200 Cute Baby Boy Names

By on October 24, 2014

choose a cute name for your baby boy

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If you’re expecting a new little miracle in your life, you probably want to find the perfect name. With thousands upon thousands to choose from, this can — frankly — be a little overwhelming. Here you’ll find a collection of 200 cute names for baby boys, along with their meanings, so that you can choose that special name for your new addition.

  1. Aaron: A biblical Hebrew name, meaning exalted or strong
  2. Abe: Means “father of nations”
  3. Abraham: A Hebrew name from the bible, which means “exalted father”
  4. Adam: Man of Earth – the name of the first man in the bible
  5. Adler: Eagle – brave and majestic
  6. Adley: Just – always wants to do what’s right
  7. Aedus: Gaelic for “fire”
  8. Aiden: Fiery – strong-willed; a boy who knows what he wants
  9. Alan: Gaelic for “noble”
  10. Albern: Of noble valor – brave and courteous
  11. Alexander: Defender of man – comes from ancient Greek
  12. Alfred or Alfie: Supernaturally wise
  13. Alvin: Noble friend – kind and trustworthy
  14. Ambrose: Means “immortal” – someone who will live on by their reputation and good deeds
  15. Amery: Industrious – a name for a boy you hope will be hard-working
  16. Amos: A strong Hebrew name, meaning carried by God
  17. Andrew: Valiant, strong and masculine
  18. Angus: Unique, strong and special
  19. Ansel: Of noble birth
  20. Ariel: This Hebrew name literally means “lion of God” and is also the name of an angel in the bible
  21. Arnold : As strong as an Eagle
  22. Arthur: This mean means, a brave champion and a follower of Thor
  23. Arvel: Someone who is much loved – literally means “wept over”
  24. Aryeh: This is a Hebrew name that means “lion” – a princely name as the lion is the king of beasts – someone who is strong and brave
  25. Asher: A biblical name that means “blessed” or “fortunate.”
  26. Atwood: A forest dweller – lives a simple but fulfilling life
  27. Aubrey: A mythical name from the French, means “ruler of the elves” or “fair ruler of the little people”
  28. Austin: Helpful, kind and good
  29. Axel: A peaceful man
  30. Azriel: In the bible, this is the name of an angel – it means”helper of God”
  31. Baird: A player or minstrel – talented and musical
  32. Barclay: A name from nature, meaning a meadow of birch trees
  33. Barin: A noble fighter who wants the best
  34. Barnaby: A prophet – wise, true and godly
  35. Barnett: An English name which means “leader”
  36. Baruch: A Hebrew name which means “blessed”
  37. Beau: This name means “handsome” in French
  38. Benedict: Means “blessed” – a good name for someone you want to see good things come to
  39. Benjamin: A Hebrew name meaning “southerner”
  40. Benton: Someone who lives on the moors
  41. Berel: Comes from the word “bear” – strong and brave
  42. Berwin: Welsh name that means “blessing”
  43. Blake: The name for someone with a fair complexion
  44. Boone: Good – a true blessing
  45. Boris: A warrior – someone who will be brave, strong and reliable
  46. Brendan: Traveler – an ideal name for a son you hope will one day see the world
  47. Caleb: The name of a renowned leader in the Bible – means “wholehearted” or good
  48. Calev: A biblical name which means “like a heart”
  49. Cameron: A Celtic name — means “crooked nose”
  50. Cayden: A great fighter – the bravest and strongest
  51. Cedric: A Welsh name that means “war leader” – a strong and brave warrior
  52. Chanan: This name means “He was gracious” – a biblical name
  53. Chaniel: A biblical name meaning “Grace of God”
  54. Cody: Helper – someone who is kind and happy to assist
  55. Colin: Gaelic for “cub”
  56. Colm: Gaelic for “dove” – peaceful
  57. Connor: Of Celtic origin – means ‘dog lover’
  58. Conrad : Means “bold in counsel” – someone who is strong and gives good advice.
  59. Conway: A Celtic name that means “holy river”
  60. Cormac: Means “raven” in Gaelic
  61. Corwin: This name means “from beyond a hill” – has mystical or exotic connotations
  62. Craig: Means rocky – from the Gaelic word creag
  63. Crispin: A classic English name that means “curly headed”
  64. Daniel: A Hebrew mean that literally means “God is my judge” – a pious man
  65. Darragh: Gaelic name meaning “oak”
  66. Dietrich: A German name that means “leader of the people”
  67. Doron: A Hebrew name that means “gift” – and your new baby boy is certainly a gift
  68. Dylan: A Welsh name, literally meaning “great tide”
  69. Ehud: A biblical name that means “beloved” – perfect for the baby boy you will love with all your heart
  70. Eilad: A name from the bible that means “God is forever”
  71. Eli: A Hebrew name that means “ascend” or “uplifted” – a High Priest in the bible
  72. Eliyahu: Literally means “toward God” – a strong name with religious connotations
  73. Emanuel: A biblical name that means “God is with us”
  74. Emory: A German name that means “leader” or “head of the household”
  75. Ethan: Solid and enduring – steadfast
  76. Ewan: A common Gaelic man meaning “born of the Yew tree”
  77. Ezekiel: A biblical name meaning “Strength of God”
  78. Ezra: A Hebrew name which means “helper”
  79. Finn: A soldier – someone who is strong and brave, and will fight for what he believes
  80. Frederick: A German name that means “merciful leader” – strong but good and fair
  81. Gabriel: A biblical name meaning “God’s able-bodied one” or “hero of God”
  82. Gad: Means “good luck” — Gad is the son of Jacob in the bible
  83. Garrett: A defender – puts others before himself
  84. Gavriel: Means “God is my strength” – A variation on Gabriel
  85. Gideon: A Hebrew name that means “mighty warrior”
  86. Gil: Means “joy” in Hebrew – someone who is happy
  87. Grayson: An Old English name — literally means “son of the bailiff”
  88. Harding: Brave and resilient
  89. Harvey: Comes from the Old Breton for “blazing”
  90. Helmer: The wrath of a warrior
  91. Hirsch: Means “deer” in Yiddish
  92. Hunter: Someone who searches or seeks – a strong name
  93. Indivar: A name that means “blessing” in Sanskrit
  94. Isaiah: A Biblical name meaning that means “god is salvation”
  95. Ivor: A warrior who fires a bow – someone who is brave, strong and dedicated
  96. Jack: Rebel – someone who is brave and strong but thinks for himself
  97. Jacob: A biblical name derived from Hebrew
  98. Jasper: One of the three wise mean from the bible – A bearer of treasure
  99. Jordan: From a Hebrew word meaning to flow down – the name of a famous river
  100. Joss: A shortened form of Jocelyn, but now a name in its own right. Or can be a variant on Josse, which means “lord” in Middle English
  101. Judah: A Hebrew name, meaning “praised” – someone who is well loved
  102. Jude: A shortened form of Judah
  103. Jules: From the Roman Latin – means “descended from Jupiter”
  104. Justin: Someone who is fair, just and kind
  105. Kalman: This is a Hungarian name that means “merciful”
  106. Karamat: A name that literally means “miracle”
  107. Kasey: Literally means vigilant or wakeful – someone who pays attentions and is aware of his surroundings
  108. Kasper: An alternative form of Jasper. One of the wise men, a bearer of treasure
  109. Keane: Means ancient or distant – has a mystical feel to it
  110. Kelly: A true warrior
  111. Kendal: Means “exalted effigy – someone who is loved and worshipped
  112. Kenzie: A shortened form of Mackenzie – handsome and kind
  113. Killian: A variation on a Gaelic name – means “little warrior.”
  114. Kirk: From an Old Norse word meaning “church” – someone who is godly
  115. Kwan: Strong
  116. Leon: Comes from the Greek for “lion”
  117. Leonard: As brave as a lion – strong and just like the king of beasts
  118. Levi: Another name with biblical origins, but this is a cool name for a little boy.
  119. Liam: A determined defender of the people — Gaelic form of William
  120. Logan: A popular baby name that comes from a Scottish surname
  121. Lorcan: Only small, yet brave and fierce
  122. Lowell: Young wolf – fierce and brave, but with lots to learn
  123. Maddox: Beneficent, kind – someone who is trustworthy
  124. Magnar: Strong warrior – can battle through life’s problems
  125. Magnus: Great – loved and revered by all
  126. Malachi: A name from the bible that means “Messenger of God”
  127. Malcolm: Someone who has royal blood
  128. Marcus: Warlike – a strong and noble warrior
  129. Marlon : Means “falcon” – a name for a boy who you want to be beautiful, swift and brave
  130. Matthew: A gift from the Lord – a true blessing
  131. Max: A strong and simple name, means “greatest”
  132. Maximus: Greatest – comes from Latin
  133. Medad: A biblical name that means “friend”
  134. Meir: Literally means “one who gives light” – this person lights up a room
  135. Melville: A Celtic name that means “leader” – someone who is brave and just
  136. Mendel: Someone who is kind and comforting
  137. Mica: He who resembles God
  138. Micha: A minor prophet in the bible
  139. Milo: Merciful – someone who is fair and kind
  140. Morgan: From the sea’s edge – a romantic and mythical meaning
  141. Moshe: A variation on Moses – a prophet and a strong leader
  142. Murray: Seaman – a perfect name to give your son if you’re a sailor or love the sea
  143. Nathaniel: A gift of God – especially good for a miracle child who you weren’t expecting
  144. Neal: Champion – a boy who is brave, strong and true
  145. Neron: Strong and brave
  146. Niall: Variation of Neil – Gaelic for “cloud”
  147. Nicholas: Literally means “people triumph”
  148. Nika: Ferocious but great
  149. Nissim: A Hebrew name that literally means “miracles.”
  150. Noach: Literally means “tranquility” – someone who is quiet and peaceful
  151. Noah: A Hebrew name, meaning comfort
  152. Noam: Pleasant, kind and nice to be around
  153. Norris: Caretaker, good at looking after people and things
  154. Olaf: Relic – old and wise
  155. Oliver: Olive tree. Linked to peace and the proverbial olive branch
  156. Orson: Literally, “like the bear” – someone who is strong and powerful
  157. Oscar: Means “spear of God”
  158. Oswald: Someone who has god-like power
  159. Oswin: A name from the bible that means “God’s friend”
  160. Otis: Hears well, a good listener, wise
  161. Ovadia: Means “servant of God” – a prophet in the bible
  162. Owen: Gaelic for “well born”
  163. Padraig: A common Irish name that means “noble”
  164. Phillip: A name with Greek origins – lover of horses
  165. Phoenix: A bird from mythology that is reborn from its own ashes – a symbol of immortality
  166. Quentin: A Latin name that literally means “born fifth”
  167. Rafael: Literally means “God heals” – Rafael is the angel of healing in the bible
  168. Randolph: A Middle English name meaning “shield-wolf.”
  169. Reese: An English name meaning “ardor” or “heat of passion.”
  170. Reggie: A shortened form of Reginald, which means “wise ruler.”
  171. Remo: The strong one
  172. Reuben: An Anglicized version of a Greek name, meaning “behold, a son!” – a biblical name
  173. Roderick: A famous power – also has links to the color red, so ideal for a baby with red hair.
  174. Roman: A strong name – a person from Rome
  175. Ronan: Gaelic for “little seal” – the name of a King of Leinster
  176. Rory: Gaelic for “red”
  177. Ryan: Gaelic for “little king”
  178. Saul: A biblical king – wise and fair
  179. Sebastian: Revered – Sebastian is the name of someone loved absolutely, just like your baby boy.
  180. Selig: Means “blessed” or “happy in Yiddish.
  181. Seth: The son of Adam in the bible – means “appointed” – also a name linked to Egyptian mythology
  182. Shaun: Means “favored by God”
  183. Solomon: Means peace – someone who is calm and loving
  184. Stephen: Comes from the Greek word for “crown” – royal or noble
  185. Takeo: As strong as bamboo
  186. Takeshi: Very strong and powerful
  187. Thomas: A biblical name – literally means “twin”
  188. Tiger: Powerful and energetic – as handsome and noble as a tiger
  189. Timothy: A name from the bible that means “God’s honor”
  190. Tobias: A biblical name meaning “God is good”
  191. Uriel: A name from the bible that means “Angel of light” or “flame of God”
  192. Valdus: Someone who is very powerful
  193. Velvel: Means “wolf” in Yiddish – a mighty and fearless warrior (Genesis 49:27).
  194. William: Germanic name meaning “protector”
  195. Wyatt: Little warrior
  196. Yona: Literally means “dove” – connotations of peacefulness
  197. Yoram: A Hebrew name meaning “God will raise him up.” – someone who is holy
  198. Zachary: A minor prophet in the bible – means “remembering God.”
  199. Zane: Means “God is gracious”
  200. Zev: Means “wolf” in Hebrew

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