7 Weight-Loss Rules that Work

By on December 30, 2012

Are you sick of that spare tire you have around your midriff? Do you want to finally fit back into those skinny jeans you’ve had in the back of your closet for far too long? Listen up ladies – there are seven weight loss rules that ACTUALLY work!

We’ll start with the most important one – let yourself have a delicious sweet treat from time to time! The bad foods out there do good things for your body too – don’t cut them out of your life completely. When you cut out such a delicious group of foods, such cakes and biscuits, you are saying no to yourself, and we all want what we can’t have. You ARE going to snap and eat that entire chocolate cake that your other half was trying to hide in the back of the fridge. Let yourself have a nice treat from time to time, just opt for the healthier “low calorie” ones instead.

The second rule is to eat more sardines! Although you may shy away from these yummy fish, they are actually very good for you. Omega 3 fat is the first reason why you should be eating more. This is not only good for your heart, but also your entire body. Also, they will put less in the way of toxins in your body because they are lower down on the food chain than some of the bigger fish. They are low in calories too, making them a definite winner.

Moving onto number three, you should never be skipping meals. When you miss a meal, your body doesn’t know when it is going to get its next calorie fix, so it will store and save the fat reserves you DO have, making them harder to burn off. Also, by eating the RIGHT foods, you could keep your sugar levels up to prevent you from craving sugary foods throughout the day.

Number four is a very simple trick, but something a lot of people do not do. When you make a dinner, dish it all up onto the plates and then put the leftovers away before you sit down to eat. If the leftovers have been left out, you will be more likely to go back for seconds, or even pick at the food while you are doing the dishes or tidying up the kitchen. Put the food away as soon as you are done with it every time, and you will consume fewer calories.

Five – Leave fruit bowls and healthy snacks on the side, and put the unhealthier foods in a more difficult to reach place. This means that you will see the fruits and healthy foods before you think about the unhealthier versions – we are all lazy deep down.

Number six is another very simple one – drink more water. This helps to fill up your stomach so you will eat less, and we all know how few calories are contained within a glass of water! Try having a glass of water either just before or alongside your dinner.

We’ll get to the point with number 7 – don’t eat snacks out of the box or big bag. Grab a handful of chips or cookies and put the rest away. When you eat them right out of the packaging, you are going to eat more and you know you will!

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