20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles

By on November 29, 2013

If you’re looking to update your current hairstyle, why not try out an asymmetrical hairstyle? Asymmetrical hairstyles are fun and modern, and they suit most face shapes. There are many ways to rock an asymmetrical hairstyle – go all the way and opt for an edgy asymmetrical haircut, try your hand at sexy side braids, or wear your hair in a side bun or low side ponytail – the choice is yours! We’ve chosen 20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles to inspire you for your next fabulous hairdo. Enjoy!

1. Karlie Kloss Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Long, wavy bob

American fashion model Karlie Kloss looks gorgeous with her long, wavy bob. We love her uneven, tousled curls and the side-swept bangs that accentuate her stunning blue eyes. To recreate Karlie’s curls, use a large barreled curling iron on the hair to one side of your face, leaving the other side relatively straight.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_01

2. Jessica Alba Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Stunning side-swept curls

 Actress Jessica Alba looks phenomenal with her stunning, side-swept curls. Side-swept hairstyles are trending at the moment, and they are without a doubt the most glamorous of the asymmetrical hairstyles. We simply love Jess’ dramatic ombre curls that fade from chestnut to a summery blonde – gorgeous!

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_02

3. Paris Hilton Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Asymmetrical bob

Actress and socialite Paris Hilton looks flirty and carefree with her long, asymmetrical bob. This quirky hairstyle suits Paris well as her bangs draw attention away from the angles of her square face, accentuating her beautiful blue eyes instead. When having your hair cut, consult with your stylist before deciding which side of your hairdo to leave longer.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_03

4. Vanessa Hudgens Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Funky fishtail side plait 

Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens looks stylish and casual with her funky fishtail side plait. She’s mastered the no-fuss, “undone” look by keeping sections of hair loose and securing her plait at the nape of her neck. Plaits and braids are an easy and feminine way to update any hairstyle, so get experimenting and find a style that suits you!

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_04

5. January Jones Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Voluminous, uneven bob

Mad Men actress January Jones looks stunning with her voluminous, uneven bob. January has given the asymmetrical bob a sexy twist by pumping her hair full of volume and sweeping it to the side. To recreate this look, use volume-boosting hair products and blow-dry your hair in rollers. Brush it out with a round brush for extra body.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_05

6. Anne Hathaway Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Pixie cut with side bangs

Les Miserables actress Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous with her long, razor-cut pixie. We love her swooping side-fringe and the messy, touchable texture of her hair. If you’ve decided on an asymmetrical pixie for your next hairstyle, ask your stylist to feather the ends of you hair for a soft, romantic look.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_06

7. Lauren Conrad Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Loose side bun

American TV personality and fashion designer Lauren Conrad looks radiant with her hair in a loose side bun. You don’t need to cut your hair to wear it in an asymmetrical hairstyle – simply get creative and wear your hair to one side. Lauren keeps her look polished with super-smooth hair, winged eyeliner, and deep red lips – divine.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_07

8. Ashley Olsen Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Long, angled bob

Actress and fashionista Ashley Olsen looks chic and elegant with her long, angled bob. Her hair has been parted in the middle to best showcase her edgy ‘do, and she wears her tucked behind her ear on one side to show off a sparkly earring. Polish off this chic look with smoky eyes and a nude lip.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_08

9. Beyonce Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Mismatched lengths 

Songstress Beyonce sports a super sleek long hairdo with unusual, mismatched lengths. We love how she’s given a relatively simple hairstyle a modern edge just by playing with the length of her hair. For super-sleek hair, invest in a high-quality hair straightener and some heat protection hair products to prevent damage.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_09

10. Ashlee Simpson Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Short, sexy bob

Singer Ashlee Simpson looks sultry and sophisticated with her short, sexy bob. This is a great short asymmetrical hairstyle as it draws attention to the middle of the face and balances out a heavy jaw. It also works very well with fine hair, as it gives hair some subtle texture and body.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_10

11. Leigh Lezark Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Long, asymmetrical locks

American DJ and model Leigh Lezark looks striking with her long, straight asymmetrical locks. We absolutely adore this haircut – the sharp angles create a stunning contrast with her rounded jawline, balancing out her long face.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_11

12. Olivia Wilde Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Tousled, uneven bob

Actress Olivia Wilde looks gorgeous with her tousled, uneven bob. This medium-length hairstyle is very flattering for her square face as it conceals the upper corners of her forehead, breaking up the “boxy” outline of her face. Add some highlights to your hair to brighten up your complexion with a summery look.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_12

13. Keri Hilson Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Perfectly sculpted bob

American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson looks phenomenal with her perfectly sculpted bob. We’re blown away by her wavy fringe and the smooth, not-a-hair-out-of-place texture of her ‘do. This hairstyle requires a considerable amount of styling, but the ‘wow factor’ may just be worth it for a special occasion.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_13

14. Ginnifer Goodwin Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Undercut pixie

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin rocks an edgy, undercut pixie with a side-swept fringe. We love how Ginnifer has embraced the growing-out period of her super-short hair by experimenting with new and exciting styles. For a striking contrast, keep the back and side short and grow out your fringe.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_14

15. Rihanna Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Sleek, angular bob

Caribbean beauty and singer Rihanna looks gorgeous with her sleek, angular bob. A true asymmetrical bob, it is long at the front and short at the back, creating a striking contrast. This hairstyle works best with straight, fine hair as it makes the most of your hair’s natural texture.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_15

16. Cara Delevingne Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Punky side-braided ‘do

Supermodel Cara Delevingne rocks a punky side-braided do at this year’s Met Gala. We love the contrast between her funky, textured braids and the rest of her sleek, straight hair. Finish off this alternative look with dark, smoky eyes, edgy earrings and nude lips.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_16

17. Rose Byrne Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Classy side chignon

Actress Rose Byrne looks glamorous and poised with her classy side chignon. A chignon is a hairstyle similar to a low bun, and it’s a fantastic choice for formal events. Secure your chignon to the side for a slightly modern take on the classic and elegant hairstyle.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_17

18. Maggie Gyllenhaal Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Short, curly bob

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal keeps her look simple with a short, curled bob. Her side-swept curls softly frame her face and draw attention to her electric blue eyes. To get Maggie’s soft curls, use a thin-barreled curling iron and plenty of hair spray.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_18

19. Cheryl Cole Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Tousled, medium bob

English singer Cheryl Cole looks carefree and sexy with her tousled, medium-length bob. We love how her slightly messy blonde locks frame her face and accentuate her bright red lips. This is a great asymmetrical cut for medium-length hair as it keeps hair relatively long whilst creating an edgy contrast.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_19

20. Marion Cotillard Asymmetrical Hairstyle: Sleek and short

Actress Marion Cotillard looks gorgeous with her sleek and short asymmetrical bob. Marion keeps her hairstyle simple and elegant with a side fringe and glossy, healthy brunette locks.

20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles_20

So there you have it – 20 Asymmetrical Hairstyles, tried and tested by celebrities and ready for you to experiment with. We’re sure you’ve found the perfect asymmetrical hairstyle for your next hairdo, and that you’ll love your new asymmetrical hairstyle!