7 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

By on November 20, 2014

As women, we always dream of having beautiful strong, smooth, and of course, long hair. But if length is a never-ending issue for you, you might think Rapunzel hair is out of your reach. Never fear! These simple 7 ways to make your hair look longer have been proven to give you that extra bit of length you’ve always dreamed of, completely hassle free.


1. Correct Combing and Drying

Combing and drying your hair properly is essential not only for creating beautiful hair that shimmers and dazzles, but hair that is long and strong too. Use a wide-tooth comb as much as possible- especially when hair is wet- and don’t overbrush your hair, as this can cause breakage and flyaways. When it comes to blowdrying, do not hold the dryer too close to your hair and shake the dryer a little so the air gets to the roots and you end up creating some volume for your hair. One easy trick is to bend your head down completely and blow dry your hair upside down. This creates some serious volume and length. Finish with pushing your hair backwards and combing with a flat brush.

2. Smoothing and Straightening

Here’s a tip for the girls out there who struggle with curly or wavy hair: simply straightening your locks can make your hair appear much longer. I bet you didn’t think it could be that easy, huh? Even girls with naturally straight hair should run a straightener through their mane to get the most length possible. If straightening everyday doesn’t sound glamorous to you, consider a permanent smoothing job done by an experience hair expert. It’s a simple 3 to 4 hour procedure that will make your hair smooth, straight, and sleek for an extended amount of time!


3. Darker Hair Color


Did you know that simply dying your hair a darker color will automatically make the length appear longer? Sorry blondes! Even short locks can get a bit of a length boost simply by switching to a darker hair color. Try a gorgeous chocolate brown, breathtaking plum, or even a shocking black to create hair that looks bigger and longer than it really is!

4. Shampoo and Conditioner

Why not treat volume and length issues right at the source? There are plenty of unique shampoos and conditioners out there uniquely designed to not only give your hair some serious volume, but length as well. Search for these specially made products at your local store. Some may even be leave-in conditioners that will work all day long!

5. Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have always been the go-to product for gals who want an instant increase in hair length. They come in the form of clips, tapes, and weaves, and can help you get a longer hair look instantly. If you are going for a party, use hair extensions that are made of human hair, so that you can straighten and style them as you like and give your hair a better look and increase the length. They are not very expensive and are easily available. You can wash and cut them just like your natural hair and use them every day if you like!


6. Part Down the Middle


Yes, even the parting of your hair plays a factor in hair length. Sideways parting makes your hair look smaller, uneven, but, nevertheless stylish. Your best bet is to add plenty of layers and part your hair down the middle to create a longer looking style. Also do away with your split ends to get that clean and chic look to your hair.

7. Put it Up

This might sound absolutely crazy- and it probably is- but it’s true, nevertheless. Putting your hair up will instantly make your hair appear fuller and longer. Try teasing the bottom a bit and pulling it up into a gorgeous full bun of chignon. You could also simply tie it in a ponytail to achieve a gorgeous, lengthy style. Use the three-ponytail method for some serious length! (Pull your hair up into three separate ponytails on top of each other).

These 7 steps- combined with a healthy diet full of plenty vitamins, minerals, and proteins- will ensure you get the length you desire. Remember to also take great care of your hair- wash it regularly, apply product to suit your hair, don’t apply too much heat, and keep the ends cut!

How do you make your hair look longer?

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