30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time

By on December 20, 2014

Let’s be honest about this, there is something incredibly hot about those soccer stars with their lean and trim bodies (most of them) and with guys like David Beckham leading the way, the other guys simply had to up their game. These days, we’re actually getting excited about watching soccer on the TV rather than groaning when our boyfriends suggest it and for the most part, it’s all down to these guys:

1 – David Beckham

It’s a shame he’s married to a Spice Girl because he’d have no shortage of female attention with those abs and that cheeky smile! Plus his fashion sense is to die for but we have a sneaky feeling that may be down to Victoria more than his own choices… What about you? 😉

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_01

Perhaps better known for his talents playing for Manchester United and England in international games, 39 year old David (born May 2nd, 1975) has also played for Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, La Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and more. Apparently he’s well sought after all over the world for his ball skills!

With an estimated salary of £3.4million in 2013 alone, it would seem that he has the full package – the looks, the style, the family values, the soccer star’s body, and the booming bank balance to match. It’s a double edged sword, right? As much as we want him to be single, the fact that he’s such a family man really appeals to us! Plus the two of them make some super cute babies.

2 – Cristiano Ronaldo

You really can’t mention the hottest soccer players of all time without a mention for this Portuguese beaut! 29 year old Cristiano was born in Santo Antonio on February 5th, 1985 and is well known for his position in the Real Madrid CF team as well as his fabulous and fancy footwork, and his amazing toned body and bronzed tan. As soccer stars go, he’s definitely one of the hottest.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_02

Sadly, he’s not single either girls. Since 2010 he has been with Irina Shayk, a model that has appeared on the front of Maxim and let’s be honest, a girlfriend that HOT is going to take some beating!

He doesn’t drink (his father passed away from alcohol-related conditions), has one son from a unnamed woman that he has full custody of, and was even arrested on suspicious of rape although these charges were later dropped, so he’s had a pretty rough time of things over the last few years.  Let’s hope the next few are more positive for him!

3 – Freddie Ljungberg

Swedish born Freddie Ljungberg is responsible for some of the most beautiful advertising we’ve ever seen. Come on girls, surely you remember those Calvin Klein underwear ads in which he posed with the perfect package – both in his pants and on his abs!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_03

Born on April 16th, 1977, he’s slightly older than some soccer stars weighing in at 37 years old but I’m sure none of us would kick him out of bed, right? 😉

Another star that is sadly not single, Freddie married Natalie Foster this year on June 14th, right in front of the Natural History Museum in London! How cute? He met her while he was playing for West Ham. Sadly, she’s a Tottenham Hotspurs fan (West Ham’s rival)… We wonder how interesting their house is during game nights!

4 – Mario Gomez

We’re sticking in Europe for this cutie – German born Mario Gomez is currently a striker for Fiorentina, but the 29 year old has played for a few other UK clubs too including Bayern Munich.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_04

Born 19th July, 1985 in West Germany, he doesn’t look conventionally ‘German’ and that’s because he has a bit of Spanish throw in there for good measure on his Grandmother’s side. Despite his dual citizenship, he decided to stick with the country he had grown up in and chose to play for the German national team, and he’s even bagged himself a German model too who he has been dating since 2012 – Carina Wanzung.

5 – Thierry Henry

Another slightly older soccer star in the UK and we come to Thierry Henry – a 37 year old striker from France. Born in Essonne on 17th August, 1977, he’s played in a few teams around Europe – Arsenal in the UK, New York Red Bulls, Barcelona, etc. He of course plays for the French national team too, although these days he’s more of a free agent.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_05

He’s now dating a Bosnian woman but he was married to an English model called Nicole Merry with whom he had a little goal. He even dedicated his first goal after her birth to his beautiful daughter! Isn’t that the cutest?

6 – Gerard Pique

He’s cute and he’s Spanish, what more could you want? Plus he has that whole facial hair thing going on and you know how all girls love guys with beards!

27 year old Gerard Pique was born on 2nd February, 1987 in Barcelona and although he plays for the Spanish national team, he has played for a UK club – Manchester United.

Gerard Pique

That’s not the gossip you want to hear though, is it? It’s that announced second child he’s having with girlfriend Shakira, who by the way, is ten years older than he is. According to rumours, he’s quite overprotective of her and has very old-fashioned values, including not allowed her to star with men in a raunchy way for her music videos. What do you think? Would you give up the cute guys for Gerard Pique?

7 – Robin Van Persie

He’s tall and he’s cute, plus he was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands so it kinda makes you want to sing that ‘Rotterdam’ song to him, doesn’t it?

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_07

31 year old Robin was born on 6th August, 1983 and he currently plays as both a striker for Manchester United, plus captaining the Netherlands national soccer team so as you can imagine, he keeps himself pretty fit. He’s fit, right? 😉

He’s happily married with two kids but that hasn’t always been the case. He cheated on his wife and it all turned nasty when the girl he cheated with accused him of rape. The case was dismissed but that was only after he spent fourteen days in jail! He’s not doing much to keep the bad-boy soccer edge rep at bay, is he?

8 – Fernando Torres

It’s the chiseled cheekbones that do it for a lot girls but his body isn’t half bad either! 30 year old Torres (born 20th March, 1984) plays for his Spanish national soccer team (he was born in Spain) or for Milan. Normally, he does his thing for Arsenal in the UK but he’s on loan.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_08

He’s been happily boyfriend-ing up his girlfriend, Olalla Dominguez since 2001 and the couple married in 2009, and at the last count, his personal fortune was said to be over £14million! That’s incredible, right?! For kicking a ball around? He does kick that ball well though…

9 – Ryan Bertrand

Another Brit and this time we come to one of the youngest – 25 year old Ryan Bertrand who currently plays for Southampton on loan from Chelsea. Just in case you want to impress your boyfriend, the position he plays for is left back.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_09

Born 5th August, 1989 in London, he actually went to the same school as one of the British writers we have here at Herinterest, and he even started out at Gillingham football club through the youth system – her home town.

10 – Yoann Gourcuff

28 year old Frenchman Yoann Gourcuff is the first attacking midfielder we have on our list today, and coming from an athletic family (his mother played basketball and his father was a footballer. Plus his brother was a cyclist and swimmer!) he was destined to be a sportsman himself. Plus he’s got a really sporty body and that’s kinda hot, right?

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_10

Getting his inspiration from Pele, it sure looks like this guy might be heading for the soccer hall of fame, and although not as cute as David Beckham, there is something about him that has created quite the female fan base.

11 – Olivier Giroud

When you talk about hot soccer stars, everyone talks about Olivier Giroud and there’s a good reason for it too. The 28 year old Frenchman has great hair, a great smile, a great body and great tattoos! What else could you possibly ask for?

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_11

He’s the guy that will make a run for the post to try and make the goal happen and this is why he plays for some of the best teams in Europe – the French national team and Arsenal. Why not check him out next time you see these guys playing soccer?

12 – Jamie Redknapp

He’s getting a bit older now but a lot of the girls in the UK had a crush on this soccer cutie a few years back, that’s for sure! He married one of the girls out of the girl group Eternal – Louise. Do you remember her?!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_12

He’s 41 now but that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as hot as he was a couple of years ago, and although he doesn’t play professional soccer anymore, he deserves to be on this list with Liverpool, Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur in his list of past clubs.

13 – Joe Hart

Another Brit (apparently that’s where they make them best), Joe Hart is a 27 year old ‘goalie’ who plays not only for Manchester City (never to be confused with Manchester United at any costs!), but also plays for the English national team as well. That’s probably where you may have seen him before – the World Cup that England didn’t do greatly in…

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_13

14 – Graham Zusi

We’re moving to the other side of the pond now and focusing on American soccer stars for a while. What about this 28 year old hunk from Florida? He plays for Sporting Kansas City and also his US national team and during his college soccer career, he played a total of 89 games, scoring over 28 goals and helping with at least 20 of them. Now that’s pretty impressive right. Probably a lot better than what you or I could do…

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_14

15 – David Ginola

Most of remember this guy from the coffee adverts but he’s also the fabulous French footballer with the great hair. He might be 47 years old and minus that flowing mane now, but that hasn’t stopped him with a modeling and acting career alongside playing for European clubs like Everton, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Brest, RC Paris and more!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_15

16 – Pablo Osvaldo

We’ve come to Argentina to find this tall, dark handsome soccer star. 28 year old Pablo was born in Buenos Aires (on 12th January, 1986) too so you know this guy can party!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_16

An Italian footballer now, he normally plays for Southampton FC in the UK but is on loan to Internazionale as well as playing for the Italian national team. He’s a striker too – more knowledge to impress your male friends!

17 – Frank Lampard

Another Brit that has all the girls swooning, Frank Lampard is a 36 year old who plays either attacking midfielder, central midfielder, or defensive midfielder on loan to Manchester City from New York City FC. Born in Romford (London) in England on 20th June 1978, he is actually better known for being the all-time lead goal scorer for the British team, Chelsea. He played for the boys in blue for over thirteen years too!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_17

18 – Xabi Alonso

Spanish Xabi was born in Tolosa on 25th November 1981, making him currently 33 years old. He plays for the German club Bayern Munich and his position is midfielder – central.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_18

When he played for Liverpool, he was known to be a very quiet and friendly person and it would seem that he is that unachievable goal of the perfect gentleman. Married with three kids, he missed matches for his family, and even caused friction for his soccer career.

Such a loveable guy, in October 2014 he was the tenth most followed sportsman on twitter, and not just that, out of all the hot soccer stars out there, he was the eighth most followed!


19 – Marco Borriello

We come back to Italy for this tall, dark, handsome hottie. With the chiseled jawline and rugged good looks, there’s no wonder he’s on this list.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_19

32 year old Marco was born in Naples, Italy on 18th June, 1982 and has made his way around the Italian soccer teams including Juventus, Reggina, Milan and Treviso. He also played for the British team West Ham United. Now a striker for Roma, he is well known for his eye on the goal.

20 – Andrea Pirlo

He’s one of the older soccer stars on this list but 35 year old Andrea Pirlo definitely has a little something special to offer the slightly older ladies that favor soccer out there. There’s something about that hair and that beard, right?

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_20

Born in Italy on 19th May, 1979, he is considered to be a free-kick specialist and plays for both the Italian national team and Juventus. It’s his personal life that keeps him in the media though. Happily married with three kids, he had an affair with a woman he met at his golf club, and ended p getting divorced. Tut tut!

21 – Aleksandr Kerzhakov

Born in Russia on 27th November, 1982, Aleksandr Kerzhakov is a Russian international soccer star that is cute, plays for his national team, and is a striker too for Zenit St. Petersburg.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_21

After making his debut in Russian soccer in just 2001, he has been included in many of the big international games you would have seen on the TV such as the EUFA Euro’s in 2004 where he scored his first goal for Russia, and although he didn’t make the 2012 Euro’s because of a red card, and in the 2014 qualifiers, he was back in and on fine form. Watch this space!

22 – David Villa

Heading back to Spain for this super cute (and beardy) soccer star and David Villa was born in Langreo in Spain on 3rd December, 1981. A striker for New York City, he’s been in some of the greatest teams around the world over the years and as well as NYC, he’s also got Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona under his belt.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_22

He’s actively charity fundraising all the time, can sing (and has sung with Grammy nominated Spanish singers!), and he evens runs his own training camp to help teach underprivileged kids the great game, it just makes us love him even more, right?

23 – Givanildo Vieira de Sousa

Also known as ‘The Hulk” (and we’re sure you can understand why when you take a peek at what he looks like!), Givanildo Vieira de Sousa is a 28 year old soccer star from Brazil. Born on 25th July 1986 in Campina Grande, he’s a winger and also plays forward for the national team of his country, as well as playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg. He actually started his professional soccer career with Vitoria, and played a three year stint in Japan too! He was also crowned the league’s best scorer in the UEFA Europa League! Now thats impressive!

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_23

24 – Andre Schurrle

Another winger / forward but this time from Germany, Andre Schurrle is a 24 year old soccer star (one of the youngest on our list) and was born in Ludwigshafen on 6th November, 1990. He currently plays for the British club, Chelsea and also stars in German’s national team too.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_24

As well as having goals voted as Match of the Day’s goal of the month, he’s definitely one to keep your eye out for if you’re into up and coming stars, and that’s if you can! He’s well known for his long distance sprints so you might just miss him!

25 – James Troisi

Playing in the Belgium Pro League for Zulte Waregem, he’s a young soccer star that yet again, you’ll need to keep an eye out for. 26 year old Australian James Troisi was born in Adelaide on 3th July 1988, and is becoming well known for his position as attacking midfielder although missing out of playing for Newcastle United because of his young age and certain contract restrictions.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_25

Oh, he also plays for Australia in international games like the most recent 2014 World Cup. He wasn’t on the pitch for long, being substituted in at the 78th minute, and is most definitely showing promise!

26 – Lukas Podolski

Another German now but this time the forward for Arsenal, Lukas Podolski. Oh and he plays for the German national team too.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_26

He’s tall with a great smile and a beard that makes girls swoon so you can understand why he’s on this list, but he wasn’t originally born in Germany. He was actually born in Poland on 4th June, 1985, but has always played for his German team as he moved there when he was just two years old.

Sadly ladies, these cutie is happily married with children, but his soccer life doesn’t appear to be going as easy, with statements made that he wasn’t happy with the current team, and struggled to find love for the job. He’s not getting enough game time for his liking… Maybe we should watch this space and see what happens?

27 – Lionel Messi

Firstly, look at him. Look at those abs! He’s a beautiful man, isn’t he? Chiseled, handsome plus he can really play soccer too!

30 Hottest Soccer Players of All Time_27

Argentinian Messi is a firm favourite of both boys and girls all around the world, and the 27 year old forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona (and Captain of the national team of Argentina) has not only scored many, many goals in his soccer career, he’s actually won awards for it too! He’s the first soccer player in the world to win four Ballons d’Or / FIFA awards, and he managed that one after the other too – consecutively!

Rich, fond of charities, and happily coupled up with his girlfriend and one son, if you are a fan of soccer, you MUST be a fan of Messi!

28 – Asmir Begović

We’ve gone all the way to Yugoslavia for this guy – 6ft 6 inch tall, 27 year old Asmir Begović is a goalie for the British tam Stoke City as well as playing for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team too.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_28

He’s fluent in three languages and has his own charity, plus he’s married with one daughter too! Ir would seem he likes the busy lifestyle and has bounced around the various European teams for a while, especially after he obtained his UK visa.

Not bad for the little kid that emigrated his war-torn country to Germany at the age of four, right?

29 – Cesc Fabregas

Back to Spain again and we find Cesc Fabregas – 27 year old 5ft 9 inch tall, Cesc Fabregas. He plays for Chelsea (joined in 2014 for five years) and his own country’s team, and although usually better known for either playing in attacking midfield or central midfield, he’s also been known to start as second striker or even winger when he needs to.

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_29

Not just known for his soccer skills, he also signed up to the big sporting name Puma back in 2011, and he now wears their PowerCat range of boots whenever he plays. Not bad for the kid that starting at the Arsenal Academy!

30 – Ryan Giggs

He’s a bit older now but back in his hay-day, Ryan Giggs was quite the catch (if you forget about all those stories in the press with various girlfriends and kiss & tells!)

30 Hottest Soccer Players Of All Time_30

Born in Cardiff, Wales on 29th November, 1973 he might be 41 years old but he’s still hot and fit as a fiddle too!

He doesn’t really play professional soccer that much these days, but he is assistant manager of Manchester United, and also a football coach in Wales too. He also co-owns another British soccer team – Salford City. There’s also the UNICEF stuff – he’s an Ambassador for that. And then there’s the records he’s racked up over the years – most UEFA Champions League appearances, for example, and most appearances by a Manchester United player. There’s so many more than that too! It would appear that not only he is a cutie, he’s also one of the best soccer stars out there!

They sure make soccer stars hot, don’t they? Do you think we’ve missed out on any hotties that you like? Feel free to comment and let us know! In the mean time, have a good old peek at these cuties with their hot bodies! Like the Facebook page and we’ll even bring more beautiful men for you! 🙂


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