15 Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend

By on December 24, 2014

When you’re in a relationship, you’re constantly trying to think of new ways to put a smile on your partners face, whether it’s a random trip to the beach for the afternoon or a simple good morning text that will make their entire day brighter. And you know what? One of the easiest and best ways to make your boyfriend smile ear to ear is to surprise him! We’ve come up with a list of 15 unique and totally awesome ways to surprise your boyfriend. What’re you waiting for ladies?


 1. A Handwritten Romantic Letter

Handwriting is a lost art these days. Instead of writing our partner a romantic, deep poem with our thoughts and feelings written out on paper, we simply send an “I <3 U” text or instant message, even though a handwritten romantic letter is much deeper and more passionate. That being said, surprise your man with a handwritten romantic letter expressing your deepest thoughts and feelings for him and watch him light up with each and every word he reads.


2. Bake Him Something

Nothing says “I love you” like a big, scrumptious cake. Or a huge batch of your all-time favorite cookie. Or a decadent brownie with toffee and hazelnut crumbles. Do you see where I am going with this? Surprise your man with something delicious, baked by yours truly. He will not only love that you took the time out of your day to bake something entirely for HIM, but he will get to enjoy your amazing baking for many, many days. Sounds like a winning combination in my book!


3. Surprise Him with a Romantic Getaway

Okay, I think we can all agree that there are very few things more romantic than a getaway for two. If you really want to make him smile (and maybe even possibly shriek with excitement), I invite you to rent a hotel or cabin (RV, maybe?) for the weekend at your favorite vacation spot and just enjoy each other for the entire weekend. Check out the scenery, see the hottest spots, indulge in dinners and sweets- do anything and everything you want, just the two of you. What a HUGE, amazing surprise!


4. Make Him Dinner

One of the most classic and tried and true ways to surprise your man is to make him dinner. You know what he likes. Whether it’s a cheesy pizza, a huge chunk of steak, or enchiladas with that homemade red sauce, hop into the kitchen and whip it up! It’ll be a huge surprise that he will certainly enjoy. Plus you get to show off those wifey cooking skills that every man is seeking!


5. Make Dinner Reservations

So some of us aren’t the best cooks. And sometimes we just flat out don’t want to spend the evening in the kitchen whipping up a huge delicious meal. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. When times like these hit, why not pull out the fancy dinner reservations? Again, you know what he loves. Make reservations for his favorite spot or try a new place that serves the meals he adores and enjoy a taste testing adventure he’s sure to love.


6. Throw Him a Surprise Party

So this one only really works if it is his birthday, he just graduated, or got a promotion at work, but hey- when that time comes, what better way to rock your man’s world than by throwing him a huge surprise party? It might take a lot of work- you know, sending out invitations, decorating the entire event, getting the food- but trust me, it’s something he will be talking about for many years to come. And that’s the goal, right? To always be on his mind and have him thinking about the memories the two of you shared? Of course. Not only is a party a HUMUNGOUS surprise, but it’s also TONS of fun for everyone.


7. Tickets to a Game

If your man is one of those sports fanatics, then this is a great surprise he is bound to love. Either grab a pair of tickets for two to the next game, or send him off with his guy pals for a night of beers and football live in action.

8. Greet Him at the Door

Every man has this fantasy of his lady greeting him at the door with a gorgeous, little black dress, hair done perfectly, topped off with a set of perfectly polished nails and lovely makeup to match. (Don’t ask me why!) That being said, seriously ladies. For just one night, pull out your favored minidress and get all dolled up for your man. For some reason they LOVE when their woman gets made up for their eyes only, so this is sure to be a crowd pleaser. If you have another surprise waiting inside (like a homemade dinner or his favorite movie popped in the DVD player!) that’s just an even bigger bonus!


9. Random Gift

Umm, hello!? Who doesn’t love a random gift? One way to completely shock him is to show up with a specially wrapped present just for him. There doesn’t have to be any reason or special occasion other than you love him and just wanted to show him that you care. So, you know that cool gadget he’s been eyeballing? Or that cool t-shirt he’s wanted for months? Go ahead and pick it up for him. There’s really no telling how surprised and ridiculously happy he will be to see his special gift!

10. Do Something You Would Never Do

I think we have all been in a relationship with that one guy who wants you to do something you would never do in a million years, like go sky diving or climb a mountain. Well, if he has been pestering you to do something crazy (but totally fun) for weeks and weeks, surprise him with a simple “OKAY!” next time he asks. Seriously, he will be so shocked he won’t even know how to respond. In fact, he’ll probably be under the impression you’re lying. But reassure him you’re feeling like taking a risk, and let him know when the big day is. He will LOVE the fact that you’re finally willing to try something new! (Men love when a lady is adventurous!)

11. Switch Up Your Style

Your man loves you for you, of course. But surprising him with a brand new look or style is sure to be something he will enjoy! Maybe he’s been talking about wanting to see you with brown hair or a different shade of lipstick. Whatever it might be, it’ll sure to be a huge shocker he will enjoy. Even if you just want to switch up your look for YOU, that’s a-okay, too! He will love you either way.


12. Send Him Out With His Friends

Girls need time out with their girlfriends, and guys need time out with their guy friends. That’s just the way it is. So instead of getting mad at him for ditching date night to go see his guy pals, how about YOU set up an entire evening for him and his guys to have fun? He will definitely appreciate the effort and will love having a girlfriend that is not only cool with him hanging with the guys, but actually sets up an event for him and his friends to attend. It could be something as easy as telling him to go meet his friends at the bar, or buying tickets to a game for them to enjoy!


13. Write a Love Poem

This one kind of goes with suggestion number 1, but takes it to an all new level. Whether you can compose a piece of poetic art like Shakespeare or can’t really put together a sentence without a struggle, he will love reading a handmade poem just for him. Remember to write it out on a piece of paper so he can hold onto it forever!


14. Treasure Hunt

Another one of those incredibly cool and awesome ideas that might take a little bit of work, but they are well worth the time! Set up a little treasure hunt for your man that leads to a big surprise. It could be something small, like a little gift you made just for him, or it could be a huge ending like you and a limo getting ready to head off to dinner. Make up the game for him to find the treasure. It’s super fun and he’ll love the adventure!

15. Plan an Evening

Forget the awful: “Hey honey, what do you want to do tonight?” “Uh, I don’t know, you pick” “Okay, let’s just go to the diner down the road” “Again? Ugh, okay” conversation, and opt for something much better: an entire evening planned for you and your man full of fun, love, and adventure.

How do you surprise your man? Have you ever tried any of these ways to surprise your boyfriend? Which one did he love the best? Let us know!

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