50 Best Red Hair Color Ideas

By on September 1, 2014

Fall is nearly upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to update your hair color! Red is trending this season, with many fabulous shades to choose from – plum, auburn, strawberry blonde, feria, russet, and cherry are but a few. We’ve chosen the 50 Best Red Hair Colors worn by the hottest female celebrities – get inspired by Jessica Chastain’s gorgeous long ginger locks, Rihanna’s bright red bob, Blake Lively’s apricot waves, Demi Lovato’s feria ‘do, and many more. You’re sure to find the perfect shade of red right here with our 50 Best Red Hair Color Ideas!

1. Christina Hendricks Red Hair Color Idea: Shiny copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_01

Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks looks smoking hot with her shiny copper red locks and dark, smoky eye makeup. This shade of red is shimmery and sexy, and it suits her pale, fair complexion perfectly. Once you’ve chosen your new hair color, ask your hair stylist to add a gloss wash after the dye for luminous, shiny red locks. This will keep your hair from looking dull after the first few washes.

2. Jessica Chastain Red Hair Color Idea: Rose gold red

Red Hair Color Idea_02

American actress Jessica Chastain looks radiantly beautiful with her rose gold red locks cascading over her shoulders and down her back. This soft, light shade of red is feminine and romantic, and it looks amazing with a fair complexion and deep red lips. This is a great red hair color to choose if you’re blonde, as it’s quite light and contains blonde overtones. Opt for subtle platinum or wheat blonde overtones for a modern, playful look, or strawberry undertones for a more classic redhead look.

3. Bella Thorne Red Hair Color Idea: Rich apricot red

Red Hair Color Idea_03

Teen actress, singer, model, and dancer Bella Thorne looks gorgeous with her rich apricot red locks worn loose in sexy waves. Apricot is a light, orangey hue of red that suits slightly darker complexions and dark eyes, and it looks gorgeous with Bella’s dark chocolate brown eyes and medium skin tone. You can add coppery undertones for a deeper color, and you can also ask your stylist to feather the ends of your hair for a soft, wispy look.

4. Blake Lively Red Hair Color Idea: Peachy orange red

Red Hair Color Idea_04

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively rocks her bright, peachy orange red hair, shimmery silver eye shadow, and cherry red lips. This orangey-red hair color is bright and bold, and not for the faint-hearted. It’s slightly softer than strawberry blonde, with more soft wheat blonde overtones and a tiny bit of ginger. Add blonde highlights for extra impact – you can concentrate them around your face to brighten your skin tone.

5. Riley Keough Red Hair Color Idea: Vibrant copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_05

American actress and model Riley Keough looks strikingly beautiful with her vibrant copper red locks. This shade of red is contemporary and bold, and it suits a bubbly and confident personality. Copper red locks look especially striking with green eyes, and they also suit slightly darker complexions (whereas lighter shades of red suit fairer complexions). For maximum impact, keep your hair super shiny for a gorgeous, gleaming, polished copper look.

6. Rose McGowan Red Hair Color Idea: Medium orange red

Red Hair Color Idea_06

American actress and singer Rose McGowan looks divine with her medium orange red locks. This deep and sultry shade of ginger red is eye-catching and sexy, and it suits her fair complexion perfectly. Take inspiration from Rose and dye your brows to match your fiery new hair color. In general, it’s best to dye your brows a slightly darker shade than your hair, so consult with your hair stylist to get a recommendation for the ideal hair-brow color combination.

7. Demi Lovato Red Hair Color Idea: Feria red

Red Hair Color Idea_07

American actress, singer, and songwriter Demi Lovato looks phenomenal with her bold, rich feria red hair color. Feria red contains subtle undertones of violet and blue, making it a very striking and novel red hair color. If you’re looking for a fun and different new hair color, feria red is a great option! It also suits most complexions, due to the diversity of colors that make it up, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Worse case scenario – you change your hair color one more time .

8. Rihanna Fenty Red Hair Color Idea: Bright fire-engine red

Red Hair Color Idea_08

Barbadian beauty and songstress Rihanna looks absolutely breathtaking with her bright, fire-engine red locks. This striking, bold, and beautiful shade of red will certainly turn heads, and it’s a fun and sexy alternative to tamer shades of red. Bright red isn’t for everyone, but if you’re confident enough to pull it off, it can look amazing! Be sure to invest in some color protection hair care products to keep your color from fading prematurely.

9. Ariana Grande Red Hair Color Idea: Deep plum red

Red Hair Color Idea_09

American recording artist and actress Ariana Grande looks chic and sophisticated with her deep plum red locks worn in a low ponytail. Plum red is perfectly suited to most complexions – it looks great with fair skin tones, as well as with medium and darker complexions. If you have dark hair, then plum red is a convenient and flattering red hair color option, as you don’t need to bleach or strip hair of its natural color before dyeing.

10. Kristen Stewart Red Hair Color Idea: Vibrant copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_10

American actress Kristen Stewart looks stunning with vibrant, copper red locks that accentuate her deep green eyes. Copper red is like a deep orange, and it is a delightfully warm and inviting color. Kristen has let the dark roots of her hair show, but you can touch yours up once they grow out to keep your look polished and stylish. For super-shiny hair, include these hair-friendly foods in your diet: olives, olive oil, avocado, salmon, sardines, nuts, and peanut butter. Also be sure to keep hydrated and healthy to keep your hair in top condition.

11. Emma Stone Red Hair Color Idea: Auburn red

Red Hair Color Idea_11

Quirky actress Emma Stone looks smoking hot with her dark, auburn red hair color. Auburn is a dark red hair color that looks superb with fair complexions. Although Emma can pull off almost any hair color (brunette, platinum blonde, ginger, etc), we have to admit that we particularly love her with her rich, dreamy auburn locks. She finishes off this look with minimal eye makeup and bold red lips – gorgeous!

12. Rumer Willis Red Hair Color Idea: Rose gold red with pink

Red Hair Color Idea_12

American actress (and daughter of celebrities Demi Moore and Bruce Willis), Rumer Willis looks divine with her rose gold red and pink hair color. This red hair color is funky, playful, and contemporary, and we simply love it on Rumer. The trick to this hair color is to start with a light, strawberry blonde base, and then add subtle pink streaks until you get the desired look. You could also get this look with pink hair chalk on light red hair – it’s inexpensive and non permanent!

13. Isla Fisher Red Hair Color Idea: Light ginger red

Red Hair Color Idea_13

Actress Isla Fisher looks effortlessly glamorous with her side-swept, light ginger red locks. This sophisticated shade of red is classic and beautiful, and it suits her medium complexion beautifully. Add copper low-lights and ginger highlights for a more dynamic and lively hair color. Use a curling iron to create big, glamorous curls, and an anti-frizz serum to keep your red locks looking extra smooth and shiny.

14. Selena Gomez Red Hair Color Idea: Mahogany red

Red Hair Color Idea_14

American actress and singer Selena Gomez looks divine with her deep mahogany red hair color. She wears her thick locks in a bold fishtail plait, with her deep red hair color clearly visible. Mahogany is a darker shade of red than plum and feria, and it’s a great red hair color for dark-haired ladies. Pair your gorgeous new mahogany locks with wine-red lipstick, dark, smoky eye makeup, and a little black dress for maximum sex appeal.

15. Lindsey Lohan Red Hair Color Idea: Burgundy red

Red Hair Color Idea_15

Party girl and actress Lindsey Lohan may not be a great lifestyle role model, but she sure knows how to make a style statement! Here she shows off her deep, burgundy red locks, blood red lips, and milky white, freckled complexion. Burgundy is a rich and vibrant shade of dark red that simply oozes sex appeal, and Lindsey uses her hair color to its full advantage by wearing her hair loose with luscious waves towards the ends.

16. Rachel McAdams Red Hair Color Idea: Orange red

Red Hair Color Idea_16

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams looks utterly gorgeous with her bright and beautiful orange red hair color. This shade of red is similar to a light ginger, but with more elements of blonde. Orange doesn’t suit everyone, so it’s a good idea to ask you hair stylist whether it’d suit your complexion and features (e.g., your natural hair color, eyebrow color, and eye color). You can always tweak the shade slightly to suit your own unique features.

17. Amy Adams Red Hair Color Idea: Light red

Red Hair Color Idea_17

American actress Amy Adams looks beautiful with her light red hair worn loose in delicate waves. This lighter shade of red is soft and romantic, and it complements her fair complexion perfectly. For best results, use color protection hair care products, and use a color protection spray when out in the sun for long periods of time. For silky-soft hair like Amy’s, invest in a moisturizing hair conditioner that contains natural oils (e.g., avocado oil) and shea butter.

18. Julianne Moore Red Hair Color Idea: Dark auburn red

Red Hair Color Idea_18

British American actress Julianne Moore looks sophisticated and stylish with her dark auburn red locks. Dark auburn is natural looking and classic, and it suits a wide variety of complexions. For a natural and simple look, keep your hair matte (i.e., full of natural texture) and lay off the heat styling for a while. Pair your sexy dark red hair with sparkly green earrings and a black dress for maximum sex appeal.

19. Ashley Greene Red Hair Color Idea: Chocolate red

Red Hair Color Idea_19

 Twilight actress Ashley Greene looks sublime with her chocolate red hair color. This brunette-with-red hair color is subtle and rich, and it’s perfect for dark haired girls who’re experimenting with red locks. The red will show up best in direct, natural light, and the rest of the time your hair will appear mostly brown. Chocolate red is a delicious red hair color choice that is perfect for autumn/fall, and it suits most complexions.

20. Rachelle Lefevre Red Hair Color Idea: Strawberry blonde red

Red Hair Color Idea_20

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre looks gorgeous with her strawberry-blonde red locks and a striking gold necklace. Strawberry blonde red is a delightful mix of blonde, red, and soft orange hues. If you currently have blonde hair, strawberry blonde is an easy and flattering red hair color option. Take inspiration from Rachelle and get your stylist to add more red to the tips of your locks for a very subtle ombre look.

21. Stine Bramsen Red Hair Color Idea: Bright red

Red Hair Color Idea_21

Danish singer and songwriter Stine Bramsen looks divine with her bright red pixie cut. Bright red is for the bold and confident, as it’s definitely a very eye-catching shade! Jazz up your bright new locks with a pretty, black velvet headband for extra impact, and if you’re feeling really brave, try wearing some delightfully clashing bright pink lipstick. The sequinned dress with puffy sleeves is optional!

22. Sophie Turner Red Hair Color Idea: Dark copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_22

Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner (aka the lovely Sansa Stark) looks divine with her sleek, dark copper red locks. You can get this gorgeous red hair color by starting with a dark auburn base, and then adding subtle copper streaks until you get the desired result. Straighten your hair and use a light anti-frizz serum for super sleek hair worthy of a princess. Finish off this look with black liquid eyeliner and cherry red lips for extra glamour.

23. January Jones Red Hair Color Idea: Soft rose gold red

Red Hair Color Idea_23

American actress and model January Jones deviates slightly from her signature platinum blonde locks and sports a soft rose gold red hair color. Rose gold red is dreamy and feminine, and it looks amazing with blonde hair. Ask your stylist to keep blonde as the base color and to add the rose gold in light streaks – a bit like a watercolor painting. You could have blonde roots with delicate rose gold ombre – the choice is yours! Pair your rose gold locks with shimmery blue eye shadow and soft, pale pink lips for a delightfully delicate final look.

24. Marcia Cross Red Hair Color Idea: Medium red

Red Hair Color Idea_24

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross looks radiantly beautiful with her classic medium red hair color. This vibrant red hair color brightens up her complexion, giving her cheeks a healthy and warm glow. When it comes to ginger variations of red, like Marcia’s, pale complexions are best suited to this color. Jewel colors work well with ginger locks – think amethyst, emerald, sapphire, and ruby.

25. Rihanna Fenty Red Hair Color Idea: Wine red

Red Hair Color Idea_25

Songstress Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty looks fabulous with her deep wine red hair color. Wine red is perfect for fall, as it’s rich, warm, and it goes perfectly with the beautiful autumn leaves. Wine red suits most complexions, and it looks especially good with medium to dark skin tones. Pair your wine red hair with soft gold and crimson eye shadow, plum lips, and flawless dewy skin for a glamorous and romantic final look.

26. Jennifer Lawrence Red Hair Color Idea: Russet red

Red Hair Color Idea_26

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning with her russet red locks worn in loose waves. Russet is a dark, foxy red that has elements of copper and brown mixed together. Take inspiration from JLaw and choose a warm and rich hue of russet red for fall. You can add caramel highlights for extra depth, and little streaks of ginger for a more red overall hair color. Just remember to keep all the colors harmonious – there’s nothing worse than bold streaks of many different clashing colors!

27. Lily Collins Red Hair Color Idea: Dark red

Red Hair Color Idea_27

English-American actress and model Lily Collins sports a striking dark red hair color with equally red eyebrows. This radiant shade of red suits her milky white complexion, and it accentuates her light green eyes. Dark red suits darker complexions too, and it’s also a great color for fall (and even winter!). If you’re not prepared to go quite so bright, try dark auburn or brownish red instead. You can always add brighter highlights later on.

28. Bryce Dallas Howard Red Hair Color Idea: Red brown 

Red Hair Color Idea_28

American film actress, writer and director Bryce Dallas Howard looks phenomenal with her red brown hair color and bright cerise lips. Red brown is the redhead hue of brunettes, and it is a great red hair color choice for girls with naturally dark hair (no bleaching!). Ask your stylist to update your current brunette hair color by adding a wash or two of red, and then see if you like it. You can always add more red if you fall in love with the color!

29. Kate Bosworth Red Hair Color Idea: Blonde red

Red Hair Color Idea_29

American actress, model, and singer Kate Bosworth looks smoking hot with her blonde red hair falling about her shoulders in soft waves. Blonde red is playful and contemporary, and you get the best of both worlds with two beautiful hues in one. Choose between a seamless combination of red and blonde, or funky streaks of both colors for a more youthful and modern look.

30. Katy Perry Red Hair Color Idea: Warm russet red

Red Hair Color Idea_30

Pop princess Katy Perry rocks warm, russet red locks with cute curls and a pair of kitty ears. Russet red is a bit like burnt orange, and it’s a great darker alternative to ginger. Keep your eyebrows slightly darker than your hair color for a natural look – bright orange brows with russet hair can look a bit strange! Finish off with some bright pink lipstick for a pretty and flirty final look. The cat ears are optional – we kind of like them.

31. Riley Keough Red Hair Color Idea: Medium copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_31

American actress Riley Keough (grandchild of Elvis Presley) looks effortlessly glamorous with her medium copper red locks. Copper red hair colors are trending this season, with gleaming copper locks and red lips showing up on red carpets all over the place. For even more glamour, wear your fiery copper red locks in a side-swept style with soft, romantic curls. Keep your deep parting in place with a little bit of extra strength hair gel, and finish off with a light hair spray for flawless results.

32. Nicola Roberts Red Hair Color Idea: Rich peach red

Red Hair Color Idea_32

English recording artist and entrepreneur Nicola Roberts looks stunning with her rich peachy red hair color. We adore her huge peachy waves, and the subtle blonde highlights that brighten up her fair complexion. Ask your stylist to give you highlights that are barely visible to avoid a streaky, garish final look. Subtle high- and low-lights make your hair color more natural, as light reflects off of them for a more dynamic color.

33. Bella Thorne Red Hair Color Idea: Light strawberry blonde red

Red Hair Color Idea_33

Teen model and actress Bella Thorne looks lovely with her light strawberry blonde red locks and cute side bangs. Light strawberry blonde is youthful and playful, and it’s perfect for the beginning of fall. To get this hair color, start with a medium ginger red base, and then add layers of blonde highlights until you get the look you’re after.

34. Rumer Willis Red Hair Color Idea: Orange, red, and pink

Red Hair Color Idea_34

American actress Rumer Willis looks absolutely amazing with her orange, red, and pink locks. This hair color is free-spirited and funky, and perfectly reminiscent of long, hot summer days. If you’re confident , sassy, and looking for a sexy, alternative hair color, then this is for you. Alternatively, you could go the non-permanent route with pink and orange hair chalk – the choice is yours!

35. Jessica Chastain Red Hair Color Idea: Light orange red

Red Hair Color Idea_35

Actress Jessica Chastain looks divine with her light orange red locks in a glamorous half-up ‘do. Light wheat blonde highlights and subtle coppery low-lights give Jessica’s hair extra depth and dynamism, and we love her soft, natural makeup. For extra impact, wear your hair in loose waves so your locks can catch the light, thereby illuminating every color. You could also use a sea-salt spray of extra texture.

36. Lily Cole Red Hair Color Idea: Natural ginger red

Red Hair Color Idea_36

English model and actress Lily Cole shows off her gorgeous natural ginger red curls and a fresh, glowing face free of makeup. Natural ginger red is classic and feminine, and it suits pale/fair complexions best. Update your natural ginger red hair color with a few subtle blonde streaks for a contemporary look. Embrace your hair’s natural texture and ditch the anti-frizz spray and the straightening iron, or enhance it with a sea salt texturizing spray. Simply spritz your hair with sea salt water, scrunch it up a bit, and leave it to dry naturally.

37. Paloma Faith Red Hair Color Idea: Bright orange red

Red Hair Color Idea_37

Eccentric British singer-songwriter and actress Paloma Faith rocks a retro hairdo in a shade of bright orange red. Bright orange may not be the first thing you think of when choosing a new red hair color, but it’s a great quirky and alternative hair color choice. Take inspiration from Paloma and do your bright orange locks in a retro curled and pinned hairdo with a kooky bouffant fringe.

38. Karen Elson Red Hair Color Idea: Deep red

Red Hair Color Idea_38

British model, singer-songwriter and guitarist Karen Elson looks phenomenal with her deep red hair color and a very fair, flawless complexion. Deep red is sexy and retro, and it looks superb with a deep cherry red lipstick. Take caution when heat styling colored hair – the heat can damage your hair, making it less able to retain the color. Invest in a good heat protection serum and only use hair straighteners and curling irons when absolutely necessary.

39. Ashlee Simpson Red Hair Color Idea: Dark auburn red

Red Hair Color Idea_39

American singer-songwriter and actress Ashlee Simpson looks smoking hot with her dark auburn red hair color. We love this brownish red hair color, with its rich chocolaty brown undertones and cool feria overtones. Recreate Ashlee’s look with a layered haircut and super smooth hair. The smoother and shinier your hair, the better your hair color will look (as it will catch more light), so invest in a hair straightener and anti-frizz serum!

40. Drew Barrymore Red Hair Color Idea: Russet and copper red

Red Hair Color Idea_40

Actress Drew Barrymore looks simply gorgeous with her russet and copper red hair color. Russet is a warm and deep orangey shade of red, and it’s great for fall. It’s also particularly flattering for green eyes, so bear that in mind when choosing a new hair color. Darker shades of red suit darker eye colors, and lighter shades of red suit blue eyes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match – these are merely guidelines! Any shade of red can look good with any eye color.

41. Ashley Greene Red Hair Color Idea: Ombre red

Red Hair Color Idea_41

American actress Ashley Greene sports a contemporary and playful ombre red hair color with mahogany roots and dark copper tips. Traditional blonde ombre may be slowly slipping out of fashion, but red ombre is still very much trending. Keep the color change subtle and gradual for best results – you don’t want visible lines in your hair where one color starts and the other ends. Ombre is a great hair color choice as it’s very low maintenance – no need to touch up roots (if they are natural) as your hair grows out!

42. Cheryl Cole Red Hair Color Idea: Red streaks

Red Hair Color Idea_42

English recording artist, dancer, and television personality Cheryl Cole looks fantastic with red streaks in her long, dark hair. This striking red hair color is modern and playful, and it’s sure to turn heads. If you have dark hair, ask your stylist to add bright streaks of ruby or cherry red for extra impact. Finish off this bold look with dark, sultry eyes and nude lips – super sexy!

43. Ariana Grande Red Hair Color Idea: Cherry red

Red Hair Color Idea_43

American singer and actress Ariana Grande sports bright cherry red locks that complement her medium complexion. Cherry red is modern and fun, and it’s perfect for making a statement. You may not be able to have bright red hair at school, but if you’re able to change your hair color to anything you wish, then go for it and go bright red! Keep your bright red hair from fading by using color protection hair care products, and washing your hair less frequently.

44. Rihanna Fenty Red Hair Color Idea: Red violet

Red Hair Color Idea_44

Singer and songwriter Rihanna looks fabulous with her red violet hair color and her trendy medium length hairstyle. She sports an interesting dip-dyed hair color with bright red roots and pretty lilac tips – both edgy AND stylish! Red and violet go really well together, so why not have both colors in your hair? The dip-dyed look is contemporary and really easy to do, and it’s perfect for the free-spirited.

45. Debra Messing Red Hair Color Idea: Deep auburn

Red Hair Color Idea_45

American actress Debra Messing looks strikingly beautiful with her deep auburn hair color, sleek low bun, blue eye shadow, and big gold earrings. This classic red hair color is sophisticated and natural, and it suits a wide variety of skin tones. We especially love the coppery red highlights in her side fringe, and the way her fiery red locks have been wound up into a classy low bun.

46. Emma Roberts Red Hair Color Idea: Red brown

Red Hair Color Idea_46

American actress, model and singer Emma Roberts looks gorgeous with her red brown hair color and a sleek and classy ponytail. Reddish brown is rich, warm, and perfect for fall/autumn. It suits every complexion, and it’s quite easy to maintain of you buy a touch up dye kit for your roots. Then, all you need to do is paint the dye on your roots to cover up any regrowth. Easy! Also, it’s a good idea to dye your eyebrows brown to match your hair color if you don’t have naturally dark eyebrows.

47. Florence Welch Red Hair Color Idea: Ruby red

Red Hair Color Idea_47

English musician, singer, and songwriter Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine looks striking with her ruby red hair and a statement blunt fringe. This eye-popping shade of red is usually reserved for pop stars and supermodels, but there’s no reason why you can’t rock it! Gather up your confidence and go bold – a fiery, kick-ass, exciting red that will get you noticed no matter where you are. Pair your red locks with blood red lips and you’re sure to make a statement!

48. Kirsten Dunst Red Hair Color Idea: Dark russet red

Red Hair Color Idea_48

Actress Kirsten Dunst looks beautiful with her dark russet red locks worn loose and wavy with a pretty side fringe. This shade of red is subtle and soft, and we love the natural texture of Kirsten’s hair. Russet red is almost brown, but it has a delightful light and rich quality by the little bit of red and orange that it contains. For soft, russet waves, ask your stylist to layer your hair and then feather the ends. Feathering is when the stylist uses scissors to cut the tips unevenly, so they look soft and “fuzzy”.

49. Emma Stone Red Hair Color Idea: Light brownish red

Red Hair Color Idea_49

Actress Emma Stone look divine with her light brownish red locks and a super cute side fringe. Emma is a hair color chameleon, and she suits all hair colors – we are seriously green with envy. This hair color is especially striking on her as it accentuates her sea-green eyes. Add subtle coppery low-lights and wheat-blonde highlights for more dynamic and luminous locks. Finally, finish off this gorgeous feminine look with blue eye shadow, winged black liner, and soft cotton candy pink lips for a romantic touch.

50. Nicola Roberts Red Hair Color Idea: Peach and pink red

Red Hair Color Idea_50

English recording artist and entrepreneur Nicola Roberts looks delightful with her cute peach and pinky red hair color. We adore her wayward curls, her rosy cheeks, and her subtle pink lips. Peach is a lovely light shade of orange, and it works especially well with fair complexions. Add some pink streaks (with either hair dye or hair chalk) for an especially whimsical and feminine look. Keep your hair color from fading and looking sad by using color protection hair care products (e.g., shampoo and conditioner especially for colored hair).


We hope you’ve been inspired by our  50 Best Red Hair Color Ideas! With so many shades to choose from – peachy red to coppery red to reddish brown – you’re sure to find a hue that suits your unique complexion and your personality. When choosing a new hair color, it’s important to take your complexion, features, and personality into consideration. Make an appointment with your stylist and decide which red hair color will suit you best – for example, peachy red looks best with a fair complexion.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and paint the town red! Let us know which is your favourite red hair color in the comments below.

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