3 Tips on How to Find the Right Guy

By on December 30, 2012

Have you ever wondered if you are doing something wrong after every gut-wrenching breakup? You seem to attract the biggest losers of them all, and the worst part about it all is you are just looking for your Big Love – the one you settle down with and have babies with. All you seem to find are the bad guys; the ones that break your heart and leave you for skinnier, funnier, prettier girls.

Maybe it’s you? Maybe you are attracting the wrong kind of man? Think about it logically – are you making mistakes when it comes to meeting and finding me? Let’s have a little look and investigate further….

Are you meeting men in bars? If you are, can you hardly be surprised when you have to break up with him because he cheated on you with….. Yes, that’s right – another drunk girl in a bar! We are not saying that every guy you meet in a bar is going to be the boyfriend from hell, but you are hardly starting as you mean to go on.

You want to meet Mr. Right – preferably a Doctor or a lawyer, with a good bank balance and a smart closet. Ideally he will be funny and good in bed, with morals and respect for women. This is what all women are looking for. That guy in the bar you met last night may have been funny and charming, but if he was downing bottles of beer with you, encouraging you to go back to his on the first night, do you really think he has respect for women? He couldn’t afford to get you a cab do you had to stay at his, so he hardly has a good bank balance. Lastly, he was wearing tatty, ripped jeans and scruffy sneakers. Does he sound like someone you might want for the long term?

Tip number one – go to places where you will meet the kind of man you REALLY want.

You met this guy through a friend of a friend. He was a bit of a bad boy in the past and has had struggles with drugs. Also, your friend tells you that he broke up with his last girlfriend because he slept with another woman, and that other woman said he was amazing in bed! He’s funny though and his butt looks awesome in jeans!

What do most girls hear in this situation? Amazing in bed? A great butt?

What should girls be hearing? Struggles with drugs? Cheating?

In this situation, you have pretty much all of the information you will need for how your relationship will pan out. Not admittedly, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or judge someone by their past, but how many times have you been in a relationship with prior warnings such as these, and it’s all gone pear-shaped, either because he spent your savings on drugs, or slept with a pretty blonde in the bar?


Tip number two – listen to his past and make an EDUCATED decision.

There are many great tips that you should use in order to find a great man to be your next love interest. For example, Tip number three – know what kind of guy you are looking for. Have you bounced from man to man, not really knowing what you are looking for or what you want? How do you expect to get what you are looking for if you don’t really know what you are looking for in the first place?

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