50 Best Wavy Hairstyles

By on February 8, 2014

The latest style inspiration for spring time is wavy hair. From Hollywood starlets to top socialites, wavy hair is appearing everywhere. Try out one of these simple hairstyles for a glamorous look.

1. Garcelle Beauvis Wavy Hairstyle : Movie Star Glamorous

garcelle b

For the style of a movie star, try this easy to style hairdo. Using unwashed hair, spray the entirety of your hair with style spray. If your hair was a little greasy looking, you can always dab a little dry shampoo along the roots. Once the styling spray has been applied, use large hot rollers. Roll them partway up the hair and spray lightly with hair spray. Afterward, take the curlers out and allow the hair to shake loose. To achieve the same style as Garcelle Beauvis, use a deep side part.

2. Olivia Wilde Wavy Hairstyle : Long Wavy Hair to Die for

oliva Wildw=e

After showering, take out a large bent brush. Use your blow dryer and a brush to pull the hair upward as you brush it. Even if the waves look to large initially, they will fall as it is styled later. The more volume in the hairstyle will cause the style to look better. Once your hair is completely dried, use a deep side part to separate the hair. Use small hair rollers and roll it using manageable sections only halfway. Afterward, spray it with hair spray so that it remains slightly bouncy throughout the day.

3. Ashley Judd Wavy Hairstyle : 1960s Throwback

ashley judd

This hairstyle works best with unwashed hair. Ladies with straight hair will find it easier to create the perfect style. Using some mousse, run your hands through your hair and help add some volume. Part the hair off to the side and gently tease a section from the front. Put this section behind your ear and then repeat the process with the other side. The last step is to add some styling cream on the tips of the hair to smooth out loose ends and then pull the rest of your hair forward to frame the face.

4. Heather Graham Wavy Hairstyle : Everyday Chic

heather graham

For a tousled, just-rolled-out-of-bed-look, try Heather Graham’s go-to style. Use a volumizing shampoo to wash the hair, but avoid using any conditioner or products that will weight the hair down. After your shower is over, spray on some volumizer and take out the blow dryer. Quickly blow-dry your hair without using any type of comb and shake it out with your fingers. Once your hair is completely dry, a dry shampoo can heighten the tousled look.

5. Alyssa Milano Wavy Hairstyle : Simplistic Waves

alyssa milano

If you do not normally use conditioner or have not deep conditioned for a while, try doing this before trying out Alyssa Milano’s hairstyle. Afterward, a styling product can be used to smooth out the hair. As you blow-dry the hair, use a round brush to add slight curls throughout. After you have finished this, you can use a shine spray to make your hair gleam like a Hollywood starlet.

6. Mary-Kate Olsen Wavy Hairstyle : Bohemian Chic

mary-kate olsen

Known for her Boho clothes, Mary-Kate Olsen has the hair to match. They key to her hair is understated glamor. Without overdoing it, she manages to pull off a simple, chic beauty. To try out this hair at home, use your fingers to comb through your hair. This will help to add some volume and separate different strands. Afterward, use a spray gel so that the style will stay throughout the day. To truly achieve the bohemian look, pull one or two strands back from the front of your hair so the rest manages to look undone.

7. Jane Krakowski Wavy Hairstyle : Classy Waves for Everyday

jane krakowski

Before you style, make sure to use a extra moisturizing shampoo and intensive conditioner. After you have applied conditioner, you can try wrapping a warm towel around your hair so the conditioner works better. Rinse the conditioner out and towel dry your hair until it is damp. Use a curl cream and a diffuser to help the hair dry partially. Afterward, air dry your hair and use a large-barrel curling iron. For the right look, make sure each curl is made using three inch sections.

8. Carey Mulligan Wavy Hairstyle : Short, Wavy Hair

Carey Mulligan

If you have a bob or short hair, this style works. Before you dry the hair completely, apply some gel to the front of your hair. Afterward, pull parts of your hair forward so they will frame your face once they dry. For hair that is not naturally straight, straighten your bangs. Afterward, ruffle them slightly so they have more volume and movement.

9. Anne Hathaway Wavy Hairstyle : Old Hollywood Glamour

anne hathaway

Step back into the Hollywood of the 1940s with this stylish, wavy ‘do. Use styling spray and a round brush as you blow dry so your hair has a lot of volume. Afterward, use medium rollers on one-inch sections of the hair. These should be left in for about 20 minutes. Before you take the rollers out, use hair spray so the curls remain. Take a paddle brush to brush out some of the top section of the hair so it falls just over your eyes.

10. Kelly Rowland Wavy Hairstyle : Everyday Style

Kelly Rowland

Instead of just leaving your hair straight, use some styling paste to work through parts of your hair. Afterward, wrap your hair around a curling iron loosely. This will create a few wavy pieces that add a level of texture to your hair.

11. Angelina Jolie Wavy Hairstyle : 1940s Pinup

angelina jolie

Deep treat your hair and rinse out the conditioner. Afterward, use a low heat to dry the hair. This will help you to maintain the natural shine and gloss on your strands. Instead of using a brush, clip your hair back and allow the hair to fall around the face. This relaxed look is easy for everyday use and has an understated beauty.

12.Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wavy Hairstyle : Spring Curls

elisabeth hassleback

While showering, use a gentle shampoo if you have dry hair. A moisturizing conditioner can also help. Afterward, use a straightening balm on your hair and wait for it to dry naturally. When it has dried completely, place a bit of mousse on a section and use your hand to scrunch it. This will allow it to frame your face and create a beautiful, messy look.

13. Leslie Mann Wavy Hairstyle : Red Carpet Glam

leslie mann

After applying a styling cream onto damp hair, use your blow-dryer like normal. Afterward, use a settling spray on the ends. Use two-inch sections of hair around rollers to create a slight curl along the bottom portion of your hair. After these sit for five minutes, unroll the hair and use a dryer set on cold to give it a tousled appearance.

14. Sherri Shepherd Wavy Hairstyle : Chic Hair for Special Events

sherri sheperd

The styling should be done on hair that is already dry. For the best results, use a conditioning mist along the ends. This will help add an extra bounce to your hair. With ceramic hot rollers, wrap your hair in sections and leave them in for only thee minutes. If you leave it for any longer, it will only cause some of the hair to break. Afterward, tousle your hair with your fingers and use a settling mist.

15. Carrie Underwood Wavy Hairstyle : Easy-to-Make Wavy Style

carrie underwood

Once your hair has dried after a shower, use some shine serum along the top section of your hair. Afterward, part your hair off to one side. Let some hair fall over one of your eyes in order to achieve a messy effect.

16. Jenna Dewan-Tatum Wavy Hairstyle : Simplistic Waves

jenna dewan-tatum

To make your hair truly gleam, use cold or cool water during your shower. Towel dry your hair partially and apply a straightening cream. To finish drying your hair, use a large round brush to help flip up the ends of the hair. Complete the look by using a deep side part and applying some anti-frizz along the crown.

17. January Jones Wavy Hairstyle : Wavy Hair for the Working Woman

January Jones

To create this hairstyle, you need a large curling iron and shine serum. Using the iron and one inch sections of your hair, wrap the strands around the barrel in a way that keeps the curling iron parallel to your head. To keep the roots flat, only wrap above the middle of the strands. Once you have finished this, use some shine serum along your curls to help soften the look.

18. Catherine Zeta-Jones Wavy Hairstyle : Effortlessly Chic

catherine zeta-jones

Apply leave-in conditioner to your hair to ensure that it is completely moisturized. Following this, a little mouse can be used to keep your hair in place. Take a curling iron and wrap random sections of you hair. As soon as you unwrap a section, run your fingers through it so it loosens up slightly. To make sure the hair stays in place, use hair spray on the underside of your hair.

19. Fran Drescher Wavy Hairstyle : Curl Your Waves

fran dreschner

Take wavy hair and give it a boost. Apply a heat-protectant to your hair to prevent damage. Afterward, take a large curling iron and start at the middle of the strands. Wrap the hair and repeat for the entire head. Once everything is complete, you can use a hairspray and shine serum to help make the curls look natural.

20. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Wavy Hairstyle : Second-Day Options

jamie lynn sigler

Avoid washing your hair for at least a day in advance so that this style will hold better. Place some texture pomade on your hands and run it through your hair. Once you are done with this, use a blow-dryer set on cool air along the underside of your hair. If done correctly, this will result in a slightly polished and slightly messy look.

21. Sandra Bullock Wavy Hairstyle : Side-Swept Beauty

sandra bullock

To achieve a side-swept look, start with a texturizer on completely dry hair. Work it through with a bristle brush and then pull out a vent brush. Spray some hairspray onto the brush and then use it to tease the hair. Following this, part your hair off to the side and then push it loosely back. Use light hairspray along your hair to ensure that your sexy, side-swept look stays is maintained throughout the night.

22. Maura Tierney Wavy Hairstyle : Girl-Next-Door Cute

maura tierney

After your shower, towel dry your hair until it is just damp. Use a conditioning mousse throughout all of the hair and apply anti-frizz along the top section. Finish drying the hair with a blow dryer and comb through it with your fingers. All of the product on your hair should ensure that every strand stays where it is supposed to. For girls who do not naturally have wavy or curly hair, a large-barreled curling iron should be used to add random, small curls throughout your hair.

23. Eva Mendes Wavy Hairstyle : Casual Waves

eva mendes

Use a blow-dryer and allow your hair to dry straight. To achieve a slight wave, use large hot rollers on the tips of your hair. They should only be left on for a slight wave. Afterward, part your hair off to the side.

24. Beyoncé Wavy Hairstyle : Cascading Curls


For gleaming curls that flow down your back, start out by deep conditioning your hair. Afterward, dry your hair using a round brush and curl in two-inch sections. To achieve Beyonce’s ripple effect, try to roll the hair one way and then the other. Once the entire head is complete, spray some shine spray onto your curls.

25. Vanessa Hudgens Wavy Hairstyle : Rocking Waves

Vanessa Hudgens

Start with dry shampoo on your hair to soak up any grease. This will also help with volume. Following this, work some texture balm into your hair. Avoid using too much or it will weigh your hair down. Scrunch your hair and use spray gel on the underside of the hair.

26. Cindy Crawford Wavy Hairstyle : Traditional Waves

cindy crawford

Begin with a shine-boosting shampoo. This will help to add some extra glam to your hair. Follow it wit ha volumizer and then blow-dry your hair. While blow drying, use a round brush to add some curl. Find some large rollers and use them on two-inch portions of your hair. These should be allowed to sit for 20 minutes. After this time period has passed, remove them and use hairspray.

27. Sheryl Crow Wavy Hairstyle : Day-to-Day Wavy Hair

sheryl crow

If your hair is normally dry, use a leave in conditioner or mist to help moisturizer your hair. Following this, use hot rollers to wrap portions of your hair. When you roll them, make sure that it is away from your face. Use a setting spray and wait for five minutes until you take the rollers out.

28. Julia Roberts Wavy Hairstyle : Show off Your Highlights

julia roberts

To showcase your springtime highlights, use this style just seen on Julia Roberts. A brightening shampoo can be used to bring out the highlights. Rinse and then towel dry the hair. A simple salt spray will help the hair to have a natural, beach-like style. If the tips of your hair are damaged or have split ends, a little leave-in conditioner can be used.

29. Ellen Pompeo Wavy Hairstyle : Tousled and Casual

ellen pompeo

Wake up, roll out of bed and walk out the door in moments with this hairstyle. Avoid using too many products and simply add a conditioning styling cream to your hair. As you get ready for the day, let it air day. As long as you do not touch your hair, you will not have to worry about frizz or any other problems.

30. Rose McGowan Wavy Hairstyle : Simply Stylish

rose mcgowan

Start this hairstyle with slightly wet or damp hair and apply anti-frizz cream. Use a blow-dryer and round brush to help add some curl to your hair. To achieve a more texturized look, allow the ends to remain damp and let them dry naturally.

31. Nancy O’Dell Wavy Hairstyle : Side-Swept Bangs

nancy odell

Use a styling cream on your bangs and allow it to drive quickly. Next, use an anti-frizz on the rest of your hair and blow-dry it with a round brush. Once the different sections have been completely blow-dried, you should finger comb through them so your hair retains a slightly tousled look.

32. Crystal Reed Wavy Hairstyle : Straightened Waves

Crystal Reed

Leave your roots and bangs completely straight. As you blow-dry, use a round brush to give the rest of your hair a slight wave. A flat iron can also work to alternatively straighten and curl the hair. Keep the section of your hair that is in the middle of the strand still damp and do not use any stylers on it. Apply a conditioning mist and scrunch your hair. Once the hair has completely air dried, it will retain a mixture of straight and curly hair for a sexy look.

33. Catherine Zeta-Jones Wavy Hairstyle : Pulled Back Waves

catherine zeta

Apply a volumizer on the roots of your hair and make sure the front of the hair is dry. A round brush should be used to pull the hair back. Once it is back, use a bobby pin to secure it so that the retains some lift. The ends can be placed in a messy loop while a shine serum should be applied to the rest of the hair.

34. Claudia Shiffer Wavy Hairstyle : Veronica Lake Revisited

claudia schiffer

Like the 1940s actress, Veronica Lake, this hairstyle on Claudia Shiffer relives the elegant cuts of the 1940s. Use a styling cream on your hair before using a blow dryer to straighten it. Afterward, apply an anti-frizz product to keep it smooth throughout the day. Several medium-sized Velcro rollers should be used on either side of the hair for about ten minutes. An aerosol hairspray should be applied and some hot air from the blow dryer before the curlers are removed.

35. Jennifer Nettles Wavy Hairstyle : Sexy, Wavy Short Hair 

jennifer nettles

Using dry hair, take medium-sized rollers and wrap hair in one-inch portions. These rollers should be left in for 20 minutes before they are sprayed with hairspray and removed. Afterward, use a bristle brush on the top portion of the hair. This will cause the hair to drift sexily over one eyebrow while the rest of the waves remain intact. To soften the style, shake the hair slightly.

36. Zooey Deschanel Wavy Hairstyle : Simplistic and Easy Curls

Zooey Deschanel

When you have not showered for a day or two, the natural oils in your hair return and help retain a soft wave. Use a flat iron on the top section of your hair sparingly. Then, apply some styling cream and texturizer to your hair. Using a blow dryer, blow some heat on the underside of your hair. This will help to activate the hair products and create a messy look.

37. Kelsey Chow Wavy Hairstyle : Scattered Curls

Kelsey Chow

For thinner hair, use a styler that does not contain any silicone. A leave-in conditioner will help to control the hair. Tip your head downward and scrunch your curls. To add definition, wrap a few strands around your fingers. To finish off the look, apply hairspray.

38. Cindy Crawford Wavy Hairstyle : Light Waves

cindy crawford2

Before going to bed, apply a conditioning serum. When you wake up, just rinse your hair and apply a styling cream. As long as your hair is layered and long, you will be able to wear it without blow-drying or heat styling.

39. Isla Fischer Wavy Hairstyle : Classic Styling

Isla Fischer

Before styling your hair, use a shampoo for straight hair. Instead of blow-drying, use a wet-to-dry straightener. Backcomb some of your hair in back so that it has more lift and volume. Select seven or eight sections and wrap them around large curlers. After allowing them to sit for seven to eight minutes, spray with hair spray and unwind. Run your fingers through these curls so that they blend in with the rest of your hair.

40. Rita Wilson Wavy Hairstyle : Basic Curls

rita wilson

Use unwashed hair and a volumizing mousse. Create a deep part and comb with a vent brush. For an improved style, use a large curling iron along the tips of your hair and then shake it out slightly.

41. Jennifer Stone Wavy Hairstyle : Loose, Shimmering Curls

Jennifer Stone

For longer hair, start with a conditioner and blow dry it with a round brush. Use large-sized hot rollers along the side and back of your head. To prevent them from forming major curls, remove the curlers after three minutes and use a setting spray. Afterward, use a shine spray on the top pieces for an extra gloss. If you need more curls, a large-barreled curling iron will work.

42. Reese Witherspoon Wavy Hairstyle : Sexy Bed Hair

reese witherspoon

Use anti-frizz and smoothing cream on partially dried hair. As you blow dry it, use your fingers to curl strands of your hair. If done correctly, this will leave you with tousled, sexy hair.

43. Madonna Wavy Hairstyle : 1940s Starlet Style


Achieve a classic pinup look with this hairstyle used by Madonna. Before trying it out, use a shampoo and conditioner combo that enhances gloss. Blow dry your hair like normal and use a round brush on any part of the hair that frames the face. Once the hair is completely dried, a large-barreled curling iron can be used to create a more dramatic appearance.

44. Keri Russell Wavy Hairstyle : Elegant Waves

keri russell

Blot your hair dry using a towel and then apply leave-in condition. Afterward, use a gel on your damp hair. Starting a few inches below the roots, scrunch your hair. Once you have finished scrunching your hair, allow it to air dry. If you touch your hair while it dries, it will only end up causing frizz.

45. Dannii Minogue Wavy Hairstyle : Instant Wavy Hair 

Dannii Minogue

Ladies with coarse hair need to make sure that they have the right cut. Without the right cut, the hair will become unruly and difficult to manage. For Sally Field, this style has an excellent overall shape and a chin-length. Following your shower, towel dry your hair and lightly spritz it with a conditioning spray. Afterward, a wave or curl-enhancing mousse should be applied. Scrunch your hair and let it air dry. If more curls are needed, use rollers or a curling iron to add the finishing touch.

46. Gisele Bundchen Wavy Hairstyle : Tousled Surfer Hair

gisele bundchen

This hairstyle is perfect for classy events and low-key days at work. Spray hair spray and back comb the rear portion of your hair. Pull a few sections that are near your face and twirl it with your fingers. This will create a tendril effect that frames the face. If there is not enough volume in the style, use some bobby pins to help enhance the messy texture.

47. Kelly Preston Wavy Hairstyle : The Modern Middle Part

kelly preston

After washing your hair, dry it with a blow dryer and a round brush. Spray rollers with a shine spray before applying them to your hair. Make sure to use extra-large rollers to ensure the right curls. After placing the rollers in your hair, wait ten minutes before removing them.

48. Jennifer Aniston Wavy Hairstyle : Golden Waves

Jennifer Aniston

Apply a straightening balm on your bangs as you dry them so that they are straight and sleek. Afterward, apply some styling gel through your damp hair. Let this air dry so that there is some extra control if you need to curl any of the remaining pieces.

49. Kate Hudson Wavy Hairstyle : Girlish Curls

kate hudson

If you already have natural curls, this style is perfect. Wrap portions of your hair around hot rollers. Once they are wrapped, mist them using your normal setting spray. After two minutes have passed, take the rollers off of the back section of your hair. Wait until five minutes have passed to take out the rollers in the front. This will ensure the curls in the front have a cascading effect and are more defined. Once everything is perfect, apply a shine spray for an extra sparkle.

50. America Ferrera Wavy Hairstyle : Refreshing Straight Hair

america ferrea

Apply a shine serum to your hair to make it gleam. Afterward, take a flat iron and use it on section in the front. You can curl individual strands around the flat iron and use it to make the sections frame the face. Make sure that you do not use heat on anything higher than medium or it will cause unnecessary damage. To prevent flyaways and frizz, spray a setting mist on your hair lightly.

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