20 DIY Clothing Tutorials You Really Need

By on April 4, 2015

We spend an incredible amount of our hard earned money on new clothes almost every single month. There is nothing wrong with staying updated with the new trends in fashion and looking fresh with new clothes every week. However, for those of you who are really worried about leaking too many dollars on clothes, here’s a simple solution for you. DIY clothing can make your life much easier. With a few tricks up your sleeves, you can come up with new clothes instantly using old clothes from your closet.

By recycling and reusing your old clothes, you will saving yourself a huge amount of money every single month. This money can then be used to buy more expensive clothes that you could not have afforded earlier. As far as the old clothes are concerned, you don’t have to use dirty, torn and rejected clothes that you bought 5 years ago. You can simply use an outfit that is still in shape, but is no longer in trend. The idea is to turn it into something that resembles the chic clothes that are on display at the fashion boutiques.

If you are worried about not having enough time to be creative with DIY clothing, then calm down and relax, we have it covered for you. Our selection of 20 of the most amazing, useful and imaginative DIY clothing tutorials will take your closet by storm and give you a complete makeover within a matter of a few days. So without further ado, bring out your notepad and start jotting down these marvellous collection of DIY clothing tips.

  1. New life of an old T-shirt.


We’re pretty sure you have a tee lying in your closet that you rarely ever use. Perhaps you don’t like the colour, perhaps it doesn’t fit you too well anymore. Well, simply cut it into two. Yes, you heard that! Take a scissor and cut straight down the middle. Use a hem tape to create uniform edges on each side and voila! You have a brand new cardigan to put on. source

  1. Infinity scarf.


With an old t-shirt and the good old tape and scissors, you can now come up with a nice infinity scarf. The bigger the t-shirt is, the longer your scarf will be. And it looks quite impressive. source

  1. Party dress.


Do you need to throw away that oversized shirt you got at a promotion that you can’t wear outside? Well, you don’t have to anymore! You don’t even need anything else to turn a useless clothing item into a stylish unique dress that will make you truly stand out. source

  1. Tote bag.


Don’t have money to buy that wonderful tote bag you spotted at the mall? No problems! Grab a piece of canvas. Flatten it out with an iron. Use a ruler, scissors and rivet kit along with some tape to come up with a homemade sew tote bag. Use an anvil and setter to place the rivets in the canvas. Use glue to fold the bags and a ruler to measure the folds precisely.  source


  1. Summer blouse.


You want to turn your simple tee into one with bow sleeves? Well the simplest way to do it is by cutting your sleeves around your shoulder at a certain precise angle. If it’s a short sleeved tee, don’t cut off the entire sleeve. Leave a couple of inches at the bottom and then cut off the shoulder. This will give you a perfect no sew bow. source


  1. Heart in your sleeve.


If you have a red jacket that you no longer use or a piece of red fabric, then cut a heart shape out of it with scissors. The heart should be small, no bigger than your palm. Attach this heart on the sleeve of a shirt that is a little blunt in colour. This will give you the perfect wear your heart in your sleeve shirt. Use glue to affix the heart, instead of sewing it in. source

  1. Lattice tee.


Have you ever wondered how a lattice tee would look on you? Well stop wondering and get to work with the scissors. Get a ruler and chalk for precision, and most importantly buy a pair of studs from the convenience store. Now that you have these, all you need to do is cut up an old tee in lattice shapes and attach the straps diagonally with the studs. source

  1. Hair bow.


DIY clothing does not always have to be for yourself. One of the cutest things you can do for a little one at home is cut up a very small square piece of cloth from any one of your lacy t-shirts and then attach it with a string made from the strap of your tank top to make an adorable no-sew fabric bow. source

  1. Fancy skirt.


Pillow cases are usually made with really comfortable fabrics that can be worn at any time of the year, especially during the colder days of fall. Separate the pillow cushions from the pillow cases. Cut open the other end of the pillow case. Slit the edges at the top and place a string in there, with the ends of the string popping out through two holes. This can now be used as a fancy skirt. source


  1. Apron.


If you have scarves that you no longer use, don’t throw them away. Combine two of them together and use an iron hem to turn them into a sweet looking apron. No needles, stitches or any other form of sewing is required with this one. source

  1. Cute pockets.


Do you have a favourite t-shirt that you don’t want to throw out, although it’s completely out of fashion? Well, you can grab a pair of scissors, cut a square piece of cloth from a handkerchief of the same colour as your shirt, and then attach this cloth to your shirt as cute little front pocket. source


  1. Draped skirt.


Have you ever seen how men in the Indian subcontinent wear a tied up piece of cloth instead of pants? You can have your own take on this ethnic wear. Use a large piece of a cloth, such as a tablecloth and wrap it around your waist till it becomes a draped skirt. source


  1. Headbands.


There is so much you can do with old tees. Cut a thin strap from each one of them, preferably one pink in colour. Roll up this thin strap tightly and tie it up in a not in the middle to form a tight elastic noose. This can now be used as a headband. source

  1. Workout shirt.


Take a tee-shirt and cut it along the collar and the shoulder horizontally to have two semi-detached identical pieces at the back and the front. Don’t cut it all the way through, one quarters of the way will suffice. Tie up the corners of the two pieces at the shoulder with cute little knots. source


  1. Distressed jeans.

15 jeans

You can use a variety of methods for this one, just use the scraper that works best for you personally, but in any case the result will always be satisfactory. source


  1. Ripped T-shirt.


Make thin horizontal cuts at the back of your tee. 10 to 15 cuts should do the trick. What you are basically trying to achieve here with this DIY clothing technique is a ripped pattern across the back of your tee.


  1. Romantic shorts.


Bring new life to your old denim shorts with this easy DIY example. Find a piece of nice fabric, it can be lace or crochet, or something more mundane, just remember to keep it on the feminine side. Cut a pattern that would fit onto the side of your denim short and tape it with a hem tape. Voila, you are ready for the summer. source

  1. Wrap sandals.


Wrap sandals are very popular this season and it is quite easy to make them yourself. All you need is a pair of simple flip flops and a nice thin scarf. The result will be just perfect for the summer vacation at the beach. source

  1. Cool dress.


The best way to turn an oversized tee into a dress is by making a complete horizontal cut along the centre of the tee. Now make a lengthy knot between the two pieces of cloth at the centre and put it on as a dress with tights.


  1. Glamorous belt.


The classiest DIY clothing tutorial has been saved for the last. You can easily make a fancy original belt with just a bunch of bright shoelaces and some vintage brooches. Now you are all equipped to shine this season. source


These were only a few examples of how to be creative with the old clothes in your closet. Start with these basic ones and then step up to the more difficult tasks. You will no longer have to worry about flushing your money down the drain in buying clothes.

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