5 types of friends everyone should get rid of

By on August 8, 2013

A friend can play his or her role to restore happiness on your heart and sometimes there are those friends who rejoice when you fail. The question rather reflects to these friends and their loyalty. The list is endless for those kinds of friends you can have and those kinds of friends you should work to avoid.

A friend who frequently makes you feel bad and unworthy, feeling sorry for you among other things is not a friend to have. Notice those kinds of friends who would disassociate with you in case you are problems such as with the law. Are they friends? This is a list of 5 types of friends everyone should get rid of as soon as they realize them.

One who complains
There are those friends who complain overly too much. For instance, if you have just passed along the hallway and there was a different smell, they start complaining, this is someone to get rid of!

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Those drama queens
There are those friends who not only complain but also like exaggerating things. For instance, if you were in a very small problem, they make you see it as a big issue; this is the kind of person who will make you lose interest on the little things. For what is worth, stay away from her.

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Avoid users
A friend should be a friend and not just someone who comes to you when they need your assistance. In addition, avoid the user, a friend who may like to share your stuff but not hers, in addition, they also like to borrow and never return. Users are like parasites!

About stinkers
Cleanliness is next to godliness and if your friend is incapable of fighting stench and maintaining cleanliness; away from her then. Hygiene comes first not just to you but to them as well.

Avoid the negative friends

Who is a negative friend? Someone without faith and hope, they are people who do not have a positive mind on something and likewise, never hope for the best. These kinds of friends will only challenge your goals and in most cases, they are failures in life. Avoid such kind of a friend to remain positive and objective to your goals at all times.
In all, friends are vital in our lives, those people without friends and faced by various challenges always have the government coming to their aid. It should not be so.

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