23 Cute Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

By on May 9, 2015

They say it’s the little things that add up over a lifetime that make up the fabric of our existence. So if we fill the small moments of our day with kind words and gestures of love, those little things can make for a pretty happy and fulfilling life. When we always look for ways to brighten our significant other’s day, they will reciprocate and your relationship will strengthen. So here are some simple ways to brighten your boyfriend’s day without smothering him or being needy. Think of these things as selfless acts without expecting anything in return. He will feel special when you do little things to show him you appreciate him and love him.


#1 Wear Something He Will Like

crop top

Surely you can brighten his day with a cute pair of boyshorts or a crop top that entices him with your midriff. Maybe it’s just wearing a color he said you look nice in or wearing something you know drives him bonkers. Putting a little bit of extra effort into being seductive can help him forget about his stress and focus on you. Being extra romantic is definitely a kind way to make him smile.


#2 Get Him A Used Book

used book

Every guy is into something and maybe you remember something very obscure that he is into. Look for a book he has mentioned wanting to read or something that looks like it’s right up his alley. When you go out of your way to find some brain food for him, he will know you care about him. Books, magazines, online articles, videos and dvds are all good forms of media to share thoughtfully. Be wise in sharing so that you don’t inundate him with useless fluff though.


#3 Make Him A Dessert


The old adage still stands true, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. He will not forget when you make him that cheesecake or lemon meringue pie that is his favorite. If you don’t know his favorite dessert, be sneaky and ask his family or friends. This can win over any grouch who got a speeding ticket or whose favorite sports team lost.


#4 Give Him A Massage

You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on doing something for him. It’s a really nice gesture to light some candles, put on some relaxing but not annoying music, and give him a massage with oils. He will really appreciate it and truly if you’re human, you will rarely turn down a massage. This can also help develop a comfortable level of intimacy with you two and it can help show him that you care about his well being. Guys, just like us girls, like to be taken care of and pampered.


#5 Frame A Picture of The Place Where You Had Your First Kiss

first date

This is a cute idea that will show him how much he means to you. He may be confused when he unwraps a framed picture with no people in it and you can see if he recognizes the location. It will definitely put a smile on his face even if it doesn’t make it’s way to the center of your mantle.


#6 Make Him A Piece of Jewelry

In most ancient cultures, every type of wood and stone has a meaning. You can visit a crystal shop and look at the meaning of different stones. Find one that will have a personal significance to him and make it into a necklace. For example, if he is starting a new job, Tiger’s Eye can help with new business endeavors and confidence. If he’s trying to get a raise, get him some jade which is known to be good for attracting money. It’s a nice gesture that shows you support him.


#7 Get Play Tickets


If he’s into art, find a play that you think he would like and get him tickets. Maybe it’s a performing circus troupe or a one man show. Obscure shows can be really fun and entertaining so don’t think you need to drop a bunch of money on an expensive show. He will enjoy an intimate theater setting and it’s always a nice surprise.


#8 Write Him A Poem and Frame It

If you’re feeling romantic or artsy, see if your inner muse will speak and write him a poem. If you get writer’s block, look through poems until you find one that speaks to you about your relationship (in a positive way). He will probably be really touched by this.


#9 Do His Laundry


Depending on how well you know each other, doing the other person’s laundry or just looking for small things you can help them with around the house can be really sweet. Maybe it’s just taking out the trash, doing the dishes or folding the clean laundry. If you see something needs to be fixed at his house, like a light that’s out, pick up a light bulb and change it for him. Try to not be insulting if you do things that invade his personal space and don’t change anything in his house without his permission. Helping out around the house if he’s stressed or tired is just a nice way to show you care.


#10 Stock His Fridge


If there’s one thing about guys it’s that they don’t like spending too much time grocery shopping and they easily get overwhelmed when trying to pick things out. Of course there are exceptions to this rule but more often than not, guys struggle trying to eat healthy and find healthy food that tastes good. If you find easy and healthy things for him to eat like protein bars and fruit, he will love the gesture. If your guy is really busy, chances are he skips meals a lot so try to make his life a little easier and get him some organic yogurts and hummus.


#11 Hang Out With His Mom

If you already met his family, there’s nothing wrong with getting some quality time with them. He will probably think it’s really cute if you hang with them if he’s not around even if he doesn’t say it. Something simple like taking a yoga class with his mom or getting your nails done can be fun. Even a simple walk in the park would be nice.


#12 Help Out His Friends

When you go out of your way to do nice things for his friends, it shows you care about him. Whether it’s offering a ride, helping them find cool places to visit or recommending a good book, making friends with his friends is a cute gesture.


#13 Fill His Gas Tank

gas tank

If you can spare the extra $50, surprise him by filling up his gas tank. This is an unexpected nice thing to do that he will really appreciate because it’s such a mundane task. Hopefully he won’t think someone stole his car so just be careful with this one!


#14 Cook His Favorite Meal


Old faithful on the list of cute things to do for your boyfriend has got to be making his favorite meal. He will really appreciate the gesture and you can be sure it will get him smiling from ear to ear. If you don’t know what his favorite meal is, get to know him better you silly goof!


#15 Get Him A Cool T-Shirt

t shirt

If you get him a really comfy t-shirt that’s organic and sustainably made, he will be proud to wear it and he can think of you when he wears it. You could also go to the thrift store and get him some flannels or a vintage t-shirt collection for just a few bucks. Guys are easy to please, at least the ones that aren’t high maintenance are.


#16 Post How Much You Appreciate Him on Social Media

social media

Don’t be shy. If you’re not near your boyfriend you can still show him some love by posting something sweet that you remember about him or something that he did for you. This is a cute way to show him you care and that you’re proud of who he is.


#17 Plan A Date He Will Love


Put yourself into his mind and see if you can think of something he would really love to do. Maybe he would like to go hiking with a picnic or maybe he would love to try rock climbing and get his favorite beer afterwards. Try not to think of your favorite date but his so that he feels special.


#18 Shower Him With Kisses

shower kisses

Just showing him some extra affection can be a nice thing to do for your boyfriend. If you feel like your relationship is getting boring, spice up the romance with some chocolates, a romantic movie and some big kisses like you’re in high school again. Who says every day can’t be Valentine’s Day?


#19 Give Him Real Compliments


Hey if you want to do something nice, why not say something nice? Don’t give fake compliments but mull it over for a little while and give him a thought out compliment. This can help them feel motivated and it might just pull him out of a temporary mental slump.


#20 Make Him Tea


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a nice cup of hot herbal tea that is doctored up with some milk and honey. If you want to make it extra special, deliver it in a special mug or on a platter with some cookies. He will love your weirdness and so will his sweet tooth.


#21 Write Love Notes

love notes

Since no one writes things down anymore, a love note can actually stand out. Try leaving a note on his car, in his briefcase or wallet and he will get that warm fuzzy feeling when he sees it. You can also be creative and mail him something at work or leave him a note in another language that he can translate to find the secret message.


#22 Tell Him You Miss Him

miss him

The little things like this can add up. Try not to tell him every minute that you miss him but it’s nice to remind him that you’re thinking of him. Playing hard to get is just a game that doesn’t really make him feel loved so just tell him how you feel.


#23 Surprise Him by Paying For Dinner

If you’re out for a meal and you get up to go to the bathroom, slide your waiter your card and pay for the meal. It’s nice to contribute to the relationship and treat him when you can. This is 2015 after all and although he should treat you well, he also deserves to be treated.

Hopefully you have some great ideas now that will get your wheels spinning about little ways to make him feel like he’s your favorite guy. Good luck and keep up the acts of love!


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