50 Easy Updos For Long Hair

By on May 1, 2014

Give your long, luscious locks a touch of glamour with one of these 50 Easy Updos For Long Hair. Fabulous up’do styles are essential for special occasions, and you’re spoiled for choice with our selection of easy up’dos for long locks. Get inspired by gorgeous long up’dos worn by popular female celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Kim Kardashian, Lea Michele, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Beckinsale, and many more.

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Long Updo: Sleek and stylish bun


English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks divine with her long, dark-blonde locks done up in a sleek and stylish bun. If you have super-long hair, you can create a big, voluminous bun quite easily by pulling it into a high ponytail and then winding your ponytail into a tight bun. Secure your bun with discreet pins for a polished look, and set it with a light hairspray for a sleek finishing touch.

2. Jessica Chastain Long Updo: Casual braided up’do


Actress Jessica Chastain looks gorgeous with her strawberry blonde locks done up in a casual braided up’do. She sports a flat and glossy braid that has been twisted and pinned to one side, and we love the delicate flyaway hairs that frame her face. Recreate Jessica’s simple up’do by separating your hair into two halves, braiding each half in a three-strand braid, and then securing each half in line with your temples. Easy!

3. Amanda Seyfried Long Updo: Quirky twisted up’do


Actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks phenomenal with her golden blonde locks styled in a quirky twisted up’do. This simple-yet-chic hairstyle is a step above your everyday bun or ponytail, and Amanda rocks her unique look with blue eyeliner, nude lips, and an electric blue and black dress with lace details.

 4. Kim Kardashian Long Updo: Daring topknot bun


Reality TV personality and model Kim Kardashian looks flawless with her espresso-brown locks pulled up into a daring topknot bun. She wears her hair slicked back from her forehead, drawing attention to her beautiful face, and keeping hair out of her eyes. This is a great go-to style if you’re short on time – simply sweep your hair up into a bun, slick it back, and you’re ready for a night out!

5. Demi Lovato Long Updo: Curled up’do with flirty bouffant


American actress and singer Demi Lovato looks fabulous with her plum-hued locks in a curled up’do with  a flirty bouffant. The volume of this hairstyle is concentrated at the back of her head, and the bouffant adds height to her profile, making her face look slightly longer and slimmer. We adore her rich maroony-red hair color, and the little tendrils of hair that cover her ears and frame her face.

6. Kate Beckinsale Long Updo: Voluminous and tousled


English actress Kate Beckinsale looks fabulous with her voluminous, tousled up’do and a pair of seriously sparkly earrings. Her mocha brown locks have been gathered up into a big, intricately twisted bun, and she sports a little puffy bouffant that adds a touch of glamour to her look. To create your own bouffant, tease hair at the crown before backcombing it a little, and then secure your “bubble” of hair with a discreet hair pin.

7. Bella Thorne Long Updo: Chunky bun and long, choppy bangs


Teen actress and model Bella Thorne looks smoking hot with her chunky bun and long, choppy bangs that skim her eyes. Her bangs soften her look, accentuating her eyes and concealing her high forehead. Recreate this easy long up’do by separating your bangs out from the rest of your hair, straightening them with a mini flat iron, and then sweeping the rest of your locks up into a tight bun.

8. Taylor Swift Long Updo: Low chignon with feathered fringe


Country music singer Taylor Swift looks poised as always with her honey-blonde locks in a low chignon, and a blunt, feathered fringe. The chignon is a classy and glamorous hairstyle similar to a bun, but it’s not quite round, and it’s usually positioned at the nape of the neck. For an interesting finishing touch, twist your hair before securing it, or tuck it underneath itself to create a pretty “looped” chignon.

9. Angelina Jolie Long Updo: Classic bun 


Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie keeps her look simple and chic with a big, classic bun as her up’do of choice. She sports bold bronze highlights in her brunette locks that brighten her complexion, and her hair is swept back from her forehead to reveal her beautiful face. The classic bun is by far the easiest up’do for long hair, and you can always add some extra glam for special occasions.

10. Nicole Richie Long Updo: Gravity-defying bun and rounded bangs


Reality TV  personality and socialite Nicole Richie looks striking with her big, gravity-defying bun and long, rounded bangs. She pairs these two bold elements for a striking final look, and we love that she has left flyaway hairs to frame her face. If you have super-long hair and you want to wear it in a bun, make sure that it’s well secured with hidden hair ties and pins to keep it from flopping or unraveling.

11. Nicole Scherzinger Long Updo: Unique braided topknot bun


American singer and TV personality Nicole Scherzinger rocks a unique braided topknot bun that sits perched atop her head, keeping hair out of her face. This hairstyle looks difficult to recreate, but it’s actually pretty simple: take a section of hair from your forehead (unfortunately, if you have short bangs, you can’t really do this), plait it in a simple three-strand braid, and gather all your hair together to tie it up in a bun. If you have short bangs, you could braid them and pin them up instead.

12. Jessica Chastain Long Updo: Messy chignon


Actress Jessica Chastain looks radiant with her thick strawberry blonde locks done up in a messy chignon. We love the natural texture of her hair, and the way it has been casually swept back away from her forehead. Get Jessica’s gorgeous textured locks by skipping the heat styling, and using a salt spray to add some extra waves and definition. If you have naturally curly hair, use a light hair spray to smooth excess flyaway hairs around your hairline, and leave the rest to frame your face.

13. Amanda Seyfried Long Updo: Regal braided up’do


Lovelace actress Amanda Seyfried steals the show with her flawless, regal braided up’do. Braided hairstyles are timeless, feminine, and chic, making them a great choice for any occasion. It may take a bit of practice to perfect the different styles of braids, but once you’re able to create a three strand braid in under a minute, you’ll be able to create fabulous braided up’dos with ease!

14. Cheryl Cole Long Updo: Big, puffy bun


English singer-songwriter and TV personality Cheryl Cole looks superb with her big, puffy bun, super-long lashes, and cerise lips. This is an easy up’do for very long locks, as it requires loads of volume and it’s simple to style. For a sleek and polished look, smooth hair back from your hairline with a light hair gel or hair spray. If you want a more glamorous up’do, you can always add a hair accessory, like a sparkly hair pin or a chic hairband.

15. Carrie Underwood Long Updo: Messy low bun and long, sweeping side bangs


Country music singer Carrie Underwood looks utterly gorgeous with her blonde tresses up in a messy low bun. She sports long, sweeping side bangs that frame her face, and pretty gold earrings that draw attention to her neckline. If you have bangs, make the most of them by wearing them to one side with your up’do. Loose bangs soften your overall look, giving your up’do a romantic touch.

16. Kim Kardashian Long Updo: Super-sized bun


Reality TV personality and model Kim Kardashian shows off her stunning espresso-brown locks by wearing them in a bold, super-sized bun. This big sock bun is chic and stylish, and Kim carries it off perfectly with her hair smoothed back, and her face perfectly made up. If you have long, thin hair, invest in a “hair doughnut” – it’s a genius hair accessory that adds volume to your locks whilst remaining hidden beneath them.

17. Taylor Swift Long Updo: Classy low bun


Country music singer Taylor Swift looks polished and poised with her honey-blonde hair done up in a classy low bun. The low bun is the grown-up version of the high- and medium- bun, and it looks superb when paired with a sweeping side fringe. Take inspiration from Taylor and wear your hair in a deep side parting for a more glamorous look.

18. Dianna Agron Long Updo: Textured low bun


Glee actress and singer Dianna Agron looks flirty and feminine with her blonde locks in a textured low bun. She combines chic and boho in this simple up’do, with lots of natural texture and just enough volume for some subtle sex appeal. Dianna keeps her look fresh and contemporary with platinum highlights and honey low-lights that brighten up her complexion.

19. Kerry Washington Long Updo: Big, beautiful bun


Scandal actress Kerry Wahsington looks glamorous and poised with her glossy, dark locks up in a beautiful sock bun. This easy up’do is perfect for special occasions like weddings or prom night, and it looks amazing when paired with sparkly earrings, shimmery eye makeup, and nude lips.

20. Amanda Seyfried Long Updo: Cute curled up’do


Actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks angelic with her long blonde tresses in a cute curled up’do. We love the “undone” look of this hairstyle, and the subtle bouffant that gives it a bit of subtle glamour. Before securing your hair in a loose bun, curl the ends with a medium thickness curling iron and use hairspray to keep your curls in place. Use discreet hairpins for a flawless and romantic final look.

21. Kim Kardashian Long Updo: Voluminous up’do with long middle-parted bangs


Reality TV personality and model Kim Kardashian looks stunning with her raven locks in a chic, voluminous up’do. She wears her bangs parted in the middle, accentuating the perfect symmetry of her face, and she’s had them trimmed to the perfect length to draw attention to her cheekbones. For hair as glossy as Kim’s, try a hot oil hair treatment once a week to pump essential moisture into your thirsty locks.

22. Olivia Wilde Long Updo: Messy boho-chic bun


Actress Olivia Wilde looks carefree and pretty with her chestnut-brown locks in a messy boho-chic bun. This “undone” up’do is effortlessly romantic, with lots of texture and loose pieces of hair that soften Olivia’s angular jawline. She sports a puffy bouffant at the top of her head, and side-swept bangs that accentuate her eyes. Overall, this is a winning combination for long hair with short bangs.

23. Taylor Swift Long Updo: Textured chignon and delicate side bangs


Country music singer Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her dark honey-blonde locks in a textured chignon. She sports delicate side bangs that skim her eyes, and romantic pink lips paired with bright, shimmery eye makeup. For a textured chignon, you can either use a salt spray on your locks before tying them up, or you can create a thin fishtail plait in your hair before securing it in a chignon. Keep your chignon tight for a polished and sophisticated look.

24. Nicole Scherzinger Long Updo: Double-braided up’do


Singer-songwriter and TV personality Nicole Scherzinger looks fabulous with her raven locks in a double-braided up’do. This simple braided hairstyle is perfect for a night out with the girls or a hot date, and it’s especially practical for summer. Find a step-by-step tutorial online to find the easiest way to recreate this hairstyle at home.

25. Arielle Kebbel Long Updo: Loose chignon and side fringe


American model and actress Arielle Kebbel looks beautiful with her honey-blonde locks in a loose chignon secured to one side. She sports a sweeping side fringe that  accentuates her eyes, and cute golden earrings that add some glamour to her simple-yet-chic look. Use a mini flat-iron on your fringe to make it super-straight, and some light hairspray to tame excess flyaway hairs. Leave your bun’s natural texture for a playful contrast.

26. Zooey Deschanel Long Updo: Sexy side bun 


New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel looks smoking hot with her dark brunette locks in this sexy side bun. She rocks her signature choppy bangs that accentuate her electric blue eyes, and we love that’s she’s given the bun hairstyle an edgy twist by wearing hers to one side. The side bun is also incredibly flattering for long, narrow faces, as it adds width and draws attention to your cheekbones (the widest part of your face).

27. Amy Adams Long Updo: Effortlessly chic low bun


Actress Amy Adams looks divine with her shiny strawberry locks worn in an effortlessly chic low bun. She wears her fiery locks in a deep side parting, with a sweeping fringe and a few loose strands of hair that frame her face. The simplicity of this hairstyle makes it especially striking, as it commands attention without fiddly bits of hair and intricate detailing. Keep your hair in prime condition by avoiding heat styling whenever possible, and use moisturizing hair products to prevent frizz and breakage.

28. Sienna Miller Long Updo: Bun with lacy headband


English actress, model and fashion designer Sienna Miller sports a delightful boho up’do featuring a messy bun and a lacy, floral headband. This simple up’do is flirty and feminine, and super-easy to style at home in 3 steps: 1. spray damp locks with a salt spray, scrunch hair up a bit, and let it dry naturally, 2. tie hair up in a loose, messy bun and leave a few strands of hair free for a romantic touch, and 3. add a pretty headband to tame fuzzy locks. This long up’do is perfect for long summer days spent outdoors.

29. Nina Dobrev Long Updo: Simple side bun


Canadian-Bulgarian actress and model Nina Dobrev looks divine with her glossy espresso-brown locks in a simple side bun. The side bun is a contemporary and fun up’do that suits all hair types. Wear your hair in a deep side-parting for a glamorous look, and pair your chic up’do with shimmery eye-shadow, long luscious lashes and nude lips for maximum impact.

30. Selena Gomez Long Updo: Loose, romantic up’do


Actress and singer Selena Gomez looks fabulous with her long, brunette locks in a loose, romantic up’do. We love the smooth, soft texture of her hair, and the long section of loose hair that frames her face. Side-swept bangs also work well with this hairstyle, and they’re very flattering for round-shaped faces like Selena’s. Opt for natural-looking makeup for a romantic final touch.

31. Hayden Panettiere Long Updo: Simple halo braid up’do


Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere looks angelic with her long, golden locks in a halo braid up’do. The halo braid is a simple three-strand braid that encircles the head, hence the name “halo”. It’s a lot easier than it looks – simply separate loose hair into two sections at the back, braid each section separately, and then drape the resulting braids over your head. Arrange them in a circle, making sure that you join the two braids seamlessly for a polished final look.

32. Amy Adams Long Updo: Loosely pinned up’do


American Hustle actress Amy Adams looks beautiful as always with her auburn locks in a loosely pinned up’do. This long up’do is classic and chic, and it’s a great choice for a formal event or special occasion. It’s also a good choice for long, thin hair, as you can simply pin your hair up and back without worrying about it unraveling or coming undone. For extra hold, spray your hair clips with dry shampoo or hairspray before using them (believe me, it works!).

33. Mila Kunis Long Updo: Slicked-back bun


Actress (and mother to be!) Mila Kunis looks radiant with her long chestnut-brown locks slicked back and done up in a bun. “Wet-look” hairdos are trending this year, and they are perfect for a night out after a day at the beach. To get Mila’s sleek and sexy up’do, work some light wet-look hair gel into your locks from your hairline to the nape of your neck, and comb your hair back to make sure it’s sleek and smooth. Once you’ve tied the ends up into a bun, blow-dry your hair gently to set the gel, and you’re done!

34. Lauren Conrad Long Updo: Swirled bun


Reality TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad looks gorgeous with her simple swirled bun. Lauren is known for her super-cute up’dos, and here she keeps her look simple by winding her hair into a big twisted bun atop her head. This is a great long up’do for fine-to-medium thickness hair, as it gives your hair more volume and definition whilst keeping it out of your face.

35. Zooey Deschanel Long Updo: Side bun, flower detail, and choppy bangs


New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel looks radiantly beautiful with her mocha-brown locks done up in a cute side-bun with a flower detail and long, choppy bangs. Zooey’s signature bangs work twice as hard by concealing her high forehead and accentuating her electric blue eyes, and we love how they have been angled ever so slightly for a softer look. Floral hair accessories can make the difference between an average hairdo and a fabulous hairdo, so don’t be afraid to tuck a rose behind one ear as a statement piece!

36. Jennifer Lawrence Long Updo: Messy halo braid


Actress Jennifer Lawrence looks superb with her (pre-pixie cut!) locks up in a messy halo braid hairstyle. The halo braid is cute and feminine, and it’s a versatile style that can easily take you from lunch with the girls to a hot dinner date. Take inspiration from JLaw and leave lots of pieces of hair loose for a romantic look, and embrace your hair’s natural texture when styling.

37. Hayden Panettiere Long Updo: Romantic wavy up’do



Actress Hayden Panettiere looks stunning with her hair in a romantic, wavy up’do. We love everything about this hairstyle: the light, honey-blonde hair color, loose low bun at the back, side swept bangs, and the delicate waves that give her hair extra definition. Simply divine!

38. AnnaLynne McCord Long Updo: Rolled bun


American actress AnnaLynne McCord looks fabulous with her long caramel-blonde locks up in a big rolled bun. This gravity-defying long up’do makes a bold statement, and it’s super easy to style at home. If your hair is thin or fine, use a hair doughnut to get the shape you’re after. Just make sure that you conceal it so that your bun appears to be all-natural!

39. Amy Adams Long Updo: Twisted up’do


Actress Amy Adams looks divine with her light strawberry blonde locks done in a big, twisted up’do. We love the light texture of her hair, and the way her up’do has been twirled and twisted to form a bow-like bun. If you have thick hair, take advantage of it and create a big, voluminous bun with lots of texture.

40. Lauren Conrad Long Updo: Retro side fringe



Reality TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad mixes it up with a cute up’do and a long, retro fringe. She sports a subtle ombre fade in her long locks, and a few sexy waves that give her straight locks some interesting definition.

41. Rihanna Fenty Long Updo: Fire-engine red bouffant


Barbadian beauty Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty looks phenomenal with her fire-engine red locks up in a bouffant hairstyle. RiRi sports long, middle parted bangs that frame her face, and a puffy bouffant that adds height to her edgy up’do. Although we may not be able to pull off her daring fiery red hair color, we can definitely steal her hairstyle! Create your own bouffant by teasing and back-combing hair at the crown before securing it with discreet hair pins.

42. Lily Collins Long Updo: Voluminous up’do with headband


English-American actress and model Lily Collins looks striking with her playful retro up’do. She sports a big, voluminous up’do with a headband, flawless winged eyeliner, and edgy ear cuffs that add to her “rock chic” style. We love the natural texture of her hair, and her simple nude lips.

43. Carrie Underwood Long Updo: Sleek bouffant with long side fringe


Country music singer Carrie Underwood looks divine with her dark blonde hair done up in a sleek bouffant with a long side fringe. She keeps her look fresh and simple with dewy skin, glossy hair, and soft, romantic makeup. If you have slightly wavy or curly hair, use a good quality hair straightener to smooth it out before styling.

44. Blake Lively Long Updo: Slicked back  


Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively looks striking with her caramel-blonde locks worn scraped back with a slightly off-centre parting. This minimalist look lets her face stand out, and she looks divine with long lashes, peachy cheeks, and glossy cerise lips. If you’re confident and not fussed about baring your face, take inspiration from Blake and wear your hair slicked back as a beauty statement.

45. Olivia Palermo Long Updo: Loose low bun


Reality TV personality and socialite Olivia Palermo looks beautiful with her glossy chestnut-brown locks tied in a loose, low bun. For hair as healthy and shiny as Olivia’s, follow these 3 hair-friendly tips: 1. eat lots of foods rich in good fats, like avocado, oily fish, and nuts; 2. avoid heat styling, as it can damage hair, making it dull; and 3. use hair care products that suit your hair type (e.g., oily, combination, dry, etc).

46. Amber Heard Long Updo: Voluminous bun


Actress Amber Heard looks divine with her platinum blonde locks up in a voluminous bun. If you have naturally fine/thin hair like Amber’s, use volume boosting hair products to give your locks more body. Tease hair at the crown for extra volume, and use a salt spray on your long locks for natural texture. Finish off this sultry look with smoky eye-makeup, flawless skin, dusty-rose pink cheeks, and soft pink lips for maximum impact.

47. Eva Mendes Long Updo: Bouffant and cute side bangs


Actress Eva Mendes looks gorgeous with her dark brunette locks worn up in a bouffant with cute side bangs. If you have a wide face or prominent cheekbones, a hairstyle with a bouffant will add height to your face, making it seem longer and slimmer. Eva sports flattering side bangs that accentuate her eyes, and we love how the rounded ends soften her angular jawline.

48. Blake Lively Long Updo: Playful, messy up’do


American actress Blake Lively looks carefree and radiant with her playful, messy up’do and bright pink lipstick. She sports visible roots, showing us that perfection isn’t necessary to look fabulous. This casual up’do is perfect for long hair in the warmer months, as it’s stylish as well as practical for staying cool. For a just-stepped-off-the-beach look, use a salt spray on your locks before styling your hair.

49. Leighton Meester Long Updo: Super-romantic up’do


Actress Leighton Meester is a picture of perfection with her delicate, super-romantic up’do. We love the “undone” look of this hairstyle, which is achieved by leaving many soft, feathery strands of hair loose when styling. She’s embraced the natural texture of her hair, and we adore her soft chocolate brown hair color. Overall, a stunning long up’do for a first date or a special occasion.

50. Rihanna Fenty Long Updo: Curly up’do with headband


Singer-songwriter Rihanna Fenty looks fabulous with her curly, cherry-red hair in a playful up’do. She wears a cute red-and-white polka dot headband with a bow, and a few loose tendrils of hair frame her face beautifully. If you have straight hair and you’d like to experiment with curls, invest in a high quality curling wand and some heat-protection hair products for styling. Wrap sections of hair around the barrel of your curling iron, hold them there on medium heat for a few seconds, and pull them off gently for soft, bouncy curls.

So there you have it – 50 Easy Updos For Long Hair! We’re sure that you’ve found a few interesting styles to try out at home, and that you’ll love your new look. If you plan on having your hair stylist recreate one of these styles, don’t forget to take a picture along to your hair appointment to show them exactly how you’d like your hair to look.


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