28 Cute and Fun Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

By on December 8, 2013

Nicknames are used in all kinds of situations and for countless reasons. They can symbolize familiarity, humor, love, and even sometimes things a little less sweet. Whatever the reason behind them however, nicknames show that someone means something to you and more often than not that they hold a special place in your heart.

In a relationship this is especially true and using pet names for each other is common practice. In this situation nicknames can be a sign of closeness, a show of affection and can also be a way to flaunt your bond and intimacy in public without being…hmm…rude, shall we say?

That said, you’re probably now thinking about what you call your other half and whether or not you need a change in name for them. Perhaps you’ve been together years and still haven’t found that perfect nickname or maybe you’re only just beginning your relationship and are looking for a way to express your feelings – either way charming nickname will never go amiss. If only it were as easy as just plucking one out of thin air!

Never fear though for we’ve done the hard part for you and have found some great nicknames to get your mind going. Here goes!


Classic and Simple Names…

A lot of people think that a nickname needs to be bold and make a statement – that it has to be unique to your partner and couldn’t possibly suit anyone else. We say, forget all that. So long as the name suits them, what does it matter that it’s been used countless times before? It’s like they say, if the shoe fits.

Here are a few classic names that are classic for a very good reason…

  • Handsome
  • Gorgeous
  • Babe
  • Sweetie


For the Lookers…

So he’s a looker (and he probably knows it!). Firstly, we’d like to say lucky you! And secondly we’d like to tell you that your job just got a whole lot easier. Why waste your time fretting over what trait of his personality to name him after when there’s one strikingly obvious choice? He’ll love knowing that you adore his looks and pointing them out will serve to build his confidence and bring about that oh so gorgeous smile of his.

  • Eye-candy
  • Gorgeous
  • Hot Stuff
  • Hunk


From the Movies…

So he’s a movie geek…or maybe that’s you…either way naming him after a timeless character who embodies all of best traits or is everything he dreams of being is sure to make him feel epic. He’ll thrive knowing you are comparing him to a daring adventurer, a fearless warrior or even a selfless lover.

  • Rambo
  • Mr. Bond
  • Rocky
  • Superman


For the Lover…

So he’s a romantic and a lover – lucky you! We’re jealous! This is something to be celebrated and we can’t think of a better way than pointing it out daily with a nickname. We will admit though, while he might be the ultimate romantic around you, he may not want all his friends to know about that side of him so bear that in mind when using your chosen nickname in public. You wouldn’t want to embarrass him, after all.

  • Romeo
  • Casanova
  • Precious
  • Prince Charming


For the Athlete…

For those of you with an athlete for a boyfriend, something to compliment his talents and his manliness would perfect. He’ll be thrilled to know that you love that aspect of him and are proud of that part of his life, not shying away from it as though it’s just another sport. We’ve gone pretty generic here but these four great nicknames do the job all the same.

  • Stud
  • Hero
  • Slick
  • Tiger


Soft and Sweet Names…

First off, let’s just point out that he may not like you going all gooey on him in front of his friends. While he’s still the same person with them that he is with you, he’s also still a man and wants to maintain the tough exterior that he shows the rest of the world. Using some of these names in public will likely embarrass him and, we’re sorry to say, may not do your relationship any favors.

That said, chances are he is all soft and sweet when it’s just the two of you. When you’re snuggling together he’s probably your teddy bear and he’s likely constantly wearing that soppy smile of his when he tells you he loves you. So yes, these names are still very appropriate. It’s just a case of when and where you use them.

  • Honeybun
  • Peachy
  • Marshmallow
  • Sweetie Pie


So there you have it, ladies, 28 of the best nicknames for your boyfriend. Bear in mind that they’re only suggestions though – a nickname is a very personal thing and it’s not a one size fits all kind of deal. We suggest selecting a few that you like best and think will work and trying them out for size. Good luck!


(All images sourced via Pinterest.com)