4 Free Love Spells That Work Fast Without Ingredients

By on November 6, 2018

When you like someone, you definitely want to find a love spell that works fast without ingredients. Love spells come in so many different formats. Some spells just bind your lover to you through your intent, while other love spells use candles and other tools to get the magic started. There are spells that seem better suited for a Shakespearean drama that day-to-day magic and basic chants to get your lover to fall for you.

For thousands of users, spellcasters have used the power of the universe to harness magic. Some spellcasters use white and black magic, but our spells will only focus on white magic. There are some easy methods that you can use for love spells that work fast without ingredients. While you can try more complex spells later on, these methods are a good way to begin if you do not have a lot of ingredients or time to set up those ingredients.

How Love Spells Work Without Ingredients

1. Emotions

One key way that love spells work if you do not want to use ingredients is through emotions. This is the type of magic that led to the traditional Turkish beliefs about the evil eye. To do this type of spell, you just set your intent and use your emotional power to bring your intention into being.

Like most spell types, there are some cautionary things to remember before you do the spell. For the spell to work, your emotions have to be pretty strongly about something. If your emotions are just not in it, then the spell does not have the power to work. The same thing is true for your feelings for the other person. If you are not completely sure that you would like to be with that person, then the binding will fade too quickly.

You should also keep in mind that this type of spell tends to be extremely volatile. When you base the spell’s power on your feelings, you lose some of your control over the spell and its strength. This can end up causing unpredictable results, so just be aware of this tendency before you do the spell.

2. Writing or Speaking

Another one of the most popular and easiest type of spells is a spoken or written spell. There are many different options already available online, but you can also improvise a quick version as well. Contrary to a popular myth, you do not have to have a long, rhyming chant for your spell to work. While a rhyming chant sounds good, a spell can be just as effective if it does not rhyme.

One easy option is to imbue your words with power when you want something to happen. If you are discussing a raise with your boss, empower your words as you talk. If you add an intention behind your words as you say them, you can turn your words into a spell.

Keep in mind that you should always use positivity in your spells. It is far too easy to accidentally slip into negative phrasing when you are just creating your words and intentions as you go. Negative spells tend to bring negative things in your life, so try to always focus on the positive.

3. Use Your Imagination

Visualizations and your imagination can actually help your spells come true. You can do something as basic as just imagining what you want to happen. Focus intensely on your visualizations and imagine all of the feelings, sounds and colors around you. Pay attention to your five senses as you create your visualization.

For this type of spellcasting to work, you have to be extremely specific about setting your intentions and what you want. It will be much harder to get the spell to work for your intention if you are not specific about what you need. By putting extra thought and work into your visualizations, you can obtain better results.

4. Enchantment

This is a simple way of doing spells that involves transforming normal things into magical items. Basically, you use your intentions to channel magic into the item. You are basically programming the item to have a magical ability. Whenever the item starts to fade back to normalcy, charge it again with your intentions.

One way to make this work better is to pick an item that has some meaning for you and the purpose that you have in mind. If you are working on a spell about a desired lover, something that belongs to the crush or an item connected to them will work well. If you are focusing on a spell about your looks or physical appearance, your mirror could be the item that you use. The item does not have to be directly related to your purpose, but it needs to be something that has a personal meaning for you.

4 Free Love Spells That Work Fast Without Ingredients

Instead of creating a spell yourself, you can always use one of these free love spells that work fast without ingredients. They have already been designed for helping you discover and fall in love. For these spells to work best, you should always use positive energy and intentions. You also have to believe that you will achieve your outcome and that the universe will support you in your goal. Once you are ready to proceed, you can use one of the following love spells to get started.

1. A Basic Love Spell Without Ingredients

This love spell can be exceptionally powerful, but it does not require any candles or ingredients. Best of all, this love spell also offers fast results, and you only need to know the basics of spell casting. This spell is designed to help you get the attention of that special someone who has not actually noticed you yet.

The main requirement for the spell is to get a picture of the person you like. Then, you can put it in your room on the wall or a table. The picture should be an actual, vivid picture of the person so that it actually feels as if they are in the room.

Whenever you wake up, take a moment to look in the person’s eyes. Wish them an amazing morning with all of your love. Then, give the photo some of the person’s favorite gifts or foods. Before you go to bed at night, you wish the photo good night with all of your love in the same way that you wished them good morning.

For this spell to work well, you should repeat it for at least a month. You should do it for long enough that it starts to feel like the person is actually a part of your life. Once you start to develop this feeling that they are actually present, you are ready for the next step in the spell.

Now, sit down next to the photograph. Ideally, you should do this during the waxing moon. Say the person’s name and then say the following chant, “My beloved, you already live close to me and have a place in my life. Come to me and give me a hug and a kiss. I will care for you always and feed you delicious food. I will shower you with all of my love and gifts. Come to me, I am waiting for you.”

2. The Visualization Love Spell

To do this simple spell, find a quiet place to sit down and close your eyes. Spend a few minutes focusing your mind. Once your mind is clear and ready to focus, start thinking about the person that you would like to cast the spell on. Spend several seconds imagining their face and focusing entirely on them. Try to make a very vivid, clear mental image.

After you can see their face within your mind, tell the person exactly how you feel and what you would like them to know. Let them know that you would like to have a relationship with them and would like them to fall in love with you. Pour out your heart to the visualization of your crush.

Once you have finished with the visualization, continue by imagining the two of you joining together in the type of relationship that you want to have. Then, asked to be blessed by the love and outcome that you want from the spell.

3. The Heart Chant

This is an extremely simple spell to do. It is perfect if you do not have a lot of time or the ingredients for more complex spells. By repeating this spell over and over again, you can increase its power and potency.

Start by making the shape of your heart with your hands. If you are in public, you can do this in a very nonchalant way because your heart does not have to be perfectly shaped. Once you have made the heart, imagine the type of love and relationship that you would like to have. Then, chant in your mind or aloud the following spell, “Bring me the love that I desire. Thank you, divine, for hearing me.” You can exchange the word “divine” for the higher power that you believe in. If you do not believe in a higher power, you can substitute “universe” for this instead.

4. Throat Singing

Throat singing is a wonderful, traditional spell type. To do this spell, you actually spend five days resting. Then, you fast for three days. When you are ready to cast the spell, start by sitting down in a relaxed position with your back straight.

Close your eyes and focus your mind. You can use throat singing or chanting in the rest of the steps. First, repeat the name of your beloved several times. Then, ask for your beloved to hear you and to love you. Repeat their name several more times and go over your previous commands again. To end the spell, seal the magic by singing that your beloved should listen to your commands and obey you.