20 Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

By on December 8, 2013

Have one of those relationships where you could just stare into each others eyes for hours and smile all day long? Well with these 20 cute questions to ask your boyfriend you’ll have one more reason for your cheeks to turn red and your smiles to last through the night.


1. Why do you like me?

You already know he likes you. But knowing what exactly makes his heart pound every time you get near is even better. Get ready for compliments galore!

2. How much do you like me?

This adorable question is just asking for the cutest of answers like, ‘to the moon and back’, or ‘too much to even describe’.

3. What will you do next time I see you?

Will he scoop you up off your feet and twirl you around with the biggest hug you’ve ever received? Or will he show up with a pound of chocolate and your favorite flowers? There’s no telling what he will do until you ask this cute question!

4. Would you shout my name from rooftops?

Find out whether or not your man wants to profess his love for you to the entire world, with absolutely no shame in doing so.

5. Would you tell all your friends how much you love me?

Find out if your man is ready to tell his guy pals how much he’s into you, no matter how much they may make fun of him.

6. Would you stay in a long distance relationship with me?

Not only cute- but a very important question. Find out if your relationship can go the distance and if your man would stay by you even if that meant only seeing you a few times out of the year.


7. If yes, would you call/text me all the time?

In all actuality, he should be doing this already!

8. Would you drive several hours just to come see?

Any man willing to drive hours on end just to see the love of his life is a winner. Would your man make the trip?

9. Have you enjoyed spending time with me?

See just how much your boyfriend has loved spending every single second with you.

10. Would you be mad if your friends heard me calling you pet names?

Men can get embarrassed fairly quickly, especially when their friends here about their pet names. Would your mans ego be destroyed or would he laugh and give you a kiss?

11. What’s the thing you like the most about me?

Another completely adorable question that’s just asking for compliments upon compliments. Ladies, you’ll love every answer he comes up with (and yes, there should be more than one answer).

12. If you could give me any pet name, what would it be?

Discover if your man would choose a basic nickname like ‘baby’ or ‘honey’, or if he’d come up with something clever and cute like ‘snuggly wuggly buggly bear’.


13. Will you kiss me on the nose?

For some reason, women just love getting sweet little kisses on the nose. Why not ask your boyfriend if he’d be up for these lovely nuzzles?

14. Would you save me if I was about to fall off a cliff?

Ah, every man loves to be the hero. And if he’d put his safety on the line to protect you from a terrible fate, then he’s clearly the romantic type who would do anything for his lady. What a great question to boost his ego!

15. Would you love me even if I didn’t look this way?

If he say yes (and you better hope he does), you’ll just have to say ‘awwww’. Finding out that your mans love for your is more than skin deep is something to feel warm and cozy about on the inside.


16. Are we going to be together forever?

If he says yes to this question, giggle and give him a big hug. Just remember this is a cute question, not an actual proposal.

17. Would you choose me over your favorite video games?

A man who chooses his lady over his favorite video game is a WINNER. Point blank. There is simply no way around it.

18. Will you make dinner for me and clean the house?

Not only is this a cute question (if he says yes), but it’s also a great way to get him to pamper you.

19. Can I call you (fill in the blank)?

Come up with the most ridiculous pet name you can think of. If he says you can call him it, he might be the one for you. After all, if he’s willing to let go of his manly pride to allow you to call him huggy bear hotness, you must mean a lot to him.

20. If we were stranded on an island what would happen?

Who knows what answer he’ll come up with. Maybe he’ll make you a hammock made of leaves suspended from two palm trees while he fishes in the ocean for dinner, or maybe he’ll build the two of you a boat capable of riding the seas back home. Cute answers are just waiting to be heard with this one!


Image credit: Jelome_Abarquez, Love_is_a_double_rainbow, and Nia_Yosefa.