50 Quotes About Sisters

By on February 23, 2015

Your sister is one of the most important people in your life. She grew up in the same home, lived through the same experiences and was always there when you needed her. For most people, having a sister means that you have a lifelong friend. She is often the only person who shares childhood memories and can connect with you on a deeper level than most people. These quotes range from cute to inspiring. The one thing that they have in common is a focus on the miracle of sisterhood.


1. “That’s the best thing about little sisters: They spend so much time wishing they were elder sisters that in the end they’re far wiser than the elder ones could ever be.” -Gemma Gurgess

If you are the older sister, you may disagree with this quote about sisters. Younger siblings know the truth: Before long, the younger sibling surpasses their sister in wisdom.

2. “You can kid the world, but not your sister.” -Charlotte Gray

As you grow up and change, you may pick up new hobbies and styles. Only your sister remembers where you came from and who you really are inside.

3. “There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you.” -Anonymous

This is a wonderful sisters quote to share with your sister. Send it to her in a text message or write her an old-fashioned snail mail message.

4. “Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring – quite often the hard way.” -Pamela Dugdale

The only way to learn how to get along with other people is through talking. Your sister helped you learn how to share and be a friend.

5. “If you have a sister and she dies, do you stop saying you have one? Or are you always a sister, even when the other half of the equation is gone?” -Jodi Picoult

Personally, I believe that you will always be a sister. Once a sister, always a sister.

6. “Girls will be your friends – they’ll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything – they’re your true best friends.” -Marilyn Monroe

Although you may have false friends, you can always count on your sister to be there when you need her.

7. “Our siblings push buttons that cast us in roles we felt sure we had let go of long ago – the baby, the peacekeeper, the caretaker, the avoider…. It doesn’t seem to matter how much time has elapsed or how far we’ve traveled.” -Jane Mersky Leder

You can become the president or a major celebrity—your sisters and brothers still remember where you came from. Although this can be annoying at times, it is one of the reasons that we remain close ties to our families as we age.

8. “How the hell do you sum up your sister in three minutes? She’s your twin and your polar opposite. She’s your constant companion and your competition. She’s your best friend and the biggest bitch in the world. She’s everything you wish you could be and everything you wish you weren’t.” -M. Molly Backes

This sisters quote says it all. It perfectly describes what your sister is to you.

9. “Sisters, as you know, also have a unique relationship. This is the person who has known you your entire life, who should love you and stand by you no matter what, and yet it’s your sister who knows exactly where to drive the knife to hurt you the most.” -Lisa See

Quotes About Sisters_08

When things go wrong, you know that your sister is there to support you. This makes up for the times when she just drives you crazy.

10. “Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.” -Vietnamese Proverb

Hands and feet are really not that close. This quote about sisters sounds great, but the logic is slightly flawed.

11. “Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.” -Margaret Mead

Quotes About Sisters_02

Hopefully, sibling rivalry in childhood transforms into a beautiful sister.

12. “Our roots say we’re sisters, our hearts say we’re friends.” -Anonymous

This sounds like a sisters quote that could be stitched onto a pillow.

13. “Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply.” -Jane Austen

Friends and lovers will come and go. It is only your family that will be with you for a lifetime. Cherish every moment that you have because you never know when something will happen to take a family member away from you.

14. “My sister and I are so close that we finish each other’s sentences and often wonder who’s memories belong to whom.” -Shannon Celebi

If everyone could have a relationship like this, the world would be a much better place.

15. “You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.” -George R.R. Martin

George R.R. Martin’s quote says it all. You may be completely different people, but you still need each other. Your sister is your strength during dark days, and you are her source of strength.

16. “A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” -Elizabeth Fishel

The people that we choose to be around are merely reflections of ourselves. Ideally, you are around people who are better than you are. This allows you to grow as a person.

17. “A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double. ” -Toni Morrison

Even if you are not identical twins, there are many things that will be similar about each of you.

18. “I would like more sisters, that the taking out of one, might not leave such stillness.” -Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was known for living a solitary life. Her sisters and other family members were the main source of her socialization with the outer world. Due to this, the death of one sister had a strong and lasting impact on her life.

19. “Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister?” -Alice Walker

If you want a shoulder to cry on without being judged, your sister is the person to go to. Of course, she will judge you later on, but she will wait until you are back on your feet.

20. “A sister smiles when one tells one’s stories – for she knows where the decoration has been added.” -Chris Montaigne

Quotes About Sisters_04

It is impossible to lie to a sister. She knows all of your tells and knows exactly what part of your story is true.

21. “The first-born in every family is always dreaming for an imaginary older brother or sister who will look out for them.” -Bill Cosby

Bill Crosby may have a questionable personal life, but this quote is right on point.

22. “When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?” -Pam Brown

Quotes About Sisters_03

When you have loved ones on your side, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

23. “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” -Amy Li

At times, having her around may annoy you, but it is worthwhile in the end.

24. “You’re a big sister?’ I was shocked. She seemed so good-natured and compassionate.” -Natalie Standiford

As a big sister, I dislike this sisters quote. Big sisters can be loving and empathetic!

25. “An older sister helps one remain half child, half woman.” -Anonymous

If you are looking for a unique quote, this one is seldom used.

26. “There can be no situation in life in which the conversation of my dear sister will not administer some comfort to me.” -Mary Montagu

Quotes About Sisters_09

When things are at their worst, having a kind ear and comforting hug is all it takes to make everything seem a little more bearable.

27. “When mom and dad don’t understand, a sister always will.” -Unknown

Quotes About Sisters_01

If you are lucky, you have only been placed in this situation a couple of times.

28. “I, who have no sisters or brothers, look with some degree of innocent envy on those who may be said to be born to friends.” -James Boswell

Being an only child must be a lonely existence. You should take some time to be thankful for the miracle of having siblings.

29. “Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.” -Susan Scarf Merrell

This is one of the most poetic sounds quotes about sisters that is on this list.

30. “Sisterly love is, of all sentiments, the most abstract. Nature does not grant it any functions.” -Ugo Betti

There is no reason for siblings to love each other, but they do. Since this love comes without strings or expectations, it is one of the most beautiful forms of love that there is.

31. “How do people make it through life without a sister?” -Sara Corpening

Very true question—how do people go through life without a sister to talk to?

32. “An older sister is a friend and defender – a listener, conspirator, a counselor and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.” -Pam Brown

Quotes About Sisters_10

Having an older sister means that you always have someone there to bail you out of trouble…or help get you into it!

33. “It was nice to be in such close physical proximity, even though they hadn’t spoken in months, and only via cursory birthday cards and the like. In the end, it didn’t matter. Sisters were sisters.” -Emma Straub

You could go years without speaking to your sibling, but it is never too late to rebuild your relationship.

34. “A sister is a forever friend.” -Anonymous

Although this is one of the shortest quotes about sisters on this list, it is one of the most beautiful.

35. “A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.” -Marian Sandmaier

You never have to worry about hiding your true self from your sister. She already knows exactly who you are and loves you more for being you.

36. “If your sister is in a tearing hurry to go out and cannot catch your eye, she’s wearing your best sweater.” -Pam Brown

As an older sister, I can vouch for this quote. If she disappears without saying good-bye or is wearing a bulky jacket, she probably “borrowed” something of yours.

37. “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.” -Cali Rae Turner

Quotes About Sisters_07

This is a beautiful, true quote.

38. “I know some sisters who only see each other on Mother’s Day and some who will never speak again. But most are like my sister and me… linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.” -Patricia Volk

In comparison to your sister, could you really have a “best” friend? Your friends may change over time, but your sister will remain with you.

39. “Don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.” -Maya Angelou

To be a good sibling, you need to work at it. Being a good sister or brother requires patience and time to master perfectly.

40. “What’s the point of good news if you haven’t a sister to share it?” -James DeVries

Even when you get good news, you cannot truly enjoy it unless you have someone to tell it to.

41. “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” -Isadora James

Quotes About Sisters_06

Beautifully worded, this is one of the most gorgeous of the quotes on this list.

42. “Elder sisters never can do younger ones justice!” -Charlotte M. Yonge

I am not sure what this means, but it sounds good.

43. “My sister taught me everything I really need to know, and she was only in sixth grade at the time.” -Linda Sunshine

A younger sister can be the person who provides you with wisdom and inspiration, even when you least expect it.

44. “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.” -Carol Saline

When everything seems to be going wrong, you will always have your sister to support and comfort you.

45. “We acquire friends and we make enemies, but our sisters come with the territory.” -Evelyn Loeb

Quotes About Sisters_05

If you need to have one person on your side, your sister is someone that you can always count on.

46. “ …she’ll go and fall in love, and there’s an end of peace and fun, and cozy times together.” -Louisa May Alcott

When your sister falls in love, it does not have to mean the end of your special relationship. You can bond over your spouses, children and the changes in your lives.

47. “If you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.” -Linda Sunshine

How true! Your sister is the person who is able to drive you completely crazy and comfort you! Chances are that you will never encounter someone with these same qualities until you are married.

48. “We hang out, we help one another, we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets, and then just like real sisters, we listen and don’t judge.” -Adriana Trigiani

This is a wonderful way to explain exactly what the role of a sister is.

49. “I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones.” -Anonymous

If you are the older sister, you have probably experienced this quote in reverse. The little sister may not realize it, but giving away old clothes is just an excuse for buying new ones—don’t let her in on the secret!

50. “Sisters may share the same mother and father but appear to come from different families.” -Anonymous

In some families, sisters are as different as night and day. Even with these differences, they will still share the same childhood memories and experiences.

Your sister is one of the most important people in your life. The previous quotes about sisters reflect this unique, unbreakable bond. You can use these quotes as a screen saver or as a way to dress up your walls. For a sweet pick-me-up, send one of these messages to your sister. You will brighten her day and let her know exactly how important she is to you. Even though your sister has always been there for you, you should never take her for granted. These sister quotes are a way to show her that she is a major part of your life.

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