20 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

By on December 18, 2014

A lot of people hit a slump when it comes to dating in the winter. It’s really too cold outside to do the things the two of you loved during the summertime, so you’re stuck indoors, probably going to the movies once a week, and being downright bored with your love life. Make this year different. Keep your romance on fire even though it might be deathly chilly outside with these 20 romantic winter date night ideas!


 1. Winter Movie Marathon

Frosty the Snowman? How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Bad Santa? Line up a few of your all time favorite winter movies and enjoy a night indoors snuggled up on the couch. Not only will you stay warm and toasty, but you’ll also get into the spirit of the holiday season!


 2. Bourbon Tasting

Have you ever tried bourbon before? I’m telling you, even if it’s 20 below outside, a shot of bourbon will warm you up in a matter of seconds- no lie. So instead of the traditional wine tasting (which you and your lover probably already indulged in during the summertime), try bourbon tasting for a change. Check out some of your local hot spots and see when they will be hosting a bourbon tasting and get your names on the list ASAP.


3. Cabin Retreat

There’s nothing more beautiful than a cabin in the woods topped with snow, surrounding by glorious snow capped mountains and ten foot tall green trees sporting the illuminating shade of white we adore during the winter season. So, of course a trip to the cabin up in the mountains is an inevitable date that’s just waiting to happen. Not only do you get to gaze at the beauty of winter, but you also get to escape with your love for a night or two. Sounds like the perfect romantic date, right? Absolutely.


 4. Ice Skating

What is one activity literally everybody does during the winter time? Ice skating, of course! Whether you can do a full 360 aerial move or you fall down on your bum ten times within a five minute time frame, you simply have to do this fun and silly winter activity. I mean, it only happens once a year, so let loose with your lover and have some fun on ice. Hey, maybe your man will enjoy ‘saving’ you from a terrible fall?


 5. Hot Chocolate by the Fireplace

The winter time can only mean two things: delicious hot chocolate coated in mini marshmallows and the delightful toastiness of a roaring fire in the fireplace. It’s the perfect combination that soothes our souls during the frighteningly chilly nights. This year, make it extra special by cozying up to your lover, chit chatting about how much you adore each other.


 6. Snowboarding

To my more adventurous couples, I only have one word for you: snowboarding. It only happens once a year, people! Grab your snowsuits, your board, and your game face, and brave the mountains this year. Yes, it’s totally okay if you fall down a thousand times, too. No need to be embarrassed!


 7. Cook Together

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE to cook during the wintertime. There’s just something about a big bowl of hot, yummy soup to warm you up on a dark night that is simply perfect. Throw a soup in the crock pot, make your favorite lasagna, or simply warm up with some pizza! Options are literally limitless. Just make sure to have fun (but no throwing food on each other, okay?! 😉


 8. Hit the Spa

Is there anything more amazing than a hot spa on a winter night? Heck no! Not only does a spa warm you up like NO other, but it also gives you a reason to show off a bit of your hot bod during the winter season. Cozy up with your honey in a steaming hot spa (and don’t forget the bourbon spiked hot chocolate!)


 9. Hockey Game

Forget baseball, basketball, football, golf; the only game you should be attending during the winter season is hockey, of course. Do I really need to explain why?


10.  Game Night

No, this isn’t as boring as family game night you were forced to attend at 14 and 15. I’m talking about a silly, totally corny night of board games with your partner. So bring out your very favorite games from Sorry! to Poker and everything in between, and just have some good old fashioned fun.


 11. Tour the City

Lots of cities decorate their downtown areas with lights, trees, and other holiday decorations that are simply so amazing. Take a trip with your partner downtown to enjoy these spectacular sights and get in the holiday spirit. Do a little window shopping and give your partner some ideas on what you might want as a gift, too!


 12. Throw a Tropical Party

It’s the middle of the winter, so you’re probably missing palm trees, warm weather, and barbecue pool parties with your favorite fruit kebabs and cold smoothies. So this year, why not invite a bit of the summery sunshine and smiles indoors and throw a tropical party in the middle of winter! Dress up in your favorite summer outfits (maybe a hula dancer outfit?), wear some flip flops, and cook all your favorite summer dishes. For just one night, everything will feel warm and tropical and a little less frosty. How cool!


13. Look at Lights

Hop into your car, turn up the heater, maybe grab a hot chocolate or hot coffee from your local coffee shop, and travel around your town looking at all the lovely lights and decorations people have put up. You might be surprised at how ‘decked out’ some of the people in your neighborhood get!


 14. Date Night at the Bookstore

There are few things cozier than sipping on a hot drink while reading a book that mesmerizes you. If you and your mate enjoy a good book, then I recommend you head down to the bookstore and indulge in a lovely book by the fireplace. It’s cozy, comfy, and quiet- the perfect combination for a chilly winter night.


 15. Decorate

Slacking on your decorations? Then you’re probably just in need of a little extra enthusiasm! Instead of the typical dinner or movie date, spice things up with a little decorating party to get your home in the spirit of things. (Not to mention it will give you a little taste of what it’s like to live and decorate with your partner 😉


 16. Carriage Ride

A lot of cities provide carriage rides downtown. So while you’re walking downtown being mesmerized by the beautiful decorations around you, look out for a carriage ride service. This is INCREDIBLY romantic and will be something you and your love will remember for many years to come. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of this seriously romantic occasion!


 17. Play in the Snow

Sometimes it’s good to let your inner child shine through. So, hey- why not head out into the snow for some good old fashioned fun in the snow? Make snowmen together, make a few snow angels, even have a snowball fight. There’s SO much you can do in the snow, and afterward you can head back inside to snuggle up by the fireplace.


 18. Take a Class

When it comes to the winter time, everyone wants to be indoors. It’s too cold to go out! So what better time to take a class together? There’s something about taking a class with your lover that is incredibly romantic and brings the two of you together magnificently. Must be something about working together as a team to get the job done! Either way, find out if your city is offering any classes. Cooking classes are always a big hit and you can’t go wrong with an art class; but really, there’s probably tons to choose from! You may end up learning a new language this winter, who knows?


 19. Camp Indoors

Hey, don’t think this means you CAN’T camp outdoors- if you and your partner are brave enough to withstand the cold air, then be my guest. But I think the majority of you out there aren’t too fond of spending the night out in freezing cold weather! So, my camping lovers, how about bringing the camping indoors this year? Set up a tent in your living room and enjoy a night cozied up “under the stars”. It may take a bit of imagination, but it’s totally worth it right? Don’t forget to make s’mores in your fireplaces!


 20. Bake Sweet Treats

Anyone obsessed with cute Christmas tree sugar cookies or tasty peppermint bark will certainly understand this date night idea. Bake together! There’s so many decadent winter treats out there, and you are your partner will have a blast creating adorable treats and doing taste tests. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound fun!

See? Who said winter time had to be the season for boring date nights! These 20 winter date night ideas are sure to keep your love on fire. But we’re dying to know- which one is your favorite? Have you done any of these with your partner already? Let us know below!

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