20 Best Places to Meet Men

By on March 18, 2015

So you want to find a dreamy man and you’re not sure where to start right? You will meet men if you go to places where they concentrate. If you’re hanging out at yoga class with all women you’re probably not going to meet him. But if you incorporate some more fun things into your schedule, you’re sure to have some options very quickly!

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Coed Adult Sports Leagues

It could be volleyball, softball, soccer or flag football. It doesn’t have to be something you’re really great at either. These leagues are a good way to be playful and create a network in your local community. Often people will get together afterwards for drinks where you’ll have a chance to chat!

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Festivals are a great place to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere. There are plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with people when you’re waiting in line to get food, browsing the vendors booths or just listening to live music. It’s a social environment and if you choose a festival you’re really interested in, chances are you’ll meet some like minded men there.

Continuing Education Classes 

Continuing Education Classes

Taking a community college course or enrolling in a one time class at a community center is a great way to meet intelligent men. Of course if you choose a subject matter that usually only attracts women, your chances will be lower. Enrolling in programs for continuing education will build skills that boost your confidence and show you are a proactive person. It’s just another way to get yourself out there and maybe make some friends that might invite you to do other things like attend house parties or volunteer events.


Volunteer Events

Volunteering events are an excellent ice breaker for meeting a caring man. There are so many fun ways to spend your weekend and meet men that don’t have to be out at a nightclub. Animal shelters do all sorts of events and usually need volunteers. There are blood drives you can get involved with or even fancy fundraising events that you can help out with. Look at the nonprofits in your area and see which ones are interesting to you. Contact them to see what they need help with and try to do something at least once a month as a volunteer. You never know who also might show up that is single and has a generous spirit. Fundraising events are also a good idea to attend and by purchasing a ticket you’re contributing to a good cause.

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Smaller Concerts

While large concerts tend to be really loud and just swarmed with people that already know each other, smaller local concerts are a great opportunity to chat it up with some bearded beauties. You may want to check out what’s coming up at local venues and plan on trying out a few local spots to see which vibe you like the most. Once your find your favorites you can invite some girlfriends to go with you or just attend solo and you might start to see some of the same faces and make some friends who can introduce you to people. It’s always easier to get an introduction that breaking the ice yourself.

 networking events

Networking Events

These days there are multiple networking events to choose from on any given night. All you need to do is look for them. There are plenty of free events that are sponsored by companies and have interesting speakers. Show up looking your best but professional and you’ll be able to mingle with people easily. Be patient and attend a few events to see what is out there. You’ll find out about more events as you network around and don’t forget to bring your cards.

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Host Your Own Parties

Sometimes when you’re at a party you might feel like you’re blending into the background right? Well it’s easy to stand out if you’re the host! You can make it a BYOB or potluck so you don’t have to spend a lot. Create a facebook event and encourage people to bring friends. You can theme your parties to incorporate fun activities too. If you don’t have a reason to throw a party you can always offer to host a birthday or engagement party at your house.


Holiday Parties

You can find lots of holiday parties to attend whether it’s by looking through your local newspaper or attending events at a local community center. Your friends may host holiday parties and you can usually sign up to receive email notifications about fun festive happenings at your local bars. You’ll have an opportunity to get social and it will be a fun environment. You can stay as long as you want and it’s a great way to get out of the house. If you’re nervous to go alone, find a single buddy to tag along.


Sports Bars

While sports bars can attract men that are just looking for a fling, you can also find groups of guys that may have one or two singles. When a game is on it gives you something to talk about so grab your wing-woman or invite a small group of friends to a local sports bar and just hang out. You don’t have to have a million drinks to feel comfortable at a sports bar because the vibe is already so relaxed. Hey you don’t even have to drink because they serve food too, granted it might not be the healthiest.


Online Dating Sites

Try not to be close minded to online dating because it’s a very helpful tool. Some of the services are free too. Tinder, OkCupid and PlentyofFish are online apps that are used by all different ages and they are completely free. Some of the more specialized dating services include Match.com and eharmony.com. You can find someone that has similar beliefs on sites such as Jdate.com, Christianmingle.com or SpiritualSingles.com.


Neighborhood Events

Pick up a copy of your local newspaper and see what events are coming up in your area. You may find barbeques, craft fairs, potlucks and other interesting parties you can participate in. This is a great way to meet a guy that lives close by and can help you feel more connected to the area you live. This can open doors to other invitations and you may meet some people you want to invite over too. Don’t be afraid to try something new. There will be family oriented people at neighborhood events and they are always easy to talk to.


Ask Your Friends

It’s perfectly fine to check in with your friends and see if someone wants to play matchmaker. Put your feelers out there and see what comes back. Your friends want to see you with someone they like and trust so you’re likely to get set up with someone they’ve known for a good while. There’s no shame in telling your besties to keep an eye out for you and extend your network of possibilities. There are so many resources all around you, just open yourself to possibility and they will start to show up.


Gallery Openings

It’s fun to go to events and appreciate the work of artists. People will be excited and there is a lot to talk about. You can mingle with other people who appreciate art and it’s easy to go by yourself too since there’s a reason for you to be there (seeing the art). You can find out about them by checking online with local galleries and museums. You can also expand your mind while you put yourself out there to find Mr. Right.

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There’s no more obvious place to feel romantic than a wedding. The single people have a sense of obligation to dance with the other single people and it’s a ripe environment for sparking a new love. Since everyone is dressed up it gives that extra element that shows off your beauty. People are more open emotionally at weddings and tend to let their guard down so make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to get to your friend’s weddings! He may be shy and not approach you but he can find out who you are and you’ll know he’s interested when he finds you through the wedding pictures on Facebook.


Dance Classes

Here’s a safe way to meet some men in a playful setting. Dancing is not only intimate, it’s lots of fun! You may be partnered up with the man of your dreams and since you have a task at hand, it’s not really akward at all! You can attend a few classes and see what type of men are at the dance studio and if you don’t find him right away, maybe try a different form of dance. You’ll have fun as you uncover your mystery man and burn some calories in the process.



Traveling has a way of opening people up. They are aware of their environment because they have to be in order to find food and not get lost. They are relaxed and interesting in learning about the area. You may meet someone at the local tiki bar who is also on vacation and maybe you’ll go to the beach together. Keep an open mind because you never know where romance might pop up!


Fitness or Health Conventions

If you want to find a health oriented man, check out the local fitness expos or conventions focused on healthy eating. Expo West and Expo East have about 10,000 vendors of healthy products and happen every year. There are so many similar events you can attend that are large and small scale. You will have the opportunity to meet smart and attractive men just by the nature of the event. If you’re a health nut, this is a great place for you to find someone whose on the same page.


Spiritual Gatherings

If you’ve struggled to find a man who is in touch with his feelings, don’t worry, they are out there. Very masculine men who are into sports may not be that keen on talking about their feelings but the more spiritual artsy type will be. Yoga festivals and conscious music festivals like Lighting In A Bottle, Burning Man, Lucidity Festivals and Wanderlust festivals are just a sampling of the many options for meeting a man who likes deep conversations. There are plenty of mediation events that will include food and socializing that attract men who are more in touch with their feminine side. Look on www.Meetup.com and check out flyers at local yoga studios or in spiritual magazines to find these events.


Educational Seminars

Attending seminars when a speaker is in town can be a great place to meet an intellectual and mature man. Look on the websites of local universities as well as the local community centers and museums to see what seminars are coming up. These can be very enriching events that keep you up to speed on current events and issues in the world. Environmental organizations like The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy and The World Wildlife Fund often have events and if you start looking you’ll find there are far more happening than you can possibly attend. If you live in a rural area, you may need to drive into a city but most colleges usually have many talks open to the public.


Girl Get To The Gym

Finally, you can be sure to find some eligible bachelors at your local gym. You can get a good idea of their level of health right away and if you’re in shape, this is a great way to catch their eye so to speak. Don’t just go to the yoga classes with the girls though, it’s ok to get in there and use the machines and weights. Working out will only help you find a man as you get more and more healthy and put off those good vibes from feeling confident and ready to mingle!


Hopefully you now feel empowered with some fun and really easy ways to get out there and see what happens. Remember that whatever you do, do it with a smile as we all look better when we are smiling. Even if you’re just grabbing your morning coffee, a simple smile could change your life!


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