20 Cute Romance Movies (2010 – 2014)

By on January 23, 2015

It doesn’t matter whether there is a twisted love story, or the relationship tale from heaven, we all love a good cute romance movie, don’t we? A great love story portrayed in film has the potential to reestablish your beliefs in love, reignite your passion to find that someone special, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and if you ask us, there are too many classic romantic movies out there that so many people (both boys and girls!) haven’t seen.

We here at Herinterest have done some digging around and we believe we have found the top 20 cute romance movies from 2010 to 2014. Whether you’re going through a breakup, fancy a night snuggled in on the couch watching movies with your beloved other half, or just fancy something cute to watch this evening, you need to check out these:

20 Cute Romance Movies (2010-2014)

1 – The Fault in Our Stars

Released: 2014

20 Cute Romance Movies_01

This movie had most of the Herinterest team crying the entire way through and the ending…. Well, it’s not quite what you might expect. Following a bunch of young adults and their long and traumatic battles with various cancers, The Fault in Our Stars isn’t quite the love story you’ll expect, but Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort play the young lovers perfectly, creating a somewhat doomed love story between the two main characters – Gus and Hazel, that you simply won’t forget!

2 – Dear John

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_02

Any movie starring Channing Tatum is good enough for us but there was a little something special about Dear John. Released during a period of time the world was at war, the story touched many hearts around the world, especially those involved in the military lifestyle in ‘real life’.

Amanda Seyfried plays the lover interest of Channing Tatum’s character, John Tyree and although it’s not always plain-sailing, there is definitely something to be learned from his relationship with Savannah Curtis!

3 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Released: 2012

20 Cute Romance Movies_03

The final part of The Twilight Saga had us all gasping, crying and even wailing in the cinema and there was literally not a dry eye in the house! It was a love story that was doomed from the start between a ‘normal’ girl and a vampire, with a werewolf thrown in for good measure.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson play Bella Swan and Edward Cullen perfectly and their traumatic adventures in love and life really captures everything surrounding love that is ‘now allowed’ as such. Think of it is a modern day Romeo & Juliet and you’ve got about the right idea!

We are sad that there are no more Twilight films… Are you?

4 – The Tourist

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_04

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp gave a blinding performance in this exciting romantic movie that has a bit of a twist to it. You are never really sure who Angelina Jolie’s character (Elise Clifton-Ward) is really in love with and for the majority of the film, you are sure it NOT is Johnny Depp’s somewhat naive character, American tourist Frank Tupelo. Or is it….? 😉

You’ll just need to watch and find out!

5 – Safe Haven

Released: 2013

20 Cute Romance Movies_05

Julianna Hough and Josh Duhamel come together in this romantic movie that set hearts a blaze all over the world! A simple story with a somewhat traumatic twist, it shows you that even in your darkest hours, love has a funny way of working everything out and making things better.

Katie and Alex, the main characters in the movie, play a blinding love affair in another Nicholas Sparks creation. You know when the movie was based on novel by him (like the Notebook and Dear John), it’s going to be a really good one… And you’ll probably cry at least once!

6 – Eat Pray Love

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_06

Julia Roberts and Latino hunk Javier Bardem get together in this beautiful and wonderfully uplifting movie that follows Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) leaving a partner, leaving the country, and running off travelling, unhappy with her life. You’ll just need to wait and see whether or not she finally gets it together with Hollywood hottie Javier playing Felipe….

7 – Beastly

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_07

Everyone loves a good Disney movie, don’t they? Luckily, this clever adaptation was just as much a hit among the girls as the original 1991 movie Beauty and the Beast. The 2011 modern-day take on the hit saw Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer coming together in the romantic movie and they come together just as beautiful as the original couple!

8 – The Vow

Released: 2012

20 Cute Romance Movies_08

A great romantic movie that was actually inspired by true events, The Vow saw Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum coming together in the hottest and most beautiful onscreen couple since she starred alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook!

Follow their compelling love story after the beautiful Paige (Rachel McAdams) wakes up from a coma, you see the lengths one man really will go to in order to win his beautiful partner back.

9 – Valentine’s Day

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_09

It starred a whole host of Hollywood’s finest and Valentine’s Day is a film set around… well, Valentine’s Day! Kathy Bates, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Eric Dane, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway (remember that phone sex scene!), and a whole bunch more. It’s almost hard to keep up with the main story being a whole bunch of little one’s but it definitely restores your faith in love when you are feeling down in the dumps!

10 – The Parks of Being a Wallflower

Released: 2012

20 Cute Romance Movies_10

Starring Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman, you have the story of freshman kids helping each other through the tough times that your school years can bring and obviously, there’s a love story stuck in there too! We won’t give the game away too much just in case you haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet but if you get the chance, definitely give it a watch! It’s such a cute romantic movie!

11 – Tangled

Released: 2011

20 Cute Romance Movies_11

We weren’t sure whether or not you’d actually appreciate this Disney beauty on the list but we’re being rebellious and putting it on there anyway, mostly because we simply adore the love story that progresses between the two main characters in the animated movie – Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

She may hit him with a saucepan and lock him in her closet but love always finds a way, especially in Disney world!

12 – Sex and the City 2

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_12

The first movie was brilliant and the second movie may have received mixed reviews, but most girlies love it anyway! This time, Big and Carrie are married but that doesn’t mean that life is plain-sailing. Especially when she meets Aidan on Dubai out of the blue… We’ll let you piece together what may have happened from there!

13 – Like Crazy

Released: 2011

20 Cute Romance Movies_13

This movie holds a lot of personal emotions for one of the members of our writing team here at Herinterest after going through the nightmare situation of trying to move to Canada (from the UK) with her Canuck boyfriend. Whether you’ve ever suffered at the hands of an immigration interrogation or not, there is something very sinister about this love affair and although it doesn’t quite work out in the way you thought it might, it certainly shows a very different side to a very passionate love affair!

14 – Letters to Juliet

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_14

With the beautiful Amanda Seyfried, this cute romantic love story follows her character’s (Sophie) journey of wanting to become a writer and going to Italy to Verona – the setting of Shakespeare’s beautiful love story between Romeo and Juliet. Does she find love? Well, you’ll just need to watch it and see! This is a great one if you fancy something a little light hearted, and all of the team here at Herinterest really enjoyed it!

15 – Remember Me

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_15

Starring the delectable Robert Pattinson (Twilight hottie), the story of Remember Me follows the terror act of 9/11. The two main characters – Ally Craig (played by Emilie de Ravin) and Tyler Hawkins (played by R-Patz himself) have a somewhat unconventional love affair that ends in a rather abrupt way. To find out what we mean, you’ll just need to watch this romantic movie for yourself! 😉

It’s definitely one you need to watch though, but just make sure you have a box of Kleenex to hand!

16 – The Bounty Hunter

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_16

With the beautiful Jennifer Aniston and the hunky Gerard Butler, you have everything you need to make a classic rom-com – there are laughs, loves and more than their fair share of ‘little accidents’ along the way, and when he’s sent to ‘take down’ his ex-wife, things take a slightly different turn than what he was expecting.

17 – Les Miserables

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_17

With a whole host of stars (and hot ones at that), surely there’s no way you’ve missed this classic romantic movie? Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Sacha Baron Cohen (that’s right) and even Helena Bonham Carter have come together in this great musical piece, set in nineteenth century France.

A story about how one decision can change your life completely, this might be one to watch with the girls on a Friday night with a couple of glasses of wine!

18 – The Great Gatsby

Released: 2013

20 Cute Romance Movies_18

The Great Gatsby started something, didn’t it? All of a sudden, Gatsby-inspired weddings are all the rage and everyone loves Leonardo di Caprio again. Not that we ever didn’t, of course.

Directed by the legend of slightly abstract movies, Baz Luhrman, imagine Romeo and Juliet with with a slightly more flapper-dress twist and you have about the right idea! Captivating, interesting and mysterious – it has everything you need for a really good romance movie and even the men seem to like this one too!

19 – Easy A

Released: 2010

20 Cute Romance Movies_19

OK, so it’s not a conventional romance movie but there is still an underlying love affair to Easy A, a rom-com that stars Emma Stone as a slightly ‘slutty’ teenager in school… except not everything is quite as it seems. Lies, betrayal and even a few hilariously funny moments, this is one you’d definitely get away with watching with your fella, especially when the beautiful Miss. Stone struts her stuff in that corset!

20 – The Other Woman

Released: 2014

20 Cute Romance Movies_20

A relatively recent movie, The Other Woman shows just how crazy (and strong) women can get when they are being betrayed by the men they say they love. Starring the beautiful Cameron Diaz alongside other Hollywood greats such as Kate Upton and Leslie Mann, the story of exacting revenge on a cheating guy is both funny and light-hearted. Perhaps another movie to add to that breakup list of films…?

Of course, 2010-2014 were great years for a bit of romance on the silver screen and there were so many films we wanted to put in this list. Gnomeo & Juliet, for example, was released in 2011 and most of us here absolutely love that animated garden-gnome themed comedy. You should also look at films like the 2010 Burlesque, 2010 Hope Springs (for the slightly older generation), 2013’s Warm Bodies (we love a good zombie flick!), 2011’s One Day, Water for Elephants released during the same year… There are a whole host of romance movies that we feel you should take a watch so why not start tonight?

So what did you think of our 20 cute romance movies from 2010-2014? Are there any that you would have liked to see on the list? Remember to leave a comment and let us know, or give us a shout over on the Herinterest Facebook page!


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