30 Questions to Ask Your Best Friend

By on February 20, 2015

Your best friend is your confident, and the one person you can trust to keep a secret. From telling you the truth about how you really look in that dress to texting amusing anecdotes, your best friend is one of the main parts of your life. As you grow older, you may take this relationship for granted. Every once in a while, you should stop and spend some time developing your relationship. Take a moment to get to know your best friend a little better by asking some of the following questions. Below, you will find the 30 questions to ask your best friend. To make this a little more interesting, each question has the answer of my best friend listed beneath it.

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1. Who is your favorite god or goddess from Greek myth?

By far, my favorite is Artemis. As the goddess of archery, hunting and the moon, she seems like a warrior and someone I would not mind being like.

2. What was the most embarrassing moment of your childhood?

Well, as children, buying clothes at second-hand stores is a taboo. I had a large family growing up, so second-hand clothes were something we all had to deal with. Normally, I just lied about where I bought my clothes. After soccer practice one day, a teammate complimented my shirt. It was a sparkly, tie-dye shirt that I loved. Moments after the compliment, another girl on the team piped up—apparently, she had donated the shirt to a second-hand store.

3. What is the best book that you have ever read?

Jane Eyre remains one of my favorite books of all time. As a child, I read my copy so many times it fell apart, and I had to buy a new one.

4. If you could be the proud owner of a fox or a koala, which would you want?

Have you seen the YouTube videos about pet foxes? They are so cute! I would definitely want to have a baby fox at my house.

5. What do you love most about yourself?

I love…well, I guess I love my relaxed nature. I have traveled all over, so I am used to just having to go with the flow when things start to go wrong.

6. If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

If I could meet anyone, it would probably be Queen Elizabeth I. She was a talented, brilliant woman who defeated the Spanish Armada—what’s not to love?

7. What are you the most afraid of?

For me? Death would be at the top of my list. I like living on this earth and do not want to leave it. Other than my own mortality, I am afraid of something happening to the people that I love.

8. Who do you think should run for president?

I am not particularly up on politics, but it would be nice to see a woman run for congress. African-Americans voted first and achieved the presidency first—women should get a chance.

9. Would you rather go to lunch with J.K. Rowling or E.L. James?

Honestly, I never read the Fifty Shades of Grey books. I loved the Harry Potter series, so J.K. Rowling wins hands down.

10. Who are your top three female heroes?

For female heroes, I would have to choose Margaret Thatcher and Maya Angelou. As a group, I would pick the Kurdistan Female Fighters. They are basically today’s version of the Amazon warriors, so these ladies are exceptionally courageous.

11. Would you rather be on Survivor or America’s Next Top Model?

I am fairly short, so I doubt I would do well on America’s Next Top Model. Plus, the challenge of being on Survivor would be interesting.

12. What did you want to be when you were a child?

As a child, I wanted to become a lawyer when I was older. Obviously, that did not quite work out.

13. What is your dream job now?

Today, I think my dream job would be to run a small family farm. I like working outside, and there is something extremely satisfying about growing your own food.

14. Would you rather give up your phone or give up the Internet for the rest of your life?

Other than applying for jobs, I could probably get everything done online without a problem. If I had to choose, I would give up my phone for the rest of my life.

15. Who was your first crush?

When I was in second grade, I had a major crush on this boy named Tyler. Since I was rather shy, there really is not anything else to the story.

16. What would you choose to eat for your last meal on earth?

As long as I do not have to cook it, my last meal would consist entirely of Chinese food. I would want vegetables, noodles, fried rice, jelly fish, sushi and basically every Chinese dish you could think of.

17. If you had to be an owl or a duck, which would you choose?

I would want to be a duck so that I could fly and swim.

18. What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is chewing. I hate hearing other people chew loudly in a quiet room.

19. Do you prefer to wear leggings or actual jeans?

I like comfort, so I would have to go with jeggings.

20. What are your favorite lyrics?

I do not actually speak French, but I love listening to basically all of Carla Bruni’s songs. Her music is really beautiful and relaxing.

21. What is the worst date you ever went on?

That would be a while ago. Right after high school, I went on a date with a guy who had inherited his family’s dairy farm. He literally talked about cows and cars for the entire date. Needless to say, the first date was our last.

22. Who has had the strongest influence on your life?

I would have to say my dad. He took me to all of my sports practices, games and events when I was a child.

23. If you got a new tattoo, what would it be of?

I am not really sure. I change my mind too often, so I think getting a tattoo would be a really bad idea for me.

24. Would you rather be stuck in traffic for two hours or have to drive for five hours?

Traffic really, really frustrates me, so I think I would rather drive for five hours. Well, as long as you do not make me drive back.

25. If you had to open a business, what would it be?

I would probably open a food trailer and sell tapas.

26. If you were made king of the world, what would you do on your first day?

This is not particularly over-the-top, but I would feed people. Surplus crops are thrown away to keep food prices up. I would demand that those crops be given out to food banks and the needy.

27. What do you want to achieve by the age of 50?

Hopefully, I will own a house and have a business set up. I also want to do the Appalachian Trail and an Ironman before then.

28. What has been your favorite moment this year?

So far, my favorite moment was on a kayaking trip. It was the perfect day and I was the only one out on the lake. It felt like I was encapsulated in a really large, beautiful snow globe.

29. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

If it were safer, I would probably want to live in Guatemala. I want comfortable temperatures year round, and I heard that the people are really friendly.

30. You know that you are awesome, right?

If you say so!

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