25 Best TV Couples

By on January 14, 2015

We’ve already looked at the greatest couples in movies so we feel it is only fair to now concentrate on TV shows and the best TV couples they ended up bringing to our attention.

Just take a look at some of these iconic duos – the 25 best TV couples!

1 – Ross & Rachel, Friends

They were on, they they were off again, then he liked her, then she liked him, then he started dating someone else, then he said her name at the altar, then she accidentally married him in Vegas, then they got divorced…

25 Best TV Couples _01

Honestly, we never really knew whether or not Ross and Rachel were EVER going to get it together but that final episode, it validated everything we knew was right in the first place! They did get the happy-ever-after we thought they might eventually get, but it took whole seasons to get there and whole world of up’s and down’s!

2 – Leonard & Penny, The Big Bang Theory

Right now they are TV’s cutest couple and although they are mis-matched, Penny and Leonard are simply too adorable for words. She’s hardly the smartest knife in the drawer while he’s an actual physicist. Their battles with love, money, life and Sheldon Cooper make for a great onscreen couple and although they dated for a few years in real life but broke up, she is now happily married with a couple of dogs!

25 Best TV Couples _02

3 – Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

Some people call then ‘Chair’ but this relationship is one that melts heats… literally. Both members of what can only be considered as elite families in Upper East Side, and from the finale (look away if you’ve not seen it yet) you see the couple, played by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meister, live happily ever after with a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful (fast-forwarded) son!

25 Best TV Couples _03

4 – Damon & Elena, Vampire Diaries

It was a pairing that had the whole world talking and let’s be honest, there was a hardly one single member of the cast of this hit TV show that we wouldn’t have wanted to be in a relationship with! This is a TV show full of simply beautiful people.

25 Best TV Couples _04

Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev, probably shouldn’t fall in love with Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder) but you know it’s going to happen anyway…

5 – Marshall & Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Possibly the most cringe-worthy couple on TV, most people were devastated when this great TV show had it’s season finale (a few members of our office included) and all though there were some bumps along the way such as when Lily decided to run off and be an artist, they were always meant to be together as Ted, their unlucky-in-love friend went through women after women trying to find his one true love. They are one of the best TV couples we’ve ever seen, that’s for sure!

25 Best TV Couples _05

6 – Matthew & Mary, Downton Abbey

From the moment Matthew (played by Dan Stevens) saw Mary (played by Michelle Dockery), he knew it was true love but it in true TV style, it took her a little longer to be convinced… A couple of season in fact!

25 Best TV Couples _06

They overcome some pretty serious obstacles in order for their love to flourish and with war, the slightly relation-factor, and prejudice thrown in their way, it wasn’t handled in the best of ways.

7 – Sawyer & Juliet, Lost

Suliet, as it was otherwise known, consisted on two of the main characters in the TV show Lost. Well, four of them in fact – this was one very complicated romance and at points, even became a twisted quadrangle of emotions!

25 Best TV Couples _07

These two are seen as soulmates, hence the fact they’ve made it on the list of 25 best TV couples, but they sure proud that a couple can make it even through the toughest of times!

8 – Carrie & Big, Sex and the City

He was afraid of commitment and she was completely in love wit him. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything obviously – this is TV gold after all.

25 Best TV Couples _08

There were many men in the way but eventually Big and Carrie finally got it together for long enough to make something of it. We’ll just pretend that he didn’t get married to a much younger woman, and she almost got engaged to hunk Aidan, right?

9 – Glenn & Maggie, The Walking Dead

You can’t really overcome much more in a relationship than a zombie apocalypse, although these two manage it pretty well, and in a pretty cute fashion too.

25 Best TV Couples _09

We saw the relationship between these two characters develop on screen right in front of us and it wasn’t long before they were desperately in love. We won’t tell you much more of what happens in case you’re not all caught up yet! We wouldn’t want to be accused of spoiling such a great TV show!

10 – Michael & Holly, The Office

They were a pretty odd couple, you can’t deny that! Holly joins the company as a replacement HR representative but it wasn’t long before Michael had her in his sights. Of course, at first they hated each other because it wouldn’t be a great love story without that in the way, would it? We’re such a big fan of their on-screen, hilarious romance, and we think you might be too!

25 Best TV Couples _10

11 – Zack & Kelly, Saved By The Bell

Do you remember the Saved By The Bell days before Screech got arrested for allegedly stabbing someone and Elizabeth hadn’t release Showgirls (which was basically one step away from porn)? Well Zack and Kelly have surely got to be the ultimate TV couple from the decade? Cute, adorable and at times you wanted to bang their heads together. Oh the good old days… 😉

25 Best TV Couples _11

12 – Kurt & Blaine, Glee

It’s the first gay couple on our list and it was the first gay couple in Glee too. Kurt and Blaine, also known to fans as Klaine, is the cute and adorable bond between two guys that have broken up and got back together and even relocated to ensure their love stayed strong. Sadly, they are no longer together and Blaine has started dating someone else… We hold strong to the thought they will get back together though. Don’t you?

25 Best TV Couples _12

13 – Booth & Brennan, Bones

Or Bones and Booth as they were also known – Dr. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth sure made a very interesting couple!

25 Best TV Couples _13

The sexual chemistry between them has been apparent for a long time and although they have built up a great friendship and a great working relationship, it would appear that it would end there… Or would it? Sperm donating aside, it’s one you simply must watch for yourself!

14 – Nathan & Haley, One Tree Hill

Naley or Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott are considered to be the core couple of this hit TV show and although they’ve had more than their fair share of up’s and down’s, it would seem that they have continued to stand strong and fight back! Soul mate and married at 16 – that sort of thing only happens in TV land, right?

25 Best TV Couples _14

15 – Derek & Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith Grey may have been able to resist Derek Shepherd’s charms at first but it would appear they were always destined to be together… despite the fact he was already married at the beginning of their encounter. Their marriage as a hastily written post-it note, but two kids later and they are still doing their thing… I guess we’ll just need to see what happens!

25 Best TV Couples _15

16 – Buffy & Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Geller and David David Boreanaz play a blinder in this vampire-themed TV show that was a hit among high schools all over the world! He’s a vampire, dedicating his life to helping her kill the bad guys and she kills vampires… It’s a match made in hell when you think about it, right?

25 Best TV Couples _16

17 – Luke & Laura, General Hospital

The signature super couple from one of the best TV shows of all times, Luka and Laura didn’t get together in the most conventional of ways. In fact, Luke raped Laura…

25 Best TV Couples _17

30 million viewers watched the pair get married on screen which means their love story must have had somewhat of an impact, and therefore makes us believe they definitely belong on the list – 25 best TV couples!

18 – Mulder & Scully, The X Files

A believer and a skeptic, surely there’s no way this onscreen couple can work in a relationship? Well, a close friendship turned into the inevitable bond into something more than that and it wasn’t long before they were embroiled in romance and the whole world followed on with glee!

25 Best TV Couples _18

19 – Will & Lisa, The French Prince of Bell Air

They fall in love, get engaged and try to get married… twice. Their first Vegas wedding went so badly with so many interruptions that they simply walked out on their own big day, and the second time they were both wracked with so many doubts they couldn’t go through with it. After all, he found out that Lisa wasn’t her real name and freaked out a bit… Quite rightly!

25 Best TV Couples _19

Things are then even further complicated by the fact Will and Lisa then become step-siblings when his father married her mother. Awkward!

20 – Homer & Marge, The Simpsons

She has got to be one of the most long-standing, loving, enduring wives in the world world. The stuff she needs to put up with from hubby Homer Simpson is beyond a joke and sadly, we feel that kind of marriage would only work in an animated setting.

25 Best TV Couples _20

He may be a pain in the backside for her but their love is real and three kids later, they show no signs of splitting up even though she probably should have left him years ago!

21 – Monica & Chandler, Friends

A couple even better suited than Ross and Rachel, we were delighted when they got in on in London, even if Ross didn’t end up getting married again because he accidentally said Rachel’s name at the ceremony.

25 Best TV Couples _21

They made it through a lot to be together – moving in, getting engaged, getting married trying to have kids and failing and then later adopting twins even though they were only expecting the one baby…

If we ever get married, we’d love to have a relationship just like there’s. Somehow it was just perfect, you know?

22 – Steve & Miranda, Sex and the City

Almost as important to the story line of this hit TV show as Carrie and Big, this is another onscreen couple that have had their fair share of pretty tough times. They had a one night stand together and then later ended up dating. They broke up because he wasn’t grown up enough for her and then he got testicular cancer which she helped him through… and then got pregnant when she had sex with his one remaining ball.

25 Best TV Couples _22

It took them a while but they eventually got married and then later survived his one-time infidelity because they hadn’t had sex in months. It’s a love story that is less than traditional but one we wouldn’t mind having nevertheless. They were a lovely couple, right?

23 – Roseanne & Dan, Roseanne

Three kids and a pretty traditional home in an American working-class family is the backdrop for this TV that captured the hearts of many. Roseanne was the outspoken women that could never just keep her mouth shut, and her long-suffering hubby Dan was the guy that picked up a lot of the flack for it all!

25 Best TV Couples _23

The fact that both of them were a tad on the overweight side sure had tongues wagging too!

Whether you love this iconic TV couple or not, they sure were funny together!

24 – Pacey & Joey, Dawson’s Creek

His one true love in the TV show, Joey had his heart despite all the other girls he may have dated. It wasn’t all plain sailing of course – it never is. She turned him down at first but as with many great love stories, it wasn’t long before she was giving in to his advances. On and off, on and off, on and off, eventually they did end up living happily ever after but it took a pretty long time to get there.

25 Best TV Couples _24

25 – Lucy & Desi, I Love Lucy

One of the very FIRST of the best TV couples and we come to the black and white classic I Love Lucy and the main love-line characters – Lucy and Desi. Did you know that 62 years after the first originally aired on TV, a colour version was released and it attracted over 8 million viewers! That’s pretty impressive!

25 Best TV Couples _25

Of course, there are now more great TV couples than ever and with another sitcom or drama TV show released seemingly every other week, we are sure there are many more to come! These are the ones that tugged our heart strings, what ones tug on yours?

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