15 Thoughtful Gifts For Him

By on November 22, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to start considering holiday gifts for him. If you have dated for more than a couple of weeks before Christmas, then you should find a present for him. Even if you are low on funds, there are many gift ideas like couple coupons and DIY gifts that can suit your budget. For later readers of this post, these gifts can also be used as birthday present ideas or Valentines Day gifts. Whatever the occasion, these presents are sure to be a hit.


Before you get him a gift from this list, give yourself a moment to stop and consider his interests. These gift ideas work for the average man, but are not always the right thing for everyone. While one man may like hockey tickets, another boyfriend may want tickets to a mystery dinner. It is up to you to make sure that your gift perfectly matches his interests and passions.


1. Get Your Game On

It may be cliché, but sports tickets are one of the best presents you can get. Most guys have a passion for at least one sport. Although some of these tickets are drastically out of your price range (a.k.a. The Super Bowl), there are always pre-season tickets, off-day games or a non-pro team that has cheaper tickets. If you just cannot fathom sitting through a hockey or basketball game, you could always get a jersey with the name of his favorite player on it.


2. Frame a Photo

If you have been together for any length of time, you undoubtedly have at least one photograph with your boyfriend. Even if it is just on Facebook, you can easily save it and have it printed offline. Once a copy of your favorite photograph is made, you can have it put into a nice looking leather or chrome picture frame. Most frames only cost five to ten dollars, so this works out to be one of the cheaper gift options available.

gift card

3. Gift Cards are Well-Received

Thirty years ago, giving a gift card or money was considered one of the tackier gift giving ideas. Over recent years, this connotation has gradually changed. If you are giving a gift to your boyfriend, you can always just opt for a basic gift card or gift certificate. If he likes a certain pub, get him a certificate so he can have a few pints with his friends. Other gift card ideas include gift cards for music stores, Itunes, hobby shops, go Kart tracks or any of his favorite pastimes.


4. Cute “Together Time” Presents

One of the things that the recession of 2008 taught everyone was that people matter more than just things. Instead of getting him a shirt or something that he will never use, consider planning an event as your present. You could go paint pottery together, race go karts or have a nice night in a hotel room. For a cute holiday themed event, a trip to the ice skating rink could be just the ticket. Visit the rink in your cutest winter gear and round out the evening with a steaming cup of cocoa.


5. Picnic Time

If the weather is nice enough, you can always schedule a cute picnic together. Pack some burgers or sandwiches and don’t forget the potato salad! If you are in an area that is prone to snowfall and cool temperatures, a picnic is still a possibility. Instead of rolling out the gingham blanket, try locating a gazebo in your area. You can arrange a candlelit picnic in the gazebo that allows you to look at the snowy skies without getting snowed on.

1 movie

6. Let’s Go See the Movies!

Cabin fever driving you crazy? If you are out of things to do this winter, try scheduling a movie date. This is one of the better event ideas for your boyfriend’s Christmas present. Unlike other gift dates, you do not have to worry about the weather. Most movies do not have a line and you can easily by tickets in advance. Just keep in mind that you should go to a movie that he wants to see. If it a present for him, it better be a movie that he actually wants to watch.

4 clean

7. Start Cleaning

Jokes about men having poor cleanliness standards are so common that they have become cliché. Unfortunately, this cliché is occasionally based on reality. Some men happen to be terrible at cleaning their homes. This is especially true if they plan on leaving for a while during the holidays or over their birthday weekend. If you know that your boyfriend is going to be visiting family, you can always clean up his apartment as a surprise gift.

2 music

8. Create a Mixed CD or a Playlist

Depending on the holiday or the duration of the relationship, the type of CD that you make your boyfriend may vary. A heartwarming mix of love songs could be the perfect thing for a new relationship. You could also try getting creative with your mixed CD. If you know that your boyfriend loves to work out, you could try compiling a list of the best workout songs. For the holidays, you could mix together some traditional, fun Christmas songs.

3 scrapbook

9. Make a Scrapbook

Your boyfriend might not admit it, but he secretly does like to look at photographs from your relationship. You can make a scrapbook filled with pictures of his entire life or just a scrapbook that illustrates your relationship. Some love quotes or poems can also look great in the scrapbook.


10. Companion Gifts

Also known as a buddy gift, these presents can be the best. If you know that his friend or parents are getting him an extremely nice gift like a Wii or iPod, you can always get a companion gift to go with it. An iTunes giftcard or iPod case would be perfect companion gifts. These types of gifts are great because you don’t have to buy the extremely expensive present—you just get to improve it!


11.Write a Love Letter

Low on funds? No problem! One of the most touching presents you could give him is a love letter. Take some time and compose a beautiful poem or draw a caricature of both of you together. If you are short on ideas, you can always look up short love quotes for him. A couple of spritzes of perfume and some lovely stationary can also add the right finishing touch.


12. Create an Ornament

It may seem like a kindergarten throwback, but creating an ornament can be a great Christmas present. All you need to do is pull out the crafting materials and let your creativity shine!


13. Cook Dinner

If you want to make him happy, try cooking his favorite meal. Find out in advance what dishes he likes best and make them all in one night. If you are short on time, a batch of cookies or his favorite dessert could be a great alternative.


14. Consider a Magazine Subscription

Magazine subscriptions are one of the things that we always forget to buy. If you see him constantly flipping through the Economist or catch him looking up information about his favorite hobby, try buying him a magazine to suit his tastes. It is a fairly inexpensive present to buy, but will last for months and months.


15. Television Seasons on Tape

Especially among millenials, cable has almost become a dirty word. Netflix, video streaming and television-on-DVD are all becoming increasingly popular. If your boyfriend has a favorite television show, try buying the last few seasons on DVD. He can watch them from the comfort of your living room without ever having to pause for a single commercial.


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