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    200 Cute Baby Girl Names

    By on October 26, 2014


    If you’re expecting a baby girl, you’ve probably thought extensively about what to name her. Shakespeare may have written “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but that doesn’t mean that names have no importance. The name you give the beautiful new addition to your family is going to be with her for the rest of her life, so you want to pick a name that she will cherish as much as you cherish her. Of course, picking out names is never easy, which is why you need to do some research. These 200 cute baby girl names come from a range of countries and cultures and have some really wonderful meanings. There’s no way of telling exactly what life will bring for your darling baby girl, giving her a cute, interesting and meaningful name might just set her on the right path.

    1. Abigail: A biblical name meaning “father’s joy” — has a number of potential cute nicknames, such as Abby or Gail
    2. Ada: A cute vintage baby name meaning prosperous or happy
    3. Aditha: A Hindu name that means “the first root” — a beautiful name for nature loving parents
    4. Agna: A German name that means pure, chaste and holy
    5. Agustina: An Argentinian name meaning “grand”
    6. Aiko: Japanese – means “a child of love,” which is just what your new baby is
    7. Aina: A Scandinavian name meaning “forever”
    8. Aislinn: A Celtic name which means “a vision” or “a dream”
    9. Akello: A Kenyan name meaning “first child after twins” — quite specific, but could be appropriate!
    10. Akila: An Egyptian baby girl name meaning “intelligent”
    11. Akuti: Your baby girl might not be true royalty but you can give her this Hindu name which means “princess”
    12. Alana: An Irish name meaning “O child” or “darling child”
    13. Alanis: Means “precious” – just like your new baby girl is
    14. Alexandra: Helper of mankind
    15. Alia: A Muslim name that means “exalted”
    16. Alice: Noble and of good cheer
    17. Alina: Fair — someone who is extremely beautiful
    18. Alison: Of sacred fame
    19. Amara: Means “Unfading” or “Eternal” — like the love you have for your little girl
    20. Amity: Means friendship or harmony
    21. Anastasia: A German name that means “Of the resurrection”
    22. Anaïs: Means “grace” – a pretty name for a graceful little one
    23. Angelica: An angelic one – perfect for your sweet little girl
    24. Annabella: Means “easy to love” or well-loved – just as your baby girl is
    25. Anthea : Flower-like — a sweet and girly name for your new arrival
    26. Aphrodite: From Greek mythology – the goddess of love
    27. April: To open up — just like flowers in the spring time
    28. Aria: A beautiful melody – great for a little girl you hope will be musical
    29. Ariana: Silvery — a name for a sparkling and lustrous little girl
    30. Arleen: A pledge — someone who is honest and keeps their word
    31. Asta: A German name that means “love”
    32. Astrid: A name that has Old Norse origins — means “fair, beautiful goddess”
    33. Audrey: Strong – for that little one who you want to grow up to be a fighter
    34. Aurora: Latin for “dawn” – goddess of the sunrise on Roman mythology
    35. Ava: Like a bird — sweet and graceful
    36. Ayanna: Beautiful blossom
    37. Beatrix: An Italian name meaning “brings happiness or joy”
    38. Belle: French for “beautiful”
    39. Bennu: An Egyptian girls name meaning “eagle”
    40. Beryl: A jewel – very precious
    41. Bess: A name that means “consecrated to God”
    42. Beth: Means “Worshiper of God”
    43. Bethany: Biblical name meaning “the house of song”
    44. Blair: Literally means “dweller of the plain”
    45. Blythe: A free spirit — someone who knows her own mind
    46. Bonnie: Beautiful, fair and lovely
    47. Branna: An Irish name meaning “raven” – perfect for a dark haired baby girl
    48. Brenda: Flame – a little girl with a fiery personality
    49. Bridget: A strong Celtic name meaning “power,” “vigor,” and “virtue”
    50. Brooke: A stream – close to nature
    51. Cai: A Vietnamese name that means “feminine”
    52. Calista: A name that means “most beautiful”
    53. Cara: Irish for “friend” – a kind and sweet girl
    54. Catrina: Means pure or innocent
    55. Celia: A mean meaning “heaven”
    56. Chanya: A Kenyan name meaning “grace of Jehovah”
    57. Charisse: Means grace, beauty and kindness
    58. Charity: New Testament name meaning “love, faith and hope”
    59. Charlotte: Has German origins – means “free”
    60. Chloe: A Greek name which is one of those used for the goddess of harvest and fertility
    61. Claire: A medieval name from the Latin for “clear,” “bright,” or “famous”
    62. Danielle: Means “God is my judge”
    63. Darcy: An Irish name meaning “dark haired”
    64. Daria: From the Persian word for “sea”
    65. Darlene: One who is most tenderly beloved
    66. Dawn: The sunrise – connotations of new beginnings
    67. Deidre: From Celtic mythology – The most beautiful woman in ancient Ireland
    68. Diana: From Greek mythology – a goddess
    69. Doris: Of Greek origin – means “gift”
    70. Drew: A name with Anglo-Saxon origins meaning “wise.”
    71. Drusilla: One with dewy eyes
    72. Ebba: A German name that literally means “as strong as a wild boar” — who says girls shouldn’t strive to be strong?
    73. Eden: Paradise – a delight
    74. Effemy: A German name that means “fair speech” — a person who is well-spoken.
    75. Eira: A Welsh name that means “snow” — beautiful and pure
    76. Elakshi: A Hindu name which roughly translates to “a woman with intelligent eyes”
    77. Elizabeth: A Hebrew name that means “the fullness of God”
    78. Erika: An eternal ruler — a strong and fair leader
    79. Eris: This name comes from Greek mythology – the goddess of discord and destruction
    80. Estelle: A name with Latin origins – means“star”
    81. Ethel: A name with German origins – means “noble”
    82. Eva: Means “life”
    83. Evangelina: A biblical name – the messenger of good news
    84. Evelyn: From French origins – means “wished for child”
    85. Faith: Greek origins, though has religious connotations
    86. Farrah: A name of Arabic origin meaning “joy” or “happiness”
    87. Fawn: A baby deer — sweet, innocent and beautiful
    88. Fedora: Divine gift — just like your new child is
    89. Felicia: Happy, as in felicity
    90. Felistas: A Kenyan name that means “festival”
    91. Femi: An Egyptian baby girl name meaning “love”
    92. Fiona: Means “fair” or “beautiful”
    93. Fleur: This cute girls name is French for “flower”
    94. Flora: Comes from Roman mythology – The Goddess of flowers and spring
    95. Frances: This classic name means free or free-spirited
    96. Freya: From Norse mythology – the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war and death
    97. Geraldine: Means “mighty with a spear”
    98. Gia: A cute Italian girls name that means”God is gracious”
    99. Hallie: A name with German origins, meaning “ruler of an army” – a strong name for a little girl
    100. Hamisi: A Kenyan name meaning “Born on Thursday”
    101. Hazel: A name which refers to the hazel tree – a beautiful name derived from nature
    102. Helena: Helena of Troy from Greek mythology – outstandingly beautiful
    103. Hoshi: A Japanese name meaning “star” — and your new baby girl is your little star
    104. Ida: Celtic origins – means “thirst for goodness or knowledge”
    105. Imogen: A classic Gaelic name meaning “maiden”
    106. Inaya: Means “kindness and grace”
    107. Indah: An Indonesian name that means “beautiful”
    108. Ines: An Argentinian name meaning “chaste”
    109. Ingrid: A name with German origins – means fair or beautiful.
    110. Iona: The name of an Irish island on which a monastery stands – blessed
    111. Irene: Means “peace” — the perfect name for a little girl who you hope will be kind and fair
    112. Iris: From the Greek for “rainbow” – also a beautiful flower
    113. Isabella: Devoted to God – can be called by the nickname “Bella” which means “beautiful”
    114. Ishi: A Japanese name meaning “stone” – someone with a strong and dependable character
    115. Isolde: A name with ancient German origins – means “ice”
    116. Jamille: An Arabic name which means “beautiful”
    117. Jasmine: A pretty red flower that’s beautifully scented
    118. Jemima: A dove – peaceful and full of grace
    119. Jessica: A woman of wealth
    120. Jewel: A precious gem – a little girl who is valuable to you
    121. Jillian: Means “young child” – your little one
    122. Joan: Means “God’s gracious gift”
    123. Jolie: French for “pretty”
    124. Josephine: A biblical name meaning “He shall add”
    125. Joy: Happiness or delight – fitting since your little girl will bring joy to your life
    126. Judith: A Latin name meaning “praised”
    127. Justine: Fair and just
    128. Kai: A Japanese name meaning “forgiveness”
    129. Karis: A name with Greek origins meaning “grace”
    130. Keesa: A cute name that is Russian for “kitten”
    131. Keira: An Irish name meaning “dusky” or “dark haired”
    132. Koneko: Japanese for “kitten”
    133. Kyla: Celtic in origin, meaning “a beauty that only poetry can capture”
    134. Lana: A Greek name meaning “light”
    135. Lauren: From Latin – this name means “laurel leaves”
    136. Layla: An Arabic name meaning “born at night”
    137. Letitia: Joy or happiness – which is exactly what your baby girl has brought you
    138. Lily: A flower – connotations of purity and beauty
    139. Liri: This Hebrew name means “musical”
    140. Lorelei: A siren from Greek mythology
    141. Lucia: An Argentinian name meaning “light” or “illumination”
    142. Luna: Of the moon – from Latin
    143. Lyra: A version of the Greek name Lyris, this means “lyre”
    144. Mabel: Latin origins – means beautiful, loving, or lovable
    145. Madeleine: A Hebrew name which literally means “woman from Magdala” – sounds pretty, though!
    146. Margaret: Of Persian origin – means “pearl”
    147. Mary: A Biblical name meaning “wished-for child”
    148. Matilida: From Old German meaning “mighty in battle” – a strong name
    149. Mika: A Japanese name meaning “new moon”
    150. Milagros: An Argentinian name meaning “miracle”
    151. Mona: A name with Irish origins which means “little noble one”
    152. Mumbi: A Kenyan name meaning “mother of the people”
    153. Murni: An Indonesian name meaning “pure”
    154. Nadia: Means “hope” – a sweet name and a good message
    155. Naomi: A Hebrew name which means “beautiful” or “agreeable”
    156. Neka: An American Indian name, this means “wild goose”
    157. Niamh: Also spelled “Neve” or “Neave” – means “bright” or “radiant”
    158. Nila: This name is derived from the river Nile in Egypt
    159. Nixie: A name with German origins – a water sprite
    160. Norah: A name with Hebrew origins which means “shining light”
    161. Nur: An Indonesian name that means”light”
    162. Olivia: Comes from the Latin “olive tree” but has connotations of peace, as in the biblical olive branch
    163. Ophelia: A famously beautiful, yet fated, character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    164. Orianna: Means “golden” – ideal for your golden girl
    165. Penelope: From Greek mythology – the beautiful and loving the wife of the Trojan hero Ulysses
    166. Peni: An Indonesian name meaning “pretty”
    167. Phoebe: An American name that means “the shining one”
    168. Primrose: A flower – a perfect feminine name for a baby girl
    169. Priya: A Hindu name meaning “beloved”
    170. Putri: An Indonesian name that means “princess”
    171. Rose: A beautiful flower – the name has Scottish origins
    172. Roxanne: Means “dawn”
    173. Ruby: A precious red stone – ideal for a baby with red hair
    174. Sadie: A name which means princess – perfect for your cute little princess
    175. Sasha: A helper of humanity
    176. Scarlet: Red – ideal for a red headed baby
    177. Serafina: Literally means “an angel” – perfect for a sweet and angelic little girl
    178. Serena: Peaceful and serene
    179. Shana: A name meaning “beautiful”
    180. Shannon: One who is wise
    181. Sheila: A divine place
    182. Simone: Literally means “it is heard”
    183. Sina: A Hebrew name that means “treasure”
    184. Stephanie: A name with Greek origins meaning “crown”
    185. Susanna: A Hebrew name meaning “lily”
    186. Tabitha: A Biblical name from the Old Testament meaning “gazelle,” “beauty,” or “grace”
    187. Tamsin: Originally a shortened form of “Thomasina” but now a name in its own right
    188. Tatum: An Old English name meaning “lighthearted”
    189. Thalia: A name that means “to blossom”
    190. Tia: A Spanish name that means “aunt”
    191. Tori: A Japanese name meaning “bird”
    192. Trea: This name comes from the Latin word – a short and unique name
    193. Uma: A Hindu name meaning “bright.”
    194. Ursula: A bear – strong and powerful
    195. Violet: Both a flower and a color, this is a dainty name for a little girl
    196. Willow: Like a willow tree – an ideal name for your little one if you’re a nature lover
    197. Wren: After a small, beautiful songbird — has Old English roots.
    198. Zahra: An Arabic name that means “flower” – a cute and feminine name for a baby girl
    199. Zaliki: An Egyptian name meaning “well born”
    200. Zoe: A Greek name meaning “life” or “alive”

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