20 Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

By on November 10, 2015

She’s your BEST friend. The two of you do everything together! But wait- her birthday is coming up and suddenly you’re in a frantic state of mind trying to come up with the perfect gift. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered. These 20 gift ideas will wow her and impress her and she’ll love you forever, besty!

1. Best Friend Jewelry
Seriously, you can’t go wrong with best friend jewelry. Whether it’s a matching two-part necklace or cute besty bracelets, EVERY best friend loves to get this gift. It’s a symbol of how close the two of you are, and every girl LOVES showcasing her best friend to the world.

2. A Stunning Bracelet or Necklace
If you’ve already got best friend jewelry or you simply want something a little more mature, consider a beautiful piece of jewelry. Every girl loves jewelry, right? And you know exactly what kind of jewelry your gal pal adores, so hit the shops and see what immaculate piece of jewelry you can find.


3. New Jewelry for Her Piercings
She’s been wearing that same pink nose ring for 6 months, or maybe she just got a new totally hot belly piercing. Either way, she needs another adorable ring for her special piercing locations. You’re the perfect gal to present her with some new bling for her piercings!

4. Gift Card for Massage
You of all people know EXACTLY what is going on in your best friend’s life. Maybe she’s been going through a hard time lately or has been working overtime to pay her bills. You know she desperately needs some time to lay back and relax, so a gift card for a massage is an excellent, caring choice.

5. Makeup
For the best friend who MUST follow the latest lipstick trends and has an obsession with contouring, makeup is a wonderful option. Throw in a couple of her favorite brands and colors into a cute makeup bag, or purchase an entire makeup set with everything she’ll need to transform.

6. Big Best Friend Photo Canvas
You love her, she loves you; and you both ADORE that picture you took at last weeks party. Blow it up on a canvas so she can display it in her room!

7. Box of Her Favorite Goodies
Putting together an extra special gift basket just for her shows her how much you care about her and that she truly is your best friend. Fill it up with EVERYTHING she loves, whether it’s a bunch of her favorite sweet treats, teas, wines, or accessories. There’s so many options and you can literally fill the box with anything you want.

8. Tickets to a Concert
Her favorite band just so happens to be coming to town? Well, you just so happen to bought front row tickets. WINNING!


9. Tickets to a Movie
Who doesn’t love a good movie? It’s a birthday gift classic and does the trick every time. Pair the movie with drinks and dinner for a fun outing with your gal pal.

10. Random Road Trip
Pick up your best friend and get ready for the time of your life, laughing and giggling on the highway. Who knows where the two of you will end up or what you’ll end up doing!


11. New Purse
A new purse is always a great idea! Purses get used so often, they tend to fray and look older than they really are. So head on down to the department store and get that super cute one she’s been eyeing every time the two of you hit the mall.


12. Item of Clothing
I’m sure your best girl friend LOVES clothes, right? What girl doesn’t! Clothing is always an awesome birthday gift idea. If you’re not 100% of her size, or don’t know what exactly she needs, you can always give her a gift card and a date when the two of you can go on a super fun shopping spree.


13. Booze!
Booze? Of course. Especially if it’s her 21st birthday. Or maybe she’s just one of those girls that loves to tie one off with her gal pals every Saturday night. Either way, surprise her with her favorite booze or take her out for a special birthday girls night and tell her you’ll buy all the drinks and nasty bar food she could ever dream of.


14. Something Personalized
A personalized gift really brings the gift to the next level. It’s not just something you bought for whoever, you took the time to make it SPECIAL for them; and that really says a lot. The best part about personalizing is you can do it with almost anything. Perhaps an adorable personalized necklace, jewelry box, or iPhone case?


15. Tickets to an Amusement Park
So your best friend happens to love thrills! Why not plan a day with her to head to the coolest amusement park around? Sounds like a super fun (and maybe a little bit scary!) day to me.


16. Trip to the Spa
I can’t think of a single woman on planet earth who doesn’t a trip to the spa. The obnoxiously relaxing massages, super gross yet surprisingly sensational mud baths, the facials that leave you feeling like a movie star; the list goes on and on. The two of you should definitely take a trip to the spa and just relax and have fun together!


17. Mani/Pedi Date
Don’t have the time or money for an entire day at the spa? No problem. Choose the next best option: a manicure/pedicure date! Get matching colors to really bring out the best friend spirit or go your own way. Either way, the two of you will have a delightful time relaxing as your toes and fingers get a refreshing and cute makeover.


18. Tattoo Date
Obviously this isn’t a gift idea for just anyone, but if you and your gal pal are both lovers of tattoos, then consider a special tattoo date! If the two of you are extremely close, suggest getting a special best friend tattoo that can be displayed to the world. If that’s just too much of a commitment, simply go get tatted together. (Or maybe even just settle for matching piercings!)


19. A Weekend Away
Who said weekend getaways had to be limited to couples?! Get outta here! The two of you probably have WAY more fun together than a couple ever could, so plan a weekend away with your besty. Maybe an overnight stay right on the beach? Or perhaps you’ll hit the slopes and rest up in a cabin for the weekend? The options are limitless- which one will you choose?


20. Something Unique for Her
You know your best friend more than anyone else. You know ALL of her likes and dislikes and you know exactly what she wants and needs. That being said, you of all people should know what she would adore on her birthday. Go through her list of favorites or try and find out what exactly she wants on her special day. A unique only-for-her gift is sure to make her smile wildly.

What do you buy your best friend for her birthday?

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