50 Hot Actors with the Sexiest Bodies 2015

By on November 20, 2014

There is no dearth of good looking men in Hollywood and since we were feeling extra nice, we decided to treat our readers with a list of the hottest of the hot! Here are 50 sizzling hot actors with the sexiest bodies…in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Matthew McConaughey


When I asked my friends who they thought was the hottest guy in Hollywood, I was surprised that Mr. McConaughhey topped the list among all ages. So hear it from me first – I predict this Texas hottie has the hot guy Hollywood staying power to last up there in the sexiest man alive lists for as long as those baby blue eyes keep twinkling and that bad boy grin keeps us wondering just what he was up to last night…  and wishin’ we’d been there with him.

2. Joe Manganiello


When you stand out in a cast of as full of hot, hot HOT guys as the men of True Blood, you know you’re one scorching guy. Currently filming Magic Mike XXL with fellow hot list actor Channing Tatum, Joe’s romance with Sofia Vergara seems to be getting serious.

3. Gilles Marini


He’s handsome as F*** (pardon my language), exotic, and has the body of a Greek god! I mean, I could sit and look at his shirtless body for all eternity. He made us swoon in Sex and the City, he made us laugh in 2 Broke Girls and I wish we’d see more of this hottie. Hollywood, make it happen! See him next in The List and The Last Resuce

4. Kit Harrington


That hair, those eyes, that body…  As the exiled bastard son of the Stark clan in the HBO series, Game of Thrones, Kit heats up the frozen wastelands north of the wall.  Although Kit is officially single, the rumors of romance with his on-screen love, Rose Leslie, just won’t go away. See him next in Spooks:The Greater Good.

5. Chris Hemsworth


 Chris Hemsworth got our hearts racing as Thor…seriously, could they have picked a more perfect actor for the role?! We love everything about him….his drop-dead gorgeous looks, his smile, his biceps, his beard (Happy Movember!) and  adorable pictures of him with daughter India Rose. You’ve got to love a guy who’s both hot and downright sweet! He was also just voted People Magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2014. We concur. See him next in Blackhat.

6. Chris Pine


The first thing you notice when you look at Chris Pine are those beautiful, blue eyes. Gosh, I could drown in those eyes! Of course, he’s also insanely good looking (especially when he’s sporting a stubble) and while he may not have the best body out there, we still think he’s hot enough to make it on this list! We can’t wait to watch him next in Into the Woods and Horrible Bosses 2. That should be fun!

7. Ryan Kwanten


He’s smoldering and sexy and we wouldn’t mind playing a game of “Lifeguard” with him. He is Aussie born and he loves animals and he’s so easy on the eyes.  Brownie points! Watch him next in Northmen: A Viking Saga. Mmm…

8. Theo James


The Divergent star is another young, hot, British actor that came to Hollywood via the London classical theatre scene. Currently on a hectic schedule in New York filming Insurgent (the second part of the Divergent series,) Theo is apparently a quiet kind of guy who keeps a low profile and likes his personal life private. Unlike most Hollywood celebs, Theo manages to keep what he does off-camera so mysterious that although he apparently has been dating actress Rachel Hunter since 2009, the couple rarely appears in public together and are often rumored to be on the verge of a split. I guess that just makes him more appealing to his fans – we are always hoping that we have a chance to jump in there and become the hidden lady in his life!

9. George Clooney


Sigh. If you haven’t been living in a cave for the past three months, you’ll know that George, until recently the world’s most eligible bachelor, is now taken. His Venice marriage to international lawyer Amal Alamaddin was, like George himself, elegant and romantic.  What we love about George is that he is a real man, handsome, rugged, intelligent, and not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Since his September 2014 wedding to Amal, the tabloids have been buzzing with rumors that he may consider a run for US President. I don’t know if he is seriously considering this or not, but if Ronald Reagan can do it, you bet Clooney could. George, if you’re reading this – go for it! You’d definitely get my vote.

10. David Gandy


To say that David Gandy is hot would be the understatement of the decade, heck, it would be the understatement of the century! This super successful model who looks DIVINE (especially with facial hair) made it big with his 2007 Dolce and Gabbana ad and has only continued to grow more popular (and hotter) since then.  We’re not complaining. Not one bit!

11. Dwayne Johnson


Something tells me that Dwayne is the kind of guy who will  protect you from all evil and at the same time spoil you silly and make you laugh like a little girl. And if there’s nothing to do, you could just sit and stare at his shirtless body for hours. Carry me to oblivion Dwayne….You can see him next in San Andreas.

12. Jon Hamm

Four Seasons Hotel

Jon Hamm may not have a conventionally “hot body” but we love that he’s real and doesn’t mind flaunting his chest hair. Mmm…hair. What we love more about Jon is that the road to stardom wasn’t easy for him. In his early Hollywood years he struggled to support himself, working as a waiter, and briefly as set designer for a soft-porn movie! Whatever pays the bills, right? The role of Don Draper on Mad Men finally brought Jon the international acclaim and sex-symbol status that he so obviously deserves. I’m pretty sure he’s the only star on this list to have an entire tumblr page dedicated to his, ahem, wang. Apparently he’s not a fan of underwear and likes to let his sexy-assets hang free! Check it out at johnhammswang.tumblr.com.

13. Hugh Jackman


X-Men star, Hugh Jackman aka Huge Jackman (tee hee) makes my fan-girl heart flutter! Best known for his recurring role as Wolverine, the 6 foot tall (and firey hot) Australian actor had to bench press over 300lbs to bulk up for the part. His height was a problem for his co-stars as well, with some of them having to wear lifted shoes to make them seem taller than him, as the comic book Wolverine is a short, stocky dude. Hugh is a committed family man, and has two adopted children with his wife of 18 years, Deborra-Lee Furness. Aww! Watch him next in Chappie and Pan. We can’t wait!

14. Lance Gross


Lance Gross is the epitome of the phrase “tall, dark, and handsome”…oh so handsome. We could go on and on about this chocolate Greek God but then we’d find it hard to stop. So we’ll just stop by saying dreams are made of delicious men like Lance Gross.

15. Mario Lopez


Mario Lopez seems like the kind of guy who is a total hoot to hang out with. He’s got the sweetest smile, a great face and a sizzling hot body! Everything nice with a touch of spice….that’s Mario Lopez! He will be the voice behind Social Smurf in The Smurfs 3! Aww.

16. Mehcad Brooks


From high school all-star basketball player to Calvin Klein underwear ads, it’s never been hard work to admire this talented Texan on his rise to the top. The 6’3” single 33 year old is currently filming the indi passion flick Avouterie where he plays most of the movie naked (There IS a God) and held at gun point after being caught in bed with another man’s wife. Now this is a movie I have to see…

17. Norman Reedus


Reedus caught the eye of the world’s women in his role as Daryl Dixon in the TV series The Walking Dead. He’s sexy as all heck, and can kill you a squirrel for breakfast while taking out a rogue zombie without so much as blinking. Now that’s a REAL man.

18. Benedict Cumerbatch


Referred to as a ‘National Treasure’ and ‘The Thinking Woman’s Crumpet’ by the English tabloids, this sexy Brit actor is classically trained and is as often seen on the stage as on the sliver screen. Cumberbatch keeps his schedule busy, and is currently either working on, or starring in, no less than nine big-name productions! He’s not too busy for love though, and recently got engaged to theatre director Sophie Hunter. Ladies, mark your calendars for a late 2015 trip to London, as this delicious hot crumpet will be playing Hamlet in a production at the Barbican theatre.

 19. Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård

Okay, skinny white guys are my thing (I’m weird okay?) and the minute I first saw Alex steal a scene as Eric Northblood, the bad boy sheriff of Area 5 in True Blood, my heart was taken. Any other Eric fans out there? I totally recommend reading a book or two of the original Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlene Harris. Eric gets up to much, much more with Sookie than he ever does in the TV series, and it is HOT! You can watch him next in Hidden.

20. Nicholas Hoult


I just love how the chiseled cheekbones of this British X-Men star dissolve into dimples when he smiles, making him seem tough and cuddly at the same time. Nick has been a professional actor since his debut at the age of seven as Bobby in the film Intimate Relations, and his career includes performances with the National Ballet and a stint as a the face of Tom Ford eyewear.  The super hero / baller dancer / model was romantically linked to X-Men co-star Jennifer Lawrence, but recent press has him dating Twilight actress Kirsten Stewart, with whom he stars in the upcoming movie Equals. And let’s not forget that he looks oh-so-hot without a shirt on!

21. Eric Dane


 The phrase “ridiculously sexy” was invented for Eric Dane. He first won our hearts as Dr. McSteamy in Grey’s Anatomy (Remember the towel scene?) and has only continued to grow hotter since. Why can’t all doctors look like that? Sigh. He’s currently trying to save the world in The Last Ship. Any fans?

22. Ryan Gosling


I have a thing for brooding men (I know, I’m strange) and that puts Ryan Gosling right up there on my list. Whether he’s playing the man of every woman’s dreams as Noah in The Notebook or crooning to “You always hurt the one you love” in Blue Valentine, or strutting around shirtless in Crazy, Stupid, Love (who can forget those abs!), Ryan is definitely among the hottest actors out there. Watch him next in The Nice Guys

23. Idris Elba


How gorgeous IS this man?! From his ripped body, to that deep sexy voice, to his intense eyes, to that British accent (oh God, how I love that accent),  to the quiet confidence he exudes, this man is sex on toast….and then some! Let’s not forget the pictures of his …ahem…bulge. Of course it turned out to be just a microphone cable but a girl’s gonna believe what a girl wants to believe. Wink. Watch him next in The Gunman

24. Keegan Allen


I’ve never watched Pretty Little Liars (Gasp, I know!) but I know a pretty face when I see one and Keegan certainly fits the bill! Besides his obvious good looks, he’s also down to earth and musically talented (he can sing and play the guitar). What more could a girl want? Watch him next in The Sound and the Fury.

25. Jesse Williams


It’s all in the eyes and Jesse Williams has the kind of eyes you can stare into for days on end! The fact that he plays Dr. Jackson on Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t hurt either. Of course he’s also got the cutest smile and a body that makes me swoon! Jesse, you’ve got my undivided attention.

26. Robert Downey Jr.


What is it about bad boys that makes them so much more attractive than regular boys? Let me rephrase that, what is it about older bad men with a snarky sense of humor that makes it hard to resist temptation? Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. is as sassy as they come and he IS without a doubt a weapon of mass seduction (his words, not mine). But we do agree!

27. Kellan Lutz


This Twilight hottie stole our hearts and our approval the second we laid eyes on him. While his most recent movie, The Legend of Hercules sort of bombed at box office, we still think there couldn’t have been a better actor to fit that role. I mean, look at him. Gorgeous and how! Watch him next in the Experimenter. Interesting name huh?

28. Channing Tatum


I’m pretty sure I’d be crucified if I didn’t add this HOTTIE to our list. Who can forget Magic Mike? The best part about him is that he’s more than just good looks. He’s funny, sweet, and oh-so-charming and he isn’t afraid to be silly. Last but not least, every time we see him with baby Everly, our hearts just melt like goop! Watch him next in Magic Mike XXL. We can’t wait!!!

29. Jake Gyllenhaal


What’s not to love about this rugged, bearded hottie? The best part about him of course is his confidence. Not many mainstream actors would be comfortable portraying a homosexual character but Jake did, and boy did he pull it off beautifully! He’s dreamy, he’s stylish, and he’s delicious! Watch him next in Everest. And if you haven’t watched Nightcrawler yet, what have you been doing?!

30. Taylor Lautner


Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob (is that still on btw?), the one thing you can’t disagree with is that Taylor Lautner has a KILLER body! What makes him all the more lovable is that underneath it all, he is just an adorable goofball. Keep it coming Taylor. Watch him next in Tracers and Run the Tide.

31. Ryan Reynolds


 Personally, I’m more a Gosling fan than a Reynolds fan, but there’s no denying that this Ryan is as hot as India’s summers! He looks great with clothes on, even better without a shirt, and I’m pretty sure his baby with Blake Lively is going to be gorgeous!!!  Future FILF alert! We can’t wait to watch him in Selfless and Mississippi Grind!

32. Vin Diesel


Granted his movies aren’t always the best…I personally cannot stand the Fast and the Furious series BUT I will say that Vin Diesel makes bald men everywhere look oh-so-appealing. He’s  got a divine body and a deep, husky voice that makes us weak in the knees! Watch him next in Furious 7 (duh!)

33. Zac Efron


Oh Zac, Zac, Zac! He first stole our hearts as sweet Troy Bolton in the High School Musical but has since grown up to be quite the sizzler. Of course, he’s got classic good looks with deep blue eyes, a good head of hair and a charming smile BUT when he takes shirt off (remember the MTV Movie Awards?) we just want to put our hands all over him. #sorrynotsorry. You will see him next in Dirty Grandpa. Intriguing name, huh?

34. Ian Somerhalder


Ian “Smoulder-halder” is certainly the hottest on-screen vampire as far as I’m concerned. Seriously, he’s got the eyes of an angel, the jawbone of a Greek God (so perfectly chiselled), a sexy smirk that makes our hearts flutter and he looks PERFECT with or without his shirt on. Can we take a moment to give this beautiful creation of God a standing ovation?

35. Jamie Dornan


If he’s good enough to play Christian Grey, he’s certainly good enough for our dirty minds. We love a man who isn’t afraid to take on a scandalous role. We love his mysteriously sexy eyes, his chiseled body and the fact that he looks good enough to eat when he’s sporting a beard doesn’t hurt either. Can’t wait to watch 50 Shades of Grey! Here’s hoping it does justice to the book and then some…Psst…have you watched the latest trailer? If not, do it NOW!

36. Bradley Cooper


 He’s well dressed, suave, can speak French (Oo La La!) and has the prettiest blue eyes we’ve ever seen. Shirtless or not (remember the scene in Nip/Tuck), our hearts will always have a spot for Bradley Cooper. Of course, he’s also insanely talented which is a huge plus! There’s a reason why he was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive back in 2011.

37. Adam Levine

Adam Levine

Who can forget his controversial but oh-so-hot nude photoshoot with ex girlfriend Anne V. Sure, he doesn’t have six pack abs and bulging biceps but he’s lean and mean (sort of like a leopard) and he’s got tattoos! I don’t know about you but I love my men inked! Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s got the voice of an angel.

38. David Beckham


Gosh, British men are HOT! David Beckham’s racy ads for H&M got our hearts racing and our brains thinking all sorts of dirty thoughts. He’s a great player, a great husband (barring the Rebecca Loos controversy), a doting father, and he’s oh so easy on the eyes with or without clothes!

39. Paul Wesley


We’re all for easy on the eye “vampires” and Paul Wesley more than satisfies our visual needs. DId you know that he was actually kicked out of private school? A good looking bad boy? Mmm mmm mmm. And just in case you were wondering, this hottie can also speak fluent Polish. Sigh. Is there anything he can’t do?

40. Jason Statham


It’s all in the voice, isn’t it? Of course, it also helps that Jason looks smashing in a suit and can kick some serious a**. Did you know that he actually performs his own stunts and fight scenes? Color me impressed! Watch him next in Furious 7 and Spy.

41. Boris Kodjoe


My oh my, Boris is SO fine, it almost hurts to look directly at him. Did you know that he is part German, part Ghanian and part Austrian? Talk about being exotic! And don’t even get me started on his body. If perfection was real, Boris Kodjoe would be it!

42. Alex O’Loughlin


I have a huge thing for hot men from down under, especially when they look as yummy as Alex O’Loughlin. To be honest, the only reason I put up with Hawaii Five-0 was for this cutie. Alex is sexy, he’s funny, he’s smokin’ hot and we can’t get enough of him!

43. Jensen Ackles


Supernatural fans rejoice, Jensen Ackles is in the house! Jensen could very well be the boy next door with his sweet smile and charming nature, BUT the boy next door doesn’t always look so smoking’ HOT, does he?  He can act, he can direct, he can sing, he can play the guitar, and he can charm your socks off (and more)! He’s also hilarious and not afraid to laugh at himself. Awww. Is he perfect? We vote yes!

44. Shemar Moore


Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows and Shemar Moore is one of my favorite reasons to watch that show! Isn’t he just gorgeous in all his chocolatey goodness?! Apparently, he has a great sense of humor in real life which is always a plus. He’s also got the kind of smile that can light up the room. *swoon*

45. Ashton Kutcher


How can we pick just one reason to add Ashton to this list? He’s the perfect combination of goofy and HOT. He can be a dork when he wants to and then suddenly transform into a sizzling charmer who makes you want to get naughty with him. And how adorable are Mila and Ashton together?! Gosh!

46. Christian Bale


Sure he’s got a bit of a temper, but all is forgiven when you’re this insanely talented and good looking! Besides, who doesn’t have an occasional bad day or two. He’s intense, dedicated, ever so slightly mysterious and makes the best Batman ever! We love you Bale! Watch him next in Exodus:Gods and Kings. Our tongues are wagging already.

47. Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron Taylor Johnson

 A few years back, Aaron would be nowhere on this list. From geek to bonafide Greek God, this list is now incomplete without Aaron Taylor Johnson. His body is to die for, his beautiful blue eyes will penetrate your soul, he can sing, and he’s happily married to Sam Taylor Wood, who is 23 years senior to him, and they have two beautiful daughters together. Aww! Watch him next in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

48. Liam Hemsworth


The first thought that pops up in my head every time I see Liam is “What a good looking guy!”. There’s a special spot in heaven for men who can rock beards and Liam is definitely on that list. We also love the fact that he maintained a dignified silence during the media frenzy surrounding his breakup with Miley Cyrus. He also gets along great with his co-stars. Who else is super excited about Hunger Games: Mockingjay?!

49. Usher


We have two words for you…six pack. Seriously, how HOT is this man! Surely it’s a crime to look this good? He’s got a great voice, he’s a great dad, he’s dedicated and he’s oh-so-good looking! And he can bust out some serious dance moves. *swoon*

50. Colton Haynes


 Oh Colton, you beautiful, beautiful man. He’s got the most perfect jawline, eyes that makes us want to die a thousand deaths, and he makes suits look SO GOOD! Seriously, this man is without flaw and we can’t stop dreaming about him. Rawr!

So that’s my list. Wow. I never realized it would be so super hard to pick my favorite fifty Hollywood Hotties. Tell me who you think should be promoted or demoted and we’ll fight it out in the comments!

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