20 Good Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

By on December 7, 2013

When you first enter into a relationship it can be pretty overwhelming. There’s so much you don’t know about your partner, and knowing which questions to ask can be hard. But with these 20 good questions to ask your boyfriend you’ll find out imperative information that will guide you into your futures.


1. What is your full name?

If you don’t already know, this is an important question to ask. Not only will you be able to know more about him, but you’ll also be able to identify his ethnic background and even imagine yourself with his last name!

 2. Do you have a nickname?

This question is both engaging AND fun. You might find out he has an incredibly adorable nickname you can start using!

 3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

See what kind of man he is: the man who wants to relax by the beautiful ocean waters of Mexico or the adventurous type who wants to escape to the mountains of Germany during the winter.

4. Where do you see yourself in the future?

With this question, you can really find out what type of man he is. He could be destined for greatness, wishing he was made of millions, or you might find out he’s a simpleton who just wants a large family and a house on the hill.

5. Do you want kids?

Note: Don’t ask this until later into the relationship. Nonetheless, it’s very important. If he is definitely against having children and you want 10 little ones, the two of you probably aren’t going to last too long.


6. What’s your idea of a good relationship?

See what he views as important and make sure the two of you are on the right track.

7. Do you like to cook?

Is your man the type of guy who will bring you a delicious breakfast in bed, or does he cringe at the thought of picking up a pan? Find out with this question. If he says yes, why not have dinner at his place this weekend.

8. What would you do on our 1 year anniversary?

See just how romantic your boyfriend is with this simple question.

9. What would you do if you won the lottery?

This is a great question as you’ll be able to see a different side of your man. Would he give some to charity? Buy his mom a new house? Or would he simply spend the mass quantities of dollars on himself?

10. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

This question is just plain out fun. What superpower will he choose and how would he use it for good? (Or evil!)


11. What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Going hand-in-hand with the anniversary question, here you’ll be able to see the level of romanticizing your man is capable of doing.

12. Are you the jealous type?

Such an important question, and the answer is even more important. After all, you don’t want to stick around with a man who’s insanely jealous or a man who doesn’t care what you do (or with who).

13. What would you do if someone hit on you while we’re together?

Every woman is curious as to how her man will react in this situation. Any other answer than ‘I would tell her I have a beautiful girlfriend I am loyal to’ is unacceptable.

14. Do you have a certain type of girl you go after?

Find out whether or not he stepped out of his boundaries for your relationship or if he simply has one look he prefers.

15. What is your worst habit?

Finding out sooner than later is always best. I mean, if he’s a heavy drinker and you don’t touch a lick of liquor, the relationship might not run smoothly.

16. What does love mean to you?

Such a deep and provoking question, but it’s definitely one you need to know. Don’t waste your time with a man who doesn’t cherish love or doesn’t even care to experience it.


17. What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?

Again, with this question you can decide what type of guy he is: a hit it and quit it type of guy, or a man looking for his soulmate.

18. Are you close with your family members?

A man who’s close with his family is typically a man who cherishes loved ones, therefore he will cherish you. However, there are always those cases in which something has happened that breaks families apart.

19. Do you care more about looks or personality?

Find out if your guy is just with you for your tan skin and perfect hair, or if he searches deep within to find out who you really are.

20. Do you follow your heart or your head?

This question is actually very deep and will provoke a lot of feelings. Does your man logically think about a situation, or react when his heart is throbbing?


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