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    40 Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

    By on October 11, 2017

    A side-swept bangs gives a special allure to any sort of hairstyle. Whether you have short, medium-length or long hair, a sided fringe done right will frame your beautiful features, and bring out your best facial features: the eyes, lips, jawline, you name it. Women often tend to get bangs if they have prominent foreheads; or prominent cheekbones. Regardless of your reasons, sometimes a change is all you need to feel confident and beautiful once again. We’ve made a list with 40 of the best side swept bangs hairstyles. Have a closer look and choose the one that best matches with your personality and sense of style.

    1. Flattering Side-Swept Bangs & Top Bun 

    via Pinterest/Krystelle Parsons

    An Asian-inspired hairstyle with a top bun and a side-swept fringe adds a graphic effect to the face. Pair the hairstyle with bold makeup, and don’t forget about blush and highlighter to make the look feel complete and stylish. The coolest trend of the season is the messy bun and loose hair strands in the face. It makes your hairdo feel effortless, but at the same time chic and elegant.

    2. Sliding Bangs & Messy Bun 

    via Pinterest/

    If you have a prominent jawline and bold facial features, a sliding fringe on both sides might be just what you need. Once again, notice the messy vibe of the hairstyle. The top bun at the top of the head and volume at the base (on the back) make the hairdo feel dynamic and incredibly chic. If you have a slightly bigger forehead, this hairdo will restructure and reconfigure your features to match with your physiognomy.

    3. Short Blonde Waves and Side Swept Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Lorrie Dobni

    Style your short bob differently this autumn season, and go with loose curls and a side swept bangs to emphasize your beautiful physical features. A couple of blonde highlights in the front will match perfectly with darker nuances at the roots. All you have to do is take a risk!

    4. Medium-Length All-Natural Brown 

    via Pinterest/TRS Services Trendy

    Straight, medium-length hair is incredibly easy to style. The side-swept bangs give a fresh allure to the hairdo, which means you can wear at any sort of event; whether we’re talking about a party or about the daily office. Keep the natural color of your hair intact; all-natural hair is in style these days.

    5. Voluminous Bob with Light Brown Highlights 

    via Pinterest/Lovely Hairstyles

    Vomunious brown hair with chic highlights is yet another trend of the season. To spice it up, get a layered fringe on one of the sides. It will give you a lot more confidence, not to mention that it will better frame your facial features. The coolest hairdos are often the simplest ones. Why complicate yourself, when you feel beautiful with a fresh hairstyle and a couple of highlights?

    6. Messy Waves 

    via Pinterest/Macy Hawkins

    We love messy waves because they’re playful and fresh. The hairstyle above is ideal for a daily outfit. The layered fringe fills up the face without covering the face. It adds a very nice touch, and it brings out your prominent cheekbones and big bright eyes. for an extra touch of glam, get a couple of highlights.

    7. Long Creamy Blonde Waves & Side Swept Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Stephne Marquis

    If you have long, blonde hair and you’d like to change things up without changing the color, a side-swept fringe might be just what you need. The most insignificant changes often make the biggest difference. Why not give it a try? You’d be surprised how impactful your new hairdo can be.

    8. Sophisticated Updo & Layered Bangs 

    via Pinterest/

    A sophisticated updo tied in a low bun is the perfect hairstyle for a formal event. If you have a prominent forehead, and you feel the need to cover it up, a side-swept fringe might just be want to need. Dare to be bold and you’ll love the end result.

    9. Side Swept Bangs & Waves 

    via Pinterest/Jennifer Stewart Midwife

    Beach waves bring a special vibe that all women crave for. They give you confidence, and somehow compel you to believe you’ve got what it takes to steal the show wherever you go. A side-swept fringe keep things interesting. Pair your new hairstyle with smokey eyes makeup.

    10. Effortless Bob & Loose Waves 

    via Pinterest/Melissa Brooke

    An effortless bob with extra volume can completely reshape your face and features. There’s no need to go to extreme lengths to rock a platinum blonde bob; try a sided fringe if you feel the need for a change, and you might end up loving the end result.

    11. Cute Bob Above the Shoulders 

    via Pinterest/Lively

    Cute, playful bobs just below the earlobes are more suitable on women with long necklines. If you’re one of them, then you need to give this hairstyle a chance at least once in a lifetime.

    12. Vintage Inspired Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Yotsuki Trickster

    A vintage-inspired bob with a sided fringe makes you feel like the most glamorous gal. It’s such an inspiring hairstyle it conveys a sense of freshness and originality. They say the simplest hairstyles are often the most impactful! Why not try it out to see how you feel?

    13. Adorable Pink Bob 

    via Pinterest/Jane

    If you haven’t tried dying your hair pink before, now it’s the best time to take a risk. Autumn is here, so why not go wild for once? To hide an imposing forehead, choose a longer, layered fringe and your physiognomy will be completely changed.

    14. Audrey Hepburn Inspired Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Chelsea Brooke

    Who doesn’t love the lovely Audrey Hepburn? Her pixie hairdo with a side-swept fringe is memorable. We know it’s a bold move, but they say it’s nice to try something different once in a while.

    15. Side Swept Fringe & Predominant Frontal Curl 

    via Pinterest/

    Make your side-swept fringe into a memorable hairdo with a prominent, continuous curl. On the other side, get a low twisted bob. The hairstyle is ideal at a formal event or wedding as it will instantly make everyone turn their heads around.

    16. Lower Side Bun 

    via Pinterest/

    Once again, we have a low bun and continous sided fringe that gives movement and freshness to an elegant outfit. If you want to know the secret ingredient to a strapless dress, this is it: the bob with the fringe.

    17. Sophisticated Parisian Hairdo 

    via Pinterest/Julie Lancaster

    Nicole Kidman sure knows how to rock the side-swept fringe. it almost gives the impression that the fringe doesn’t exist. Styled correctly, you can actually unite it with the twisted bun, and give your hairdo a completely different appeal.

    18. Glam Vintage Hairstyle 

    via Pinterest/Stephanie King

    We know you love your side swept fringe. But what about if you curl it up into a vintage-inspired hairdo? Make sure to style it above the eyebrows you bring out your facial features, and emphasize your eyes and flawless neckline.

    19. Purple Bob & Voluminous Fringe 

    via Adrienna Bingham

    How many times you’ve tried to cut your hair and get a real side-swept fringe? Many times, right? Now it’s time to show it off with pride. To grab attention and be in trend, the full ponytail and sleek color are fascinating.

    20. Full Fringe Swept on Both Sides

    via Pinterest/Reefat Zareen

    Many women think it’s tough to have a fringe. While that might be true, it’s not always the case. The hairstyle presented above is highly recommended if your natural hair is already straight. it will be a lot easier to style and arrange.

    21. Silver Blue & Beach Waves 

    via Pinterest/Wigs Buy

    Silver blue and beach waves are elements of a chic hairstyle. The side swept bangs is almost invisible. But because we can spot the details, we noticed the interesting long bangs that makes the face looks structural and impactful.

    22. Subtle Pink Highlights 

    via Pinterest/pophaircuts

    Get subtle pink highlights for your dark brown hair, and let your physical beauty shine through. One of the biggest benefits of a side-swept fringe is that it can be styled in numerous ways. Try all out, and stick to the one that gives you the most confidence.

    23. Pink Ombre Waves & Side Swept Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Chelsea Peltier

    Pink ombre hair with darker roots gives your longer bob an extra touch of originality. But because we know you have a big forehead that needs coverage, we recommend side swept bangs.

    24. Long Side-Swept Fringe & Braiding 

    via Pinterest/LikeeLi

    Pink hair is the NOW big thing of the season. We love the nuance, but what we love even more is the side-swept bangs with a braiding. In theory, it’s such a simple hairdo. In essence, it’s actually sublime.

    25. Sun Kissed Hair & Waves 

    via Pinterest/StyleBlueprint

    Sun-kissed waves with darker roots and lighter ends looks healthy, fresh, and at the same time stylish. Jennifer Garner is famous for her side-swept bangs; the hairdo is ideal if you have a long, oval face and prominent facial features.

    26. Ginger Madness 

    via Pinterest/Tres Haute Diva

    Orange hair on porcelain skin looks divine. In the mood for something a little extra? Get a neat side swept fringe. Keep it simple and sleek for an added touch of glam and elegance.

    27. Medium Length Hairstyle on the Side

    via Pinterest/Caroline

    When was the last time you did something different to your hair? A side swept fringe with curls for your hair is the ideal hairdo for any sort of party. It is the perfect hairdo for a strapless dress because it brings out your bone structure and delicate facial features and neckline.

    28. Blunt-Cut Bangs 

    via Pinterest/Karen Weeks

    Cutting your hair to get a blunt, layered fringe is not the easiest decision; especially if this is the first time you get bangs. The good news is this sort of fringe is swept on the side. You can always cover it up and let it grow back when you get bored.

    29. A Beautiful Mess 

    via Pinterest/Darja

    Show off your wild side this autumn with the craziest hairstyle you can think of. Or just grab some hairspray and get messy waves. To preserve the structure of your face, a longer side-swept fringe should be enough to make you feel confident, beautiful, and determined.

    30. Striking fringe & Ponytail

    via Pinterest/Carolina Munoz

    Unless you have the most imposing bone structure, we would recommend that you avoid this hairdo. It only matches perfectly on gals with long jawline and bold, big eyes. At a first glimpse, you would say it’s weird. But your face permits any type of hairstyle, this is the first to try out.

    31. Creamy Bob & Messy Fringe 

    via Pinterest/Lovely Hairstyles

    There’s something special about creamy blonde hair and messy waves. We love the appeal, the drive, and the full effect of this hairdo. It exudes a sense of originality and freshness. Because it’s so effortless, it makes you want to get it right away.

    32.Wispy Bangs 

    via Pinterest/Brit Morin

    Wispy bangs and a short bob just above the shoulders frame your face and balance your features. Do you have a prominent jawline? A long neck? Well then, stop overthinking and get down to business. You’ll adore the end result.

    33. Straight Cuts & Sideswept Fringe 

    via Pinterest/The Kit

    Sometimes all you need is a bit of courage to cut your hair short. But there’s no reason to despair. Have you ever asked yourself, “maybe a short bob and a side swept fringe would fit better?”.

    34. Shag Bob & Bangs 

    via Pinterest/Ann Thornton

    Shag bobs are back ladies! This is a cool hairdo that rocked the streets in the 90s. And it’s back looking better than ever. Don’t forget about the side swept fringe to make your hairstyle look wild, bold, and stunning.

    35. Exaggerated Side Swept Fringe & Red Highlights 

    via Pinterest/Lorre Ervin

    When was the last time you had highlights? Redheads often have doubts when blending more than one color. However, a professional knows best. An exaggerated side swept bangs hairstyle is not just cool; but stylish and elegant. It adds volume to your hair, making you feel beautiful, confident, and self-assured wherever you go.

    36. Cool Layered Fringe 

    via Pinterest/

    Try out this cool layered fringe to feel like the most powerful woman. Believe it or not, they say short bob hairstyles make you feel empowered. If your features are slim and prominent, we recommend that you take a risk. Every now and then we have to be brave, and try out hairstyles we’ve never tried before just to see how we feel.

    37. Asymmetric Trims 

    via Pinterest/Brittany Ghersel

    What’s not to like about asymmetric trims? Aren’t you tired of the classical pixie hairdo? It’s time for a change. Let your hair grow in the front, and keep the side swept fringe. Cut if all off in the back to let everyone admire your features. Always remember, you’re beautiful whether you have long or short hair. Own the hairdo!

    38. Silver Pixie & Side Swept Bangs

    via Pinterest/

    It’s never too late to get a radical haircut. The famous pixie hairdo has been reinvented this season. The hero color: silver. Blend it with accents of lilac or pink. Top it off with the coolest side swept fringe, and all eyes will on you. The hairdo above is the perfect mix between a pixie and a short bob. No need to decide when you can have both.

    39. Loose Hair Strands 

    via Pinterest/Marianne Bell

    A simple side swept fringe and several loose hair strands here and there can make the simplest hairstyle look divine. What’s great about simple, chic hairdos is that they last for hours. Dance all night long at your party, and you’ll still look and feel fabulous.

    40. Short Blonde Bob & Shaved Sides

    via Pinterest/coiffure-simple

    Shaving one side of your head with the sole purpose of looking fashionable is never an easy call. But what if we told you that it the hairstyle that best compliments your features? To keep a balance, you can always get a side swept bangs to preserve the romantic allure of the hairdo.

    Side-swept bangs hairstyles are in trend these days because they’re practical, easy to style, and ultimately, chic. We love the appeal and the effect they create. We’ve tried to cover 40 of the best. Which hairstyle would you like to try out first? The time to make a change and cut off your hair is now. Why wait when you can get the coolest side-swept bangs hairstyle, and really grab people’s attention? Long hair is overrated. Choose a fringe that matches your personality and get advice on what to do next. Remember: it’s always best to consult with a hairstylist, just to make sure you’re making the right choice.

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