? Yoga helps you reduce stress, improves your energy and overall health and brings you a deep connection to your most positive and loving self. The aesthetics are just a bonus!

Horse Pose

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To do horse pose, begin standing with your feet about three to four feet wide. Turn your toes out and your heels in. Lower your hips by bending at the knees but keep your torso upright. Pull your lower belly in and to get the sway out of your lower back, point your tailbone down. There are a few arm variations here but a favorite is bending at the elbows and pointing your fingers up, making goal posts. This will help tone the shoulders. Breathe deeply and for an extra challenge, come up onto your toes in the pose.

Flying Locust Pose

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Begin laying flat on your stomach and interlace your hands behind your back. Press your palms firmly together and press your legs firmly together. Make sure your toes are untucked and pointed. Let all the air out of your lungs and then lift your chest and legs using the back side of your body. This pose will tone your back, glutes and legs. Take small sips of air as you lift your gaze and bring your chest as high as you can. Continue to press your legs firmly together to stay engaged.

Chair Pose

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This pose is done by standing with your feet hip distance apart. Sit back as if you’re sitting into an imaginary chair. Look and and if you can’t see your toes, move your hips back until you can. Scoop your tailbone under neath you to engage your core and lift your heart. Lift your arms straight above your head so your palms face each other. Try to move your biceps in line with your ears. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply and for an extra challenge come up to your toes and balance.

Half Moon Pose

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Begin standing with your feet together. As you breath in lift your hands above your head with straight arms. Lift your left foot behind you keeping both legs straight. Lower your chest so your back leg and torso are parallel with the ground. Flex your back foot. Lower your right hand to the ground and lift your left hand to the sky so your arms are in one line. Spin your left hip open so it stacks on top of your right hip and the hips are now open to the side. Gaze up at your top hand. Repeat the same thing on the other side and hold for three to five rounds of breath.

Star Plank

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Start out in plank pose with your hands under your shoulders and your arms straight. Your legs will be straight behind you and your toes tucked under. You want one line between your shoulders, hips and heels. Make sure your body looks like a board and not a mountain or a hammock. Move your right hand to the midline of your body and slightly forward. Roll to the side of your right foot and stack your feet on top of each other. Lift your left leg as you press firmly through your right hand. Hold steady by engaging the core and legs while you breathe deeply and slowly. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Bridge Pose

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Bridge pose is one of the best poses to tone your booty. Lay on your back and bend your knees so they point up to the sky. Make sure your feet are no wider than your hips and your heels should be all the way in to your back side. Press your palms down into the ground to lift your hips. Interlace your hands underneath you and walk your shoulder blades together underneath you. Press your palms together and pinkies down. Try to connect your chest to your chin and continue lifting your hips as you breathe deeply. Move your knees towards each other without moving your feet.

Three Legged Dog Pose

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Start in downward facing dog with your hands on the ground shoulder distance apart and your feet on the ground hip distance apart. Your arms and legs will stay straight the whole time. Lift your right foot towards the sky as high as you can. Engage the back of your leg to lift it higher. Keep your fingers spread as wide as you can for a strong foundation and push your left heel down. Hold for a few rounds of breathing and then repeat on the other side.

Repeat these poses 5 times each everyday and you will begin to notice changes in your body. Yoga is both strengthening and lengthening to your muscles and helps reduce your risk of injury in daily activities. And hey, if it makes us look better in the process of helping us out in our daily tasks, that can’t hurt either right? Enjoy your practice and keep up the hard work!

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