7 Best Aphrodisiac Perfumes

By on December 21, 2015

There are plenty of divine scents out there and hundreds of delicious perfumes to choose from. But did you know that some of these delightful smells and scents can actually double up as an aphrodisiac? You may be surprised by these 7 aphrodisiac perfumes, but we guarantee they will turn your love life upside down and rock your world.


  1. Vanilla

Whether it’s in an ice cream cone, a scent in a candle, or in a bottle of perfume, we can all agree the scent of vanilla is flawless. But did you know that vanilla is also a natural aphrodisiac that relaxes the body and mind while inducing euphoria? Vanilla is said to stimulate sexual behaviors and is especially useful among older men. One of our favorite vanilla perfumes is Elizabeth and James ‘Nirvana Black’ perfume.


  1. Cinnamon

Ah yes, cinnamon. An absolute favorite fragrance that’s enjoyed by men and women around the world. We love to smell it baking into a crisp apple pie, or simply smelling its scent escaping from a lovely red candle. But not only is cinnamon a scent we all know and adore, cinnamon is a very intriguing aroma that can help stimulate blood flow to a man’s ‘nether regions’ down below. If you’re looking to amplify sex life with your man, we highly recommend this enticing cinnamon aroma: TokyoMilk ‘Dark Femme Fatale Collection – Bulletproof No. 45’.


  1. Black Licorice

Although the taste may be a tad bitter for some people, the smell is what drives us wild. Especially helpful with the female sex drive, black licorice is a potent smell that, when combined with cucumber, donuts, or cola, creates an incredibly exotic fragrance that intensifies arousal. Our favorite intense black licorice fragrance is undoubtedly Guerlain ‘La Petite Robe Noire Hair Mist’.


  1. Citrus

Those citrusy fragrances we all remember from our high school days are actually an aphrodisiac; who would’ve thought? So don’t be afraid to bust out your favorite all-time citurs perfumes. You may be shocked to find this out, but studies have shown that men believe women who smell like pink grapefruit are actually younger than they truly are. And as for the luscious orange scent? Studies have shown that this divine smell actually arouses 20% of men. Wow! Our favorite spring and summertime scented fragrance is undoubtedly L’Occitane ‘Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance’.


  1. Lavender

When you’re feeling tense, can’t sleep, and your muscles are a mess, what’s one scent you can always turn to? Lavender, of course! Lavender is undoubtedly a relaxing, nourishing scent that helps us to unwind instantly. We add it to our baths, use it in our lotions, and align our bedrooms with lavender-scented candles. But if you’re not using a lavender-scented perfume, you’re missing out on a whole new level of lust and relaxation! Lavender perfumes help men to relax and feel nourished, thus making them feel comfortable and aroused. We adore this wonderful French Lavender Eau De Cologne.


  1. Peppermint

Peppermint is always a divine scent, especially around the holidays. But forget leaving this delightful fragrance to only make an appearance during the winter seasons; bust it out ALL year long! Why, you ask? Well, for one, peppermint is an enticing scent that’s enjoyable all year round. Secondly, peppermint has actually been proven to enhance orgasms in women and can even increase the possibility of a woman having multiple orgasms. So the next time you’re ready to get busy with your significant other, consider peppermint- especially this wonderful fragrance: Jo Malone ‘White Jasmine & Mint’ Cologne.

My basil plant in a pot

  1. Basil

A rather enticing and intense scent, basil has said to not only seduce men but rejuvenate a sex drive that’s slacking. It’s been used by women in Italy for many, many years, and we can see why. If you feel like you need a little kick start in your love life, you may consider this scent. Yeah, you may smell like a delicious Italian dinner, but let’s just be honest= is that really even a bad thing? Course not. We consider it a privilege. Acqua Colonia 4711 Blood Orange/Basil Women’s Eau de Cologne is an excellent choice.

Which one of these wonderful scents will you consider? Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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