25 Hottest Male Models of All Time

By on December 30, 2014

Male models can make women go nuts. It’s not a joke, it’s science! Throughout the 50s and 60s, the model stereotype was all-muscular and super shaved. Then, in the 70s, the paradigm moved towards more hypersexualized boy toys for famous brands such as Versace. New York was shocked, but in a good way, and women were drooling over stunning male nudes. In 1990, Yves Saint Laurent and Hedi Slimane changed the rules of the game. Models were looking thinner, sharper, bolder. Right now, hipsters are in en vogue. Men wear huge beards, they have bulkier bodies, and while their appearance is more rugged and untamed, their clothes are sleek and modern. Here’s a delicious list with 25 hottest male models of all time. Enjoy ladies, and remember: although you can’t touch them, you can at least admire them!

1. Rob Evans

Rob Evans

You may recognize Rob Evans from Tyra Bank’s “America’s Next Top Model”. No, he was not a competitor but a judge. A photographer discovered Evans at 22, when he was boxing in the UK. The biracial wonder boy signed lots of contracts over the years with major fashion houses like Givenchy, Trussardi, Self Service, Calvin Klein and others. Evans has a face and a body that go beyond perfection, and we were to add a cool, funky personality to the mix, the end result would be the ideal man.


2. Enrique Palacios

2.Enrique Palacios

Famous in the 90s for his sexy smile and perfectly-sculpted body, Palacios is a Venezuelan super model who did campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and other famous designers around the world. Although he doesn’t take his clothes off as often as in the 90s, the super gorgeous Ken doll still models for Armani Code. In the past, Palacios dated the famous Naomi Campbell and is currently married to actress and model Veronica Schneider.


3. Antonio Sabato Jr.

3.Antonio Sabato Jr.

You may remember this hottie from movies and soap operas, too, not just from campaigns for Calvin Klein underwear. He had a leading role in “General Hospital”, which was an acclaimed soap opera of the 1990s. Antonio Sabato Jr. made himself noticed because he had the most exotic, European appearance. His strong jaw line, fierce look and sculpted body certainly made an impression upon international fashion designers. Right now, he’s 42 and believe it or not ladies, he’s still super hot!


4. David Agbodji

4.David Agbodji

Wow, wow, wow! Hello there chocolate candy! David Agbodji is a French supermodel with the most interesting androgynous look. Those lips and eyes are just unreal. After appearing in editorials for GQ Magazine, V, and Models.com, David became the face of Calvin Klein in 2010. He did runway presentations for Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton, and his career has been thriving ever since. Aged 27, the French arm candy is an Instagram fanatic, so if you want to see more of that perfect body, you just have to follow him.


5. Jason Lewis

5.Jason Lewis

Former successful model turned actor, Jason Lewis has an appearance we just can’t overlook. If you don’t remember him from TV shows like Beverly Hills 90210 (1997) or Sex and the City, you may remember him from modeling campaign for GUESS, Boss, GAP or Tommy Hilfiger. He’s got the most unforgettable baby blue eyes; At 43, Lewis still looks crazy hot, and even though he’s not married, he does have a girlfriend.


6. John Pearson

6.John Pearson

Fashion icon John Pearson has had an incredible career in modeling back in the 90s. The Sunday Times proclaimed him the first-ever “male super-model”. He made quite an impression in George Michael’s music video “Freedom”, and some of him best campaigns were for Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, GAP, Valentino, Burberry, Vogue Hommes and numerous others. Pearson is happily married to Alison Edmond, renowned fashion stylist with whom he has 3 kids.


7. Lars Burmeister

7. Lars Burmeister

After working as a mechanic for a couple of years, German supermodel Lars Burmeister signed with Ford Models in 2004, when he was 23. His career skyrocketed because he had a desirable, extremely structural face and body. His perfect features grabbed a lot of attention, and Lars scored some pretty fabulous contracts with Louis Vuitton, D&G, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Armani, and others. We’re not sure if he’s single or not ladies, but you can check his Instagram – he’s a social media fanatic.


8. Ben Dahlhaus

8.Ben Dahlhaus

They say there’s no such thing as perfection. But in the male modeling business, it exists and its name is Ben Dahlhaus. He’s like the perfect embodiment of Brad Pitt and Jesus (yes, we said Jesus). I mean look at those sharp puppy eyes and perfectly contoured lips! Originally from Sweden, the hipster popped up on the web in July 2014 when he scored a contract with Brathwait, a luxury watch brand. Buzzfeed calls him the world’s most beautiful man. Do you agree?


9. Alexander Masson

9.9. Alexander Masson

Famous for his appearance in a few music videos of J. Lo, Masson is a genuine eye candy. The part-Columbian, part-French and part mythological creature, this Adonis of the modern day has the most chiseled physique. As for his face, well let’s just say it’s unreal. Because of his unusual hair style, Masson claims his fashion sense is urban chic. He wears a lot of Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, and we noticed he’s also a tattoo fanatic. Well done Alexander! You just won the hearts of a few million women.


10. Godfrey Gao

10. Godfrey Gao

In 2011, Gao became Louis Vuitton’s first ever Asian male model. The Taiwanese-Canadian beauty is 30 years old and 6 ft. 4, so it’s safe to say he’s gorgeous from all points of view. he also starred in a few movies, and it looks like he has a bright acting career ahead of him.


11. Noah Mills

11. Noah Mills

Canadian model, actor and surreal male beauty, Noah Mills is delicious. His career as a model began at 20 years old, when he started working for Wilhelmina Models. In 2004, Mills landed his first runway contract for Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, and in 2005 he signed with Dolce & Gabbana. Does it get any better than this? Oh yeah… over the years he made quite an impression on Michael Kors and Versace, too. On TV, he had episodic parts in “2 Broke Girls” and “Sex and the City”.


12. Tyson Ballou

12.Tyson Ballou

Tyson Ballou started modeling at the age of 15, for Page Parkes Modeling Agency. His good looks and passion for the industry quickly turned him into one of the most acclaimed male models in the industry. Over the years, he appeared in fashion shows and campaigns for Foley’s, Dallas, and J.C. Penney, and more. In 1998 he moved to IMG and ended up doing even more campaigns for Hugo Boss, Moschino, Samsonite, DKNY, Armani and others.


13. Garrett Neff

13. Garrett Neff

In 2009, Forbes made Garrett Neff the 5th most influential male models of the year. Famous for his campaigns with Calvin Klein, Neff was discovered in 2005, in Miami. Over the years, he worked with some of the world’s most famous brands, including Benetton, Massimo Dutti, Trussardi, and others. As for his appearance, he has beautiful blue eyes and the most prominent jaw line. He’s a natural!


14. Isha Blaaker

14. Isha Blaaker

Ishla Blaaker was born in Suriname, a tiny country in South America. He grew up in the Netherlands though, and he’s illegally hot. Blaaker has a unique appearance and a pretty interesting past, too. His mother is biracial and his father is black, but he has blue eyes. Now that’s a delicious moccachino I’d have every single day. Discovered by a local fashion designer in Holland, the South American beauty signed with MAX Models and did a lot of campaigns for famous international brands over the years.


15. David Gandy

15.David Gandy

Gandy became a famous male model after winning a TV competition. The British superstar had quite a lot of contracts with Dolce and Gabbana; he was also featured in many of their fashion shows and campaigns. David Gandy persuaded designers to look at models from a different angle; at the time, the industry was dominated by skinny males, so Gandy changed all that with his muscular built. His level of popularity skyrocketed, and thus he ended up on the cover of many international fashion magazines.


16. Mark Vanderloo

16. Mark Vanderloo

Mark Vanderloo was a successful male model of the 80s and 90s. He was discovered at the age of 22, while accompanying his girlfriend to a photo shoot. He started working with Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani, Guess, Donna Karan and more. Vanderloo has a contract with Wilhelmina Models in NYC, and apart from a modeling career, his looks were used to make Commander Shepard in the famous video game Mass Effect.


17. Leonardo Taiwo

17.Leonardo Taiwo

Let’s just stop and stare at perfection ladies! Leonardo Taiwo’s complexion is flawless. He’s devilishly good-looking, and although he’s from London, his parents are Nigerian. While modeling for Nike, Taiwo managed to grab the attention of other fashion designers; however, his dream is to go back to his lifetime passion – acting.


18. Nacho Figueras

18. Nacho Figueras

Nacho Figueras has been the face of Ralph Lauren since 2005. He’s actually a professional golfer, too, one of the best in the world. Some people call him the “David Beckham of polo” – he’s that good. As for his general appearance, it’s safe to say that he has a unique French appeal that women adore. The eyes, the hair, the body; everything about Figueras screams sheer perfection.


19. Oriol Elcacho

19.19. Oriol Elcacho

Famous for his campaign with Bvlgari Aqva, Elcacho is a Spanish male model originally from Barcelona. Nicknamed the “Spanish Adonis” because he’s absolutely stunning and he has an exquisite body, some of his other contracts with famous brand included GAP, Missoni, Ralph Lauren, Valentino and more. Age 35 at the moment, he surely looks better than ever.


20. Chris Brown

20.chris brown

This hottie has beautiful blonde, long hair if you can believe that. Picture a modern day Thor with green eyes and a perfectly symmetrical face, and you have Chris Brown. Unlike other male models, Brown is quite the intellectual. Prior to being discovered, he worked in finance; fortunately, he liked Vogue better, so he quit. Born in 1976, we’re not surprised that Chris Brown’s modeling career is still thriving.


21. Broderick Hunter

21.Broderick Hunter

Aged 24, Broderick Hunter found his calling when he was featured in Details Magazine. After appearing in Ciara’s music video, “Sorry”, this eye candy’s name and looks went viral. Unlike other male models who work out like crazy, Hunter claims he only plays basketball to stay fit; and he’s not just handsome, but also smart. Not everyone has what it takes to mentor kids. Now that’s sexy!


22. Chris Ladewig

22.22. Chris Ladewig

Hello there Mr. Dorian Grey! Originally from Cape Town, Ladewig is an extremely attractive male model. He’s got a super mysterious look that very few men can pull off. In front of a camera, this hottie knows what he’s doing. But there’s more; apart from being a successful male model, he’s also a talented photographer.


23. Tomas Skoloudik

23.Tomas Skoloudik

Originally from the Czech Republic, Tomas Skoloudik’s career started with a few cover shots for magazines like Men’s Health, Indigo, and Men’s Folio. In 2012, he campaigned for Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans; some of his other significant contracts included Calvin Klein, Massimo Dutti, Guess, Buffalo, and more. What we love most about Tomas Skoloudik is the smile. To put it simply – it will melt your heart.


24. Alex Lundqvist

24. Alex Lundqvist

Alex Lundqvist is another Swedish gem that will leave women speechless. He may be 42 now, but he was once a pretty successful male model. Throughout the late 90s, he scored many contracts with Versace and Hugo Boss; and he even appeared in a music video – Fergie’s “Clumsy”. As for his physique, what can we say? He’s got the abs, the attitude and the look to wow every type of woman. Did we mention he’s got blue eyes?


25. Brad Kroenig

25. Brad Kroenig

Brad Kroenig wanted to be a soccer player back in the 90s. His faith changed when he was approached by a modeling agent. His debut came in 2002 though, when he campaigned for Abercrombie & Fitch. Over the years, he worked with Naomi Campbell and his beautiful face was featured in lots of editorials and magazine covers. Famous for being Karl Lagerfield’s inspiration, Kroenig enjoys his modeling career to the maximum.



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