20 Rustic Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

By on February 28, 2015

Having a rustic style wedding is a unique opportunity to make this day even more special and original, while keeping the traditions and cultural heritage alive. Rustic wedding is currently quite trendy, and rustic wedding centerpieces will keep everything together and contribute to the general mood of the ceremony. The key to creating distinct rustic atmosphere is using natural items and going eco. Wood, leaves, tree branches, fruit, flowers- all this will make sure your day goes the way you imagined it when you planned to host a rustic wedding. Add some simple farm objects and the idea is complete. Of course, when you see jars and logs, you might not first think of a wedding, but a little imagination and creativity will give these mundane objects new meaning and significance, and will make the atmosphere truly pastoral. These 20 rustic wedding centerpieces will help you create a perfect rustic wedding.

  1. Wood centerpiece.


Wood is a truly natural element and will look naturally rustic as a centerpiece for the wedding. Add a little decoration to a simple piece of wood and your rural centerpiece is ready. The advantages of a wooden centerpiece is that it is easy to make and it looks simple though not overly simplistic.

  1. Deer antlers.


An interesting approach to a rustic centerpiece is to use a deer antler (real or fake one), slightly decorated with some little flowers or herbs. A perfect centerpiece for a wedding organized in a hunters lodge or some remote rural hotel.

  1. Chic lantern.


An antique object, such as an old-fashioned lantern, can easily be turned into a chic rustic wedding centerpiece. All you need for that is the lantern itself and a few candles which will help create extra special romantic mood.

  1. Simply log.


This centerpiece is easy to make and the effect achieved will be outstanding and striking. Take a simple log you saved for your fireplace and add some green leaves and flowers, or a piece of nice fabric and your centerpiece is ready to impress your guests.

  1. Cowboy boots.


Who could have thought that cowboy boots is not only a tacky footwear but also an interesting decoration piece? Well, all you need for this distinct centerpiece is a pair of old cowboy boots and your imagination. This centerpiece would be an excellent choice for the couple that loves wild west epoch and identify themselves with heroes of those times.

  1. Elegance in simplicity.


Sometimes simplicity is best, so many times it would be appropriate to not overthink things but act according to your first impulse. Here we can see the true example of the statement. A simple white flowers bouquet mixed with some twigs will look quite impressive as a centerpiece for a rustic wedding. It is simple, it is impressive, and it has that countryside touch about it. Ideal centerpiece for those who prefer chic minimalism.

  1. Mason jar.


A simple mason jar used as a rustic wedding centerpiece will add a certain nostalgic touch to the event and will make guests think of farms and home-made jams. Only in this case there is no need to fill the jar with jam, just add some simple wildflowers and your original and unique rustic centerpiece is all set.

  1. Painted mason jars.


In case a simple mason jar is too modest for you and you would like to add some creativity to it, paint it. Very easy and at the same time inspiring and creative centerpiece will make you really emphasize the country atmosphere and your artistic skills. Use different colors, but try staying in the same color scheme and avoid going too bright. Literally taking the matter in your own hands, you can show off your dedication and your artsy side.

  1. Barn wood planter vase.


Sometimes a wooden box is a real indicator of thinking outside of the box. A stylish barn wood planter vase got a new look with newlyweds initials and a little cute flowers bouquet. A great way to go rustic without immersing completely into the farm lifestyle.

  1. Twigs and candles.


Your rustic centerpiece cannot get more rustic with candles and twigs. It is very original and simple at the same time, and allows your creativity boost and bloom. All you need for this easy DIY centerpiece is a bunch of ordinary candles and some twigs and branches. It’s of course up to you how you would like to combine these things in the most effective way, but no matter what you make, the final result will bring your guests imaginations to the outdoors and countryside that is so dear to your heart.

  1. Flamboyance in a barrel.


Decorate a farm barrel with a flamboyant flower composition and your centerpiece will truly be the center of attention (after the bride of course!). Set your imagination free and combine different flowers and herbs together into a nice pastoral bouquet, which will reflect the abundance of homemade natural things on a real farm.

  1. Wine bottle.


This rustic wedding centerpiece is trending at the moment, but will definitely never go out of style and become outdated. It’s quite distinct and easy to put make as well. You can also add more décor or color by dipping the twine in food coloring or paint so they match your wedding theme, and put a gerbera inside.

  1. Watering can.


Watering cans are usually not that easy to find, but once you spotted a perfect one, it would be worth it as the final result is beautiful and artistic. You can have it painted or decorated, just set your imagination free and discover your inner artist that every happy woman has inside her. A perfect centerpiece for urban couples who would like to experience a new setting for their big event.

  1. Bottles mix.


Why not think out of the box and combine together bottles of different sizes and shapes? The final result will be quite impressive but at the same time it will keep the pastoral stylistics you would be willing to achieve.

  1. Pine cones.


Pine cones are another outdoor element that can bring your rustic wedding centerpiece to life especially for a fall or winter rustic wedding. With a little fake snow and a beautiful silver mirror you can turn a simple vase of pine cones into an elegant winter centerpiece or place them with small white pumpkins for your fall wedding.

  1. Floral bird nest.


This incredibly cute idea will be outstanding and unique at any rustic inspired wedding. Well, bird nest has a certain meaning in it, and its family connotation is more than appropriate for that special event of yours. This is the day you are building your own family, just like a bird builds a nest in spring.

  1. Bird cages.


Birdcages are just like the bird’s nests we talked about, a creative and unique rustic #centerpiece that can be filled with anything! If you really want to go all out with the rustic feel of your birdcage fill it with moss, twigs, little birds, or even anowl! You could also keep it simple like the idea in the photo with just a few candles and still have the #rustic touch you are going for.

  1. Metal bucket.


Easy-squeezy solution for everyone who has not much time and resources to buy wedding centerpieces, but can get hold of a few metal buckets. All you need to do is fill the bucket with something pretty and your truly unique rustic centerpiece is ready to inspire.

  1. Wildflowers.


Having a rustic wedding is great in a way that you can decorate the space around using more simple solutions and methods, and ditch those organized and high-maintenance roses for a lovely bouquet of wildflowers. It’s extremely cute, naïve, and modest, but at the same time stylish and fresh solution for those who are in love with the countryside.

  1. Fruit bouquets.


In case you are planning a budget friendly rustic wedding, think of shifting the whole stylistics of the usual centerpiece and changing flowers into fruit, or combining both. This centerpiece symbolizes the abundance that should be present in your family and home and the apples are cute and can be eaten afterwards.

Anyway, no matter how big your budget is, or where you are from, a wedding in a rustic style is a truly creative idea to think about in case you want your wedding to be special and unique, more so for countryside lovers and urban socialites who are tired of hustle and bustle of the city and would like some fresh air for their special event. Having a rustic centerpiece is perfect for discovering your inner artist and using everyday farm and country objects as pieces of art. We hope you found these ideas helpful for your rustic wedding and will enjoy every moment of your day!


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