40 Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy

By on October 2, 2014
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21. When we argue, how should each of us take responsibility for our part of the argument?


One of the most important things you can do in your relationship is figure out how you plan on responding to and dealing with an argument.


22. Are there aspects of our jobs that could end up becoming an ongoing issue?


If he is a workaholic—or if you are—, it could lead to long term problems. For your relationship to work out, you need to have a careful balance of your work, social life and relationship.


23. How can we improve upon our sex life?

boring sex

Over time, it is easy for your sex life to become another night of missionary style. For some couples, broaching this topic can be embarrassing or awkward. If you think that your sex life can be improved, bring up the topic with him.


24. What sets you off?

sets you off

Discover the words, phrases, looks or topics that make him angry. Unless you want an argument, these will be the words to avoid.


25. When you arrive home from work, would you like some alone time at first?


This is a question that very few couples ever actually ask. You could go years without finding out that he likes a few minutes to just relax alone when he gets home—and he may never tell you because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. To maintain a healthy balance, make sure that he actually wants you there when he arrives home.


26. What will the early warning signs of relationship trouble be?

relationship trouble

Although it may be a tough subject to talk about, it is worthwhile. Every long-term relationship ends up running into problems at some point. By spotting the early warning signs, you can ensure that the setback is temporary instead of relationship ending.


27. Are there any needs of yours that I have not satisfied?


He may feel awkward bringing up this subject, so ask him!


28. How do you avoid temptation?


Some couples are perfectly fine with hanging out with the opposite gender while some partners choose to avoid it. Choose as a couple which technique you want to use in order to avoid temptation.


29. What are you unwilling to compromise on?


Although compromise has to occur sometimes, there may be things that neither of you are willing to compromise on.


30. Do some of my habits upset you?


Find out early on if some of the things you do annoy or upset your boyfriend.


31. How can we ensure our happiness over future years?


From the moment you commit to each other, it is time to begin thinking about your long-term plan.


32. Where do you think this relationship will be in five years?


At some point, you need to find out if this is a comfortable fling or a long-term relationship.


33. Do we have any personality issues that could lead to a problem between us?

Just because you are together doesn’t mean you are right for each other. Discover early on if your personalities are actually compatible.


34. What could ruin our relationship?


Before you make a misstep, find out exactly which events or statements could end the relationship for good.


35. What type of physical touch lets you know that I love you?


Learn about some of his favorite physical caresses and signs of affection.


36. What are some of the deepest issues that you are dealing with right now?


Beyond discovering what wounds run deepest, you can find out simple ways to support him through his difficulties.


37. What is the longest we can go for between sex?


He might joke around, but have your boyfriend tell you the real answer. If you are stressed by work or busy, you need to know how long you guys can go. Physical intimacy is a tangible sign of your emotional connection and a way to continuously revitalize it.


38. How can I get your forgiveness if we have had a major argument?


It may not occur in the first one or two years, but you will need to know the answer to this at some point.


39. If I hurt you, what do you normally do about it?


If he is the type of guy to rush out and have an affair, you need to know immediately so you can stay away. Likewise, you should be wary of any guy who uses an argument to justify self-destructive behaviors.


40. What type of memories should we create together?


This type of conversation can be the beginning of a talk about the hobbies that you share and where you want to go in life. Use it as a starting point for planning your future life together.

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