20 Signs a guy like you more than friend.

By on December 25, 2013

You like him, no doubt about that. You like the way he smirks when something is pretty funny, and the way he turns red when he’s complimented. You like his eyes, the way his hair falls just right across his forehead. However, you don’t have any idea if he likes you that same way. Does he notice those things about you? Naturally you won’t even try to talk about it or do anything about it until you know how he feels. Why would you? It could ruin a friendship or make things really awkward. But, what you don’t know is that there are sure-fire ways to tell if he’s into you too. If you find he does any of these signs, you’re in!

1. He Changes The Way He Acts


When hanging out with a group of friends, he doesn’t act like he would if he were with them alone. As if he’s trying to impress you, he may be more polite and more attentive to you over them. If this happens, to show him you are into him, find reasons to grab his hand or his arm. Men are more likely to respond to physical contact than playful hints. You’ll notice that most guys, when they are with their friends, will show off. They’ll act like children–they goof off with their friends and act in a pretty embarrassing manner. But, when you are around everything is different. He acts like he doesn’t condone their childish behaviors, and may even dress in a different way.

2. He Asks Random Questions


If he keeps asking seemingly random yet obvious questions (ie. Do you have a boyfriend? What do you do for fun?) then he is probably into you. Why would he need to know if you have a boyfriend if he isn’t planning on changing that status for you? Asking what you do for fun is a sneaky way to know your interests for future date purposes. One of the most common questions is asking for your number or wanting to know everything about you. If he asks about your history, it means he is invested in you enough to want to learn where it is you come from, how you became the person you are, and even your family.

3. Always Finds A Reason To Touch You

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He can’t keep his hands off you. Literally. He finds any reason at all to touch you, be it helping you down stairs or into a car or even just “accidentally” side swiping your hand with his. One of the cutest things he will do is tickle you a bit. When a guy tickles you, it’s almost always flirting. No, its not just about cheesy pickup lines!



He goes out of his way to spend time with you. He cancels previous plans the minute you say you want to hang out. Any man who gives up Tuesday night poker or Sunday night football to spend time with you… if that doesn’t spell love then what does?

5. He Becomes Your ‘Yes’ Man


You notice that he always agrees with you. Seriously, with everything you say and everything you do. You could throw a banana peel in the way of an old lady with a walker, causing her to trip and fall, and then point and laugh at her and he will likely join in. Why? Because he likes you and really wants you to like him.

6. He Seems Very Protective of You


No matter what’s going on, he makes sure that you are safe. He guards you as if you are his most prized possession. Not saying women are possessions, but you get the idea. He may even go so far as to defend your honor if other guys are messing with you. Chivalry is not always dead! He gets upset if you are upset, and if you got faced with a mugger, he’d put you behind him while dealing with the situation. Sure, he could get shot or stabbed but as long as you are safe, he’d be okay with it.

7. He Teases


If you find he is slightly picking on you, teasing little things about you, it kind of falls into that elementary school idea that if he pulls your hair and picks on you, he must be in love. For a guy, teasing is flirting. Flirting means he likes you. It’s just that simple!

8. He Wants to Hear From You


He messages, texts, and calls you more often than not. One of the most obvious signs that he likes you is the fact that he can’t go a full day without talking to you. This shows that you are on his mind all the time, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

9. He Helps You Out… Always


He has no problem doing whatever you ask him to. Whether it’s carrying boxes up to your 8th floor apartment, paying your rent, becoming your personal chauffeur, or hit man when exes don’t leave you alone. Whatever you need, he’s the guy for the job. In fact, if you really wanted him to, he’d treat you like a Queen and call you his majesty.

10. He Notices

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There’s also the fact that he notices the little things about you. The new haircut, new shoes, or the fact that you’ve recently changed shampoos. Maybe it’s the way you smile depending on the circumstance. Either way, he notices and likes it.

11. He’s Been Asking About You


You’ve heard from your sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s wife that he’s been asking about you. Everywhere. The hobo that sits outside your building bumming for change had a twenty minute conversation about if he sees other guys coming in or out of your apartment.

12. He’s Loyal


You never see him so much as looking at other women. When the two of you are together, a whole burlesque show could walk by and he wouldn’t notice. In fact, the naked mile may run past you and his eyes remain focused on yours. You are the only one within his peripheral vision.

13. He Hangs Out With Your Friends


Everyone has that annoying friend, and nine times out of ten, it happens to be your best friend. He doesn’t like her, but he’ll hang out with her because you are there. Yea, that’s love. Even if that annoying friend is a guy who happens to be madly in love with you and you don’t feel that way. This guy may just be nice enough to have bro time with your friend, just to show how much he cares for you.

14. He Treats You Amazingly


He proves once again that chivalry is not dead. He opens the door for you, writes you little notes, helps you with your bags, defends you to people bugging you, and does all the little things we wish most men would do. Most guys don’t just do that for every woman, so you must be pretty special in his eyes if he’s willing to do it for you.

15. There’s No Sense of Time


Things are never rushed when the two of you are together. It’s like he has no care in the world on being late or missing something, so long as he has you. This means that he could spend hours on the phone just listening to you breathe and he’d be perfectly content with this.

16. He Tells You


One of the most obvious signs a guy likes you more than a friend? He says it. He says, “girl, I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re all I ever wanted and more.” Or something along those cheesy lines. Maybe he does it in a cute way, like writes you a note. Circle yes or no?

17.  He’s Always Nearby


He’s always close to you. He finds reasons to be close to you, maybe by leaning in when you are trying to talk to him. Sure, he probably doesn’t even need to get closer to hear you, but he will anyway. He just wants to spend a few seconds hearing nothing but you and smelling the perfume you are wearing. Plus, he probably hugs you. A lot. And lingers for an undetermined amount of time to smell your hair like those creepy guys in the stalker movies.

18. He Ignores You

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There is one way to know if he likes you, but honestly it’s hit or miss. He may pay no attention to you whatsoever. This whole “play hard to get” routine can be a popular one. It’s a way for him to play it cool and act like he doesn’t care when in fact, he’d bend over backwards to impress you.

19. He Has All Your Contact Info, Because He Asked For It


He wants to know how to get a hold of you at all times. He doesn’t say it like that, (because that would be creepy) but he adds you to Facebook, gets your home and cell numbers, and just for extra measures, installs a GPS on your car. Just kidding about that last one, but he really wants to be available to you.

20. He Goes In For The Kiss


The final clue that you are the one person on his mind? He tries to kiss you. He leans in, you can smell his mint mouthwash, his lips definitely look kissable, and who knows? Maybe he succeeds and kisses you. He could be drunk or sober, it doesn’t matter. If he kisses you, he at least finds you somewhat appealing to him. You should definitely see where it goes.

Long story short, if the guy you like happens to exhibit any of these signs, he’s more than likely into you for more than just friendship. There are a few things you should be warned about though. One, some of these signs can be seriously misconstrued. He may like you, but in the brother/sister type of love. He could also be gay, or just a really nice guy. If you are best friends with him and you were interested in making it more, be wary. It may ruin the friendship. Or, it may be the best thing to ever happen and you’ll live happily ever after. You never can tell. He just might be the one for you!