25 Hottest Asian Male Actors

By on January 7, 2015

We would love to see more Asian actors starring in leading roles at Hollywood because they’re hot hot hot. In general, Asian men are perfect. They pride themselves with beautifully sculpted bodies, flawless skin, and super dark eyes that rarely exist among international male celebrities. Did we mention that several of these actors are truly talented as well? Some have starred in famous TV series and movies like “Fast and Furious”, “Memoires of a Geisha”, “Covert Affairs”, “The Mentalist”, “Hawaii Five-0” and more – you may have already guessed a few names. Here’s a complete list with 25 of the hottest Asian male actors of the moment.

1. Ian Anthony Dale

1.Ian Anthony Dale

Ian Anthony Dale may not be the most famous Asian actor in Hollywood, but he’s definitely the hottest. He’s flawless – those eyes are just breathtaking. He had minor parts in movies like “The Hangover”, “Tekken” and “The Bucket List”, but he’s extremely known for his roles in TV shows like “Hawaii-Five 0” and “Murder in the First”. Aged 36, Ian Anthony Dale is in fact an American actor; his parents though are Japanese and he’s also of English and French descent. Perfect recipe for sex-appeal don’t you agree.

2. Jonathan Stanton

2.Jonathan Stanton

Born to a South Korean mother and an Italian father, Jonathan Stanton’s career is just kicking off. One day, his good looks and cheeky charm might get him that dream Hollywood part he’s been craving for so long. Until that happens, we’ll just have to sit back and drool over that perfectly shaped body of his. Stanton had episodic roles in “CSI Investigation” and “Castle”, and he just finished a short film called “The Scuttlebutt Assassins”, in which he has a leading part.

3. Tim Kang

3.Tim Kang

Tim Kang has the cutest dimples. It’s such a shame he doesn’t laugh more in the acclaimed TV series, “The Mentalist”. Apart from being a stellar actor, Kang is quite the intellectual. He has a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Fine Arts from Harvard University. Famous for his role as Detective Kimball Cho in the show, Kang had episodic roles in “The Unit”, “The Office”, “Third Watch” and more.

4. Daniel Dae Kim

4. Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim is one sexy Asian actor. He was born in Busan, South Korean but he grew up in the United States from the age of two. Famous for playing Jin-Soo Kwon in the award-winning TV series “Lost”, this arm candy’s newest breakthrough in Hollywood is his role as Chin Ho Kelly in “Hawaii-Five 0”. Dae Kim has the most usual yet attractive physique. That strong bone structure and piercing eyes certainly make him stand above the crowd.

5. Rick Yune

5.Rick Yune

Famous for portraying the bad guy in movies like “The Fast and the Furious” and “Die Another Day”, Rick Yune is also a producer and a martial arts expert. Take a good look at his face and body ladies! Can you believe he’s 43? Although Yune is of Korean descent, he was actually born in the US. In his early years, he did some serious modeling, too, for Polo Sport and Versace. If you want to see more of his good looks, start watching the TV series “Marco Polo”.

6. Daniel Henney

6.Daniel Henney

Known for starring in movies such as “Seducing Mr. Perfect”, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, and “The Last Stand”, Daniel Henney is of Irish and Korean descent. The American model turned actor looks absolutely delicious. He looks like a breathing Ken doll. Although he’s 35 now, he’s got the softest baby skin and the brightest teeth. And they say perfection doesn’t exist!

7. Sendhil Ramamurthy

7.Sendhil Ramamurthy

Ramamurthy was born on May 17, 1974 to an Indian mother and Indian father. Both of them were physicians who immigrated to the United States before he was born; technically, he’s American. This handsome guy’s acting career skyrocketed when he landed a part in the TV series “Heroes”. He also appeared in “Covert Affairs” for a couple of seasons, as well as in “Beauty and the Beast”. Sendhil has the most seductive appearance; it’s too bad he’s married since 1999.

8. Lee Byung-hun

8.Lee Byung-hun

South Korean actor Lee Byung-hun is also a martial arts guru. Aged 44, he’s got an impeccable physique and quite the seductive attitude. He made a name of himself after appearing in the blockbuster movie “G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra” and the sequel, “G.I Joe: Retaliation”. Born in Seoul, South Korean, Lee Byung-hun made his debut in the US back in 1991. We can tell he’s got a passion for fitness, too. Have you seen better looking abs than his?

9. John Abraham

9.John Abraham

Originally from Mumbai, India, John Abraham is actually a successful model turned actor and producer. After doing many commercials and campaigns for famous brands in the 90s, Abraham started turning his attention to acting. After appearing in many modern Indian movies, the gorgeous superstar started grabbing a lot of attention with his magnificent physique. And we must admit that he’s gorgeous!

10. Dev Patel

10.Dev Patel

Now let’s move on to younger Asian actors who are grabbing attention in Hollywood. Dev Patel is one of them; age 24, Patel’s breakthrough was in 2008, when he landed a leading role in the blockbuster movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. Right now, the talented actor can be seen in the British TV drama “Skins”, the 2012 movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and in the HBO TV show, “The Newsroom”.

11. Steven Yeun

11.Steven Yeun

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Steven Yeun’s family immigrated to Canada and the US shortly after he was born. The good-looking actor is famous for his part in the acclaimed TV series “The Walking Dead”. He also had episodic parts in “The Big Bang Theory”, “Warehouse 13”, “The Soup” and others. As for his physique, we must admit that he’s quite irresistible, and single by the way.

12. Ken Watanabe

12.Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe is a successful Japanese actor that doesn’t need an introduction. His acting career started at 24, and even if now he’s 55, he still looks super hot. Over the years, Watanabe had many interesting movie parts; he starred in “The Last Samurai”, “Batman Begins”, “Memories of Tomorrow”, “Inception” and of course “Memoires of a Geisha”.

13. Leonardo Nam

13.Leonardo Nam

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Leonardo Nam is of Korean descent. After studying architecture in New South Wales, Nam turned to acting. He landed his first important part in 2004, in the movie “The Perfect Score”; he got his big break in 2006 when he had appeared in “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. How can we forget the young Asian with blonde hair?

14. Sung Kang

14.Sung Kang

Hello there gorgeous! Who would have thought that the cutie pie playing Han in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise is 42 years old? Born in the US to South Korean immigrants, Kang scored his first important role in the movie “Better Luck Tomorrow”. Over the years, he also had episodic roles in various TV series such as “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Easy to Assemble”, “Monk” and others. We sure love his sex-appeal and rather mysterious look!

15. BD Wong

15.BD Wong

Born in San Francisco, California, BD Wong is of Chinese descent. His most memorable performance was a Broadway Show in 1988 that brought him a Tony Award. Right now, the talented actor is 54 years old, and he’s still grabbing a lot of attention with his stellar performance in “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. In spite of his fierce look and professional attitude in the show, Wong is a pretty funny guy in real life.

16. Nicholas Tse

16.Nicholas Tse

Hong Kong singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Nicholas Tse is also a well-known actor, famous for his role in “The Prequel”, for which he actually received the Hong Kong Award for Best New Performer. Age 34, Tse teamed up with Jackie Chan in the movie “New Police Story”. Featuring boyish looks, an interesting attitude and a rather puzzling personality, Nicholas Tse sure knows how to make an impression. We’re sad to inform you ladies that he’s married!

17. Jet Li

17.Jet Li

Originally from Beijing, Jet Li is one of the most well-known Chinese actors in the United States. He had leading parts in acclaimed movies like “Shaolin Temple”, “Once Upon a Time in China”, “Romeo Must Die”, “Kiss of the Dragon” and “Unleashed” just to name a few. Apart from being an excellent actor, Jet Li is also wushu champion and martial arts expert. He may be 51 years old now, but he’s still quite an attractive individual. He’s been married since 1999, so back off ladies!

18. Won Bin

18.Won Bin

South Korean actor Won Bin started accumulating international acclaim after he appeared in the TV drama “Autumn in My Heart”. After performing his military duties in the South Korean Army, Won Bin returned to the screen in 2008.  Some of his most recent movies included “Mother”, “Taegukgi”, and “The Man from Nowhere”. Age 37, the super hot actor has never looked better. He’s got the most perfect porcelain skin and the greatest hair. What more can we ask for?

19. Hiroyuki Sanada

19.Hiroyuki Sanada

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada got his big break in the 60s, in the movie “Game of Chance”. However, the movie that made him famous was “The Shogun’s Samurai” from 1978. Over the years, we’ve seen Sanada is many blockbuster movies such as “The Wolverine”, “Sunshine”, and “47 Ronin”. At age 54, it’s safe to say that he’s looking pretty good. Apart from an imposing attitude in movies, the Japanese actor sure knows how to make an impression. How can we resist the smile?

20. John Cho

20.John Cho

John Cho may look underage because he’s so cute and funny; he has such an interesting boyish appearance that will never get old. In reality, he’s 42 – we still can’t believe it! The South Korean actor is famous for his part in the movie “Harold & Kumar”, but he’s been seen in numerous other motion pictures like “American Pie”, “Better Luck Tomorrow”, “Star Trek”, “Yellow”, and others. Cho can also be seen in TV series like “Sleepy Hollow” and “Selfie”.

21. Yun-Fat Chow

21.Yun-Fat Chow

Famous for his bad boy roles in movies like “Hard Boiled” and “Killer”, Yun-Fat Chow is the 2nd highest-paid actor in Hong Kong. He may be 59, but he still looks great. The L.A Times proclaimed him the “coolest actor in the world”; even though he has the most ferocious look, in real life he’s a pretty funny guy. You may remember him from other famous picture like “Anna and The King”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’ End”, and “From Vegas to Macau”.

22. Reggie Lee

22.Reggie Lee

Originally from the Philippines, Reggie Lee rose to stardom when he landed a part in the acclaimed TV series “Prison Break”. Age 40, the handsome actor is incredibly talented. He also appeared in “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Drag Me to Hell” and “Crazy Stupid Love”. Right now, he plays Sergeant Wu in the famous TV series “Grimm”.

23. Aaron Yoo

23.Aaron Yoo

Born in New Jersey to Korean parents, Aaron Yoo’s acting career skyrocketed when he appeared in the movie “Disturbia”. He’s 35 right now, and we must admit that he looks pretty sexy. He’s got the hair, the perfect teeth, the body, and the attitude – the whole package. Some other movies he starred in: “21”, “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”, “American Pastime” and “Friday the 13th”.

24. Donnie Yen

24.Donnie Yen

Hong Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen moved to the US at the age of 11. He scored his first movie part in 1984 in “Drunken Tai Chi”. His breakthrough role was in “Once Upon a Time in China II” though, where he played General Nap-Ian. Some of his most famous movies are “Ip Man”, “Hero”, and “Blade”. Apart from being a specialist at martial arts, Yen sure know how to hide his real age (51). It’s so unfair that Asian men look so hot in their 50s!

25. Godfrey Gao

25.Godfrey Gao

Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao is one sexy actor and super model. His most acclaimed movie parts were in “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”, “101 Proposals” and “All About Women”. He may not have the brightest career as an actor, but look his physique – he’s gorgeous. There’s plenty of time for Gao to break a few hearts in future romantic comedies and action movies.

There you have it ladies, 25 of the hottest Asian male actors of the moment. Some of them are brilliant actors, while others are still newbies in this industry. Fortunately, we’re not ranking talent but good looks, so enjoy!


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