7 Signs That You Are in Love

By on January 25, 2014


Falling in love in romanticized in Hollywood movies and novels everywhere. For real people, the process is slightly more confusing. You cannot tell at first, but imperceptibly you fall more in love with your partner everyday. Although there are few formulas for love, there are some telling signs that show your in love.

1. You Want to Devote All of Your Time to Him/Her

With a new love, you suddenly feel an intense desire to be around them. Even when you are doing other things, your mind is focused on your loved one. All of the different aspects of your life that had once been just yours are now shared. More importantly, you are actively trying to involve them in every part of your life. At the same time, you are trying to garner a glimpse of their life. Each waking moment is spent planning out things to do together and how to create happy moments that the two of you can share.

2.You Try to Share All of Your Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Being in love is about more than just lust. Instead of just a physical attraction, you seek out a way to share your emotions with him or her. Deep rooted dreams and desires are divulged as you try to draw closer to your loved one. Although this can make you feel vulnerable at times, being in love is always a risk. This sharing has to occur on both sides. If thoughts and feelings are only expressed by you, your love may not be reciprocated by your partner.

3. Other People Cease to Matter

When out on the town or at a bar, your eyes are only for your partner. Even when a dashing gent offers to buy a drink, you are still focused on your partner and where they are in the room. At this time, you have lost interest in pursuing outside relationships. Even if your current romance is not defined with the title “girlfriend”, you have stopped trying to have a relationship with someone else. Your date’s attention means more to you than anything else an outsider can offer. If this is true for you, then you could be falling quickly into a new romance.


4. You Feel Relaxed and Comfortable in Their Company

This is one of the most obvious signs that you are falling in love. Suddenly, the jitters of your first date have passed away and you feel completely at ease with your partner. Slight mistakes and clumsiness no longer matter as you draw closer to them. This new level of comfort applies to your relationship on all physical, mental and emotional levels. You may spend the night at his/her house or even leave a small drawer of belongings behind. With your new relationship, no conversation is out of the question and you feel like you can talk about anything with your significant other.

5. You Are Able to Respond to Your Conflicts in a Better Fashion

Arguments and disputes occur in every relationship. In poor relationships, they tend to heat up quickly. The important thing is how people deal with their arguments. Proper conflict resolution is one of the most precious aspects of a good relationship. In good relationships, both partners value the relationship more than they value winning the argument. If this describes your relationship, than both partners may be falling in love.

6. Contemplating the Future

In short term relationships, both partners are just interested in a fling. This changes in relationships where partners are interested in having something more. They may start to share their future goals and make plans that involve the other person. This may not mean a marriage proposal off the bat, but a future date or vacation may be in order. In general, making plans means that you and your loved one are trying to involve each other in the future. You may daydream about how life will be and consider what the relationship will be like in a few months or years.

 7. You Think About Him/Her All the Time

One of the most common signs of being in love is your thoughts. If your significant other is always on your mind, it shows that you are falling in love. You daydream about your partner and fantasize about future dates spent with them. Even when you are occupied by another matter, you find it impossible to keep them off of your mind.

Although each person is different, most people who are in love feel some or all of these things. You are suddenly unable to think about something else and are only interested in spending time with your significant other. From making plans for the future to involving them in your life, you only care about being with your significant other.


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