20 Conversation Topics for Couples

By on January 26, 2014


Falling in love is easy, but staying in love can be difficult. When two people have been together for a long time, it may be difficult for them to find new discussion topics. Couples who have spent a few years together have naturally had many of the most important conversations. If you want to learn more about your significant other, try using one of the following relationship topics.

  1. The easiest conversation is just to ask your partner how they are doing. Although they may be too fatigued to speak after work, the effort to communicate and care about them will be noticed.
  2. Bringing up the future requires some finesse, but it is an important topic to have. From having children to money matters, there are many conversations avoided by couples. Instead, you could try asking your partner about their bucket list and what they plan on accomplishing in the next few years or decades.
  3. Discussing values can be brought up by finding out the type of causes your partner supports. If the cause is the same, you can even try to volunteer together.
  4. Although discussions are always important, the simple things sometimes matter the most. Make sure that you express to your partner how much they mean to you.
  5. Hobbies are a common conversation starter. For long-term relationships, both partners are already familiar with each others’ hobbies. In new relationships, favorite pastimes can be a chance to find common ground or figure out shared events that both partners can do.


  1. As relationships age, it is far too easy for partners to take one another for granted. To spice things up, go back to the beginning of the relationship. Discuss early dates and remember why you started dating your partner in the first place.
  2. Despite taking up just a few weeks each year, vacations are one of the most popular memories for couples. Figuring out a vacation that suits both partners or a simple weekend trip can help to reinvigorate the relationship. In addition, this conversation can be an excellent source of info for a surprise getaway.
  3. Having children is a big step, so couples can always try having a pet first. During a walk or hike, bring up the topic of getting a pet. Although this seems like a tedious topic, it actually indicates the level of commitment in the relationship. Purchasing a pet can also be a sign of how your partner will deal with issues within the household and their future potential for having a family.
  4. Try to ask questions about your partner’s most embarrassing moments, worst job or most difficult experience. From fun stories to shared tragedies, this type of conversation can help you to find common ground with each other and learn something new.
  5. Family discussions do not have to be about just having children. You can talk about family vacations and childhood experiences. The only time you should avoid this conversation is if you already know that your partner had a rough childhood.
  6. If you both love cooking, you can always talk about new recipes or cooking styles. Dates can be spent at new restaurants or taking classes together.


  1. As the relationship changes, it is always a good idea to remember the past. Look at old photo albums and remember all of the happy memories that you have together.
  2. It is far too easy to take other people for granted in a relationship. Over time, compliments can feel like they are being said out of habit. Try to look at your partner’s physical make-up and figure out a compliment for them. Words of encouragement and affirmation are always positive in a relationship.
  3. Bring up favorite teachers from the past and discuss what made your partner love them.
  4. If you had the money and the time, what would you do? What would your partner do? This is an excellent way to find out hidden hobbies or passions.
  5. Goals and values change over the course of a life time. Try asking your partner what event they would change in history. In addition to giving you an insight into their values, the changing answers over time can help you understand how your partner has transformed.
  6. Sexually, relationships can become monotonous over time. To prevent this from happening, try sharing erotic fantasies with each other. This can help spice things up and add a new level of passion to the relationship. Avoid putting pressure on your partner to perform these activities, however, as this will just lead to unnecessary stress.
  7. Spend some time discussing past memories and your childhood.
  8. If you do not know what your partner needs, ask them! Let your boyfriend or girlfriend tell you what they need to feel loved and valued.
  9. Spend some time setting your financial priorities together. Many arguments start due to money issues, so try to head off these disputes before they happen.

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