7 Things You Should Never Share with Your boyfriends

By on December 30, 2012


There comes a point in your relationship where you know that romance has gone down the toilet. That moment for some people, is when you first see your girlfriend pee. For others, it is when girlfriends reveal how much their shoe collection really cost. For others, it’s when all their girlfriend does is share details of their day in REAL TIME, including that monologue from when she and her work colleague exchanged pleasantries in front of the photo-copier.

There are certain things that you just shouldn’t share with your partner, and we are going to investigate further.

  1. Girlfriend stuff! If your girlfriend tells you that she accidentally cheated on her boyfriend Dave, with the guy that delivers her mail (Robert) then you shouldn’t pass the information over to the male in your life! How do you know that your guy doesn’t know her guy, or someone else that knows them mutually? You may as well walk up to your girlfriend boyfriend herself and tell him! Your girls are telling you this stuff in confidence; don’t betray it!
  2. Everyone goes to the toilet. Everyone gets sick. Everyone has periods in their life where they feel lazy and don’t shower for three days. The thing is your boyfriend probably doesn’t need to know about it. Do you want to know about the morning-after-the-booze toilet behaviors? Furthermore, do you want to smell it? No, we didn’t think so. Pay him the same respect back!
  3. Don’t share toothbrushes! You may kiss and exchange other body fluids but the toothbrush is a big no-no! They only cost a couple of bucks – do you really need to use his?
  4. There is absolutely no need to share information about what you did with your past lovers with your new boyfriend. Think about this girls; do you want to know intimate details of what your boyfriend did with his ex? It’s just not polite. You should never compare lovers; at least not out loud.
  5. Staying along the same lines, you should never share any of your past sexual encounters with your new guy. Do the notches on your bed post define you as a person, really? It’s probably safer not to divulge this information – too little a number and he will think you’re too innocent, too many and he’ll think you’re “easy!”
  6. It’s probably for the best if you keep the opinions of him from your friends and family from him too, at least until they’ve gotten to know him better. Do you really think he needs to know that your Father believes him to be “an idle lay about” with no aspirations in life? No, probably not. Any new guy is subject to criticisms when you first start dating him; leave their opinions for now.
  7. Last, but certainly not least, passwords. It might seem completely natural for your partner to have every single one of your passwords for Facebook, your bank, your email, etc. but do you really want him to be checking up on you? Regardless of what guys may say, they will look. Does he need to see half the stuff you have hidden away?

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