20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

By on December 1, 2013

If you have long, thin hair and you’re looking for some new hairstyles to try out, you’re in the right place. With our 20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair, you’re spoiled for choice with some of the hottest celebrity hairstyles for long, fine hair. Thin hair can be very versatile, and with 20 different hairstyles to choose from, we’re sure that you will find a fabulous new hairdo to suit your personal style.

1. Mila Kunis Hairstyle: Lovely layers

Black Swan actress Mila Kunis looks gorgeous with her sleek, straight layers of hair. Layers are especially flattering for thin hair as they create the illusion of thicker, more dynamic locks. For a sleek and polished look, only layer the ends of your hair and wear it poker-straight and shiny.

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 2. Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle: Wispy, angled bangs

 Actress  Reese Witherspoon looks feminine and flirty with her long blonde tresses and wispy, angled bangs. If your hair is particularly fine, opt for flattering angular bangs over chunky blunt bangs – the latter work best with thick hair, and may not look great with thinner hair.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_02

 3. Diane Kruger Hairstyle: Undone side pony

German born actress Diane Kruger looks gorgeous with her tousled, undone side-pony. Her messy blonde tresses gently skim her forehead, softening the angles of her square face. To recreate Diane’s look, part your hair slightly off-centre and secure it in a low and messy ponytail. Polish off your look by wrapping a section of hair around the tie to conceal it.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_03

 4. Isla Fisher Hairstyle: Fiery, glossy waves

Actress Isla Fisher looks stunning with her fiery, glossy waves of hair. Her hair has a few subtle layers and plenty of volume to create the illusion of thick, luscious locks. To recreate Isla’s gorgeous waves, wrap sections of hair loosely around a thick barreled curling iron and use a round brush to create soft, sexy waves.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_04

 5. Kristen Stewart Hairstyle: Beautiful bedhead ‘do

Twilight Saga actress Kristen Stewart keeps her looks simple and sexy with a messy bedhead hairdo. Although Kristen has quite fine hair, this style is pumped full of volume and texture that makes her hair look thick and full of body. To recreate Kristen’s wild ‘do, work some volume-boosting mousse into damp hair and blow-dry. Skip brushing and any extra products, and embrace your hair’s natural texture.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_05

6. Nicole Richie Hairstyle: Sexy headband and wispy bangs

 TV personality Nicole Richie looks gorgeous with her sexy headband and wispy side bangs. Her fine, blonde hair is layered for more volume, and we love the caramel and platinum blonde streaks that brighten up her complexion. Headbands are a fun and creative way to update a simple hairstyle, and there are many different kinds to choose from.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_06

 7. Taylor Swift Hairstyle: Elegant low ponytail

Country singer Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her honey-blonde hair pulled back into an elegant low ponytail. You don’t need thick tresses to pull off a ponytail – simply choose styles that suit your hair type. Taylor keeps her look fresh and simple with pretty green earrings and minimal makeup.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_07

 8. Emma Stone Hairstyle: Medium length with long bangs

Actress Emma Stone looks striking with her platinum blonde locks and long, piecey bangs. Long bangs accentuate your eyes and lips, whilst neatly framing the lower half of your face. Piecey bangs work well with fine hair, and they’re much easier to maintain than blunt bangs.

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 09:  Emma Stone at "The Croods" Press Conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on March 9, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

 9. Ashley Greene Hairstyle: Dramatic layers

Twilight Saga actress Ashley Greene wears her rich chocolate brown locks loose with dramatic layers. Layers are flattering for every face shape and hair type, provided you choose the right length. Ashley rocks three distinct layers that give her thin hair added volume. Try to keep your shortest layer below chin level for gorgeous face framing layers.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_09

 10. Jennifer  Aniston Hairstyle: Medium length with feathered ends

Romantic comedy actress Jennifer Aniston looks gorgeous with her signature medium length blonde ‘do. The ends of her fine hair have been feathered (cut so that the ends are fluffy) for a soft and romantic look. Take inspiration from Jen and add some highlights to dark blonde hair to brighten up your complexion.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_10

 11. Blake Lively Hairstyle: Loose, voluminous waves

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively has nailed the girl-next-door look with her loose, voluminous blonde waves. To recreate Blake’s carefree look, you need a great blow-out. After washing, divide your hair into sections and dry each section separately. Use a round brush for extra volume, and you’re good to go!

 12. Bella Thorne Hairstyle: Long auburn locks

Teen actress and model Bella Thorne looks radiant with her long auburn locks. Bella makes the most of her fine hair with layers, piecey bangs, and plenty of shine. To get Bella’s super straight locks, invest in a high quality hair straightener and a good heat protection serum to prevent damage.

 13. Kirsten Dunst Hairstyle: Summery layers

Actress Kirsten Dunst looks gorgeous with her soft, summery layers of hair. We absolutely adore her hair colour – the bright platinum blonde highlights and subtle honey-blonde low-lights give her hair extra depth, making it wonderfully vibrant.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_13

 14. Kate Hudson Hairstyle: Long, beachy waves

Actress Kate Hudson rocks her signature long, beachy waves of blonde hair with a gold necklace and minimal makeup. Her hair has been cut into subtle layers with feathered ends, creating very soft and romantic waves. Kate sports a few caramel highlights in her blonde hair that give it an interesting touch.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_14

 15. Kate Bosworth Hairstyle: Middle parted, smooth tresses

American actress and model Kate Bosworth looks beautiful with her smooth, middle-parted tresses. Kate’s middle parting divides her hair into two perfectly symmetrical sections that neatly frame her face. We love how smooth and touchable her hair looks – no doubt the result of a fantastic anti-frizz serum.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_15

 16. Ashley Olsen Hairstyle: Voluminous blonde locks

Actress and fashionista Ashley Olsen (twin sister to Mary-Kate Olsen) keeps her hairdo simple with voluminous blonde locks. She sports a big wave in her hair that draws attention to her eyes and mouth, and her face is softly framed by flyaway hairs.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_16

 17. Ashlee Simpson Hairstyle: Long and straight with side fringe

Singer Ashlee Simpson wears her long red hair straight with a subtle side-fringe. She sports a number of smooth, edgy layers and chin-length pieces of hair that frame her face.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_17

 18. Hilary Duff Hairstyle: Bold bouffant

Actress and singer-songwriter Hilary Duff looks confident and sexy with her hair in a bold bouffant (a hairstyle with a bubble fringe and the rest left loose). To recreate this look, tease hair at the crown before securing it at the top of your head with a hairpin. Easy!

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_18

 19. Claire Danes Hairstyle: Sexy side fringe

Homeland actress Claire Danes looks gorgeous with her hair loose and swept into a sexy side-fringe. The side fringe is flattering for every face shape, as it creates the illusion of a longer and more oval face. Finish off this look with shimmery eye-shadow, dark lashes and nude lips for extra impact.

20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair_19

 20. Kaley Cuoco Hairstyle: Waves, layers, and highlights

Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco looks stunning with her perfect haircut and striking dark eye makeup. She’s found the winning formula for a great hairdo: 1. lots of face framing layers, 2. waves for extra body, and 3. hair colour that complements her skin tone. With these elements, you simply can’t go wrong!

So there you have it – 20 Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair! We hope you’ve found some ideas for your next hairstyle, and that you’re excited to try out something new.