15 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Glasses

By on November 20, 2014

So you wear glasses? Don’t think they’re cool? Well you’re totally wrong! The geek chic style is TOTALLY trendy, and you can get that sexy nerd look in a matter of minutes, simply by applying the right kind of make up! Use these simple tips and tricks and give yourself a new dimension to your current look. The sexy nerd style is not just about using stylish frames and colors but also dabbing the right kind of make-up.

Tricks and treats for your eyes; and no this is not about Halloween!


1. Eye Shadow All Over: The eye shadow you use should have a tinge of copper or bronze tint. Apply a good amount of eye shadow not just above your eye lids, but layer up to the eyebrows so it can visibly seen underneath your glasses. Remember when you are using a good volume of eye shadow all over, you want to tone down the eyeliner. Stick to a small line just above the eye and on the lower lid. Finish with your favorite mascara. Don’t wear crazy colored eye shadow as this could appear overbearing.


2. Cat Eye: The cat eye is undoubtedly one of the most popular eyeliner styles for all women, but it’s especially suitable for women wearing glasses. Work up a bold, thick, line on the edges of the upper eyelash and curl your lashes. Use a double coat of mascara on your eyelashes. Use waterproof and smudge free liquid liners for the best effect all day. The end result? A seriously on-trend look that matches perfectly with those frames. (And you didn’t even have to buy cat-eye glasses to get the look!)


3. Be Careful With Foundation: Foundation is, of course, an important part of every woman’s makeup routine. But you need to be extra careful when applying. Blot away excess around the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks where your glasses have a tendency to lay. You may also want to carry around some powder to fix any blotchiness throughout the day. I mean, there’s really nothing worse than walking around with foundation plastered all over your frames. Talk about a fashion faux pas!


4. Moisturize and Concealer: Any lady who has ever worn a pair of glasses knows that they are the biggest culprit in leaving annoying, unattractive red marks, especially on the bridge of the nose. But by simply applying a little bit of moisturizer and tinted concealer, you can avoid this potential date-breaker. Use this same moisturizer and concealer duo underneath your eyes to avoid that ‘sunken in’ look that is so common with glasses-wearing women.


5. Eye Shadow Color:  Eye shadow is incredibly important, especially for those who wear glasses. If you wear TOO much eye makeup, you will certainly end up looking like a clown (sorrynotsorry) (this goes for gals without glasses, too, but let’s face it, the glasses tend to amplify things). That’s why it’s important to go with neutral shades 9 times out of 10. Unless you’re doing some kind of crazy event, try to stick with colors that aren’t overbearing. You could work with beiges, browns, even a bit of pale pinks.


6. Mascara: Mascara is an obvious must when it comes to makeup- glasses or not! Always use a thick coat of mascara for eyelashes. If you’re looking for a more dramatic effect, you can also apply mascara to the lower eyelash line and create a wing effect using the mascara coat for the lower eyelashes.


7. Oh, and make sure it’s waterproof: Keep in mind that not any mascara will do. You need to be extra careful when choosing a mascara, as some products will leave a (not so glamorous) flaking on your frames. That being said, always opt for a creamy waterproof formula that will prevent any signs of flakes or smudges. Beautiful eyes that won’t leave a horrendous tint of black or blue on your frames? Sounds like a winner in our books.


8. Eyelash Curler: Eyelash curlers are an essential tool that should be in any glasses-wearing ladies makeup bag. Why? Other than the fact that eyelash curlers give you an outstanding set of lashes, they also keep your eyelashes from hitting against the glass of your glasses- and ladies, we all know how incredibly annoying that can be. Say goodbye to troublesome lashes by simply using an eyelash curler before (and even after) you apply your mascara.


9. Make it Sparkle: Forget the days of boring and dull eyeliners. If you really want to make your eyes pop from behind the glass, you need to get your hands on sparkly navy blue or plum eyeliner. Aside from these two colors being top-of-the-charts popular, they also look stunning paired up with a pair of frames. So ditch the overbearing black liner and opt for something that shimmers and dazzles, just like you!


10. Don’t Forget the Eyebrows: SO many women tend to forget about their eyebrows. I mean, after applying foundation, primer, powder, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip gloss, who could blame us? Even if your eyebrows are ‘hidden’ behind your frames, that’s no excuse to let your brows run wild. Apply a bit of color to your brows and use a brush to shape them, leaving you with a completely refined and polished look. You may even want to consider having your brows professionally landscaped so you can look fab for weeks without having to lift a finger!


11. Make Your Lips Pop: Since 9 times out of 10 you want to stay neutral or low-key with your eye makeup, it’s the perfect time to let your lips do the talking (get it?). Save the crazy colors for your lips. Anything goes- especially if you’re dealing with a bold black set of frames that would look oh-so-sexy paired up with a dark red pout. But really, anything goes! That new plum you’ve been dying to wear? Go for it! Want to keep it casual with a cool pink? That works too! Options are limitless, ladies!


12. Match Your Frames with Liner: Just like you wouldn’t want to mix and match your outfit into something totally quirky and crazy, you don’t want to do it with your eyes, either. If you’re wearing a pair of thin frames, you want to make sure your eyeliner is thin, too, as applying thick liner may make your eyes appear overbearing. Same thing goes for thick frames- if you have thick frames, stick with thick eyeliner to match.


13. Match Your Frames with Color: Did you really think that pink shirt went with that red pair of shorts? Of course not! And we can’t tell you enough how important it is to make sure your frames match your eye makeup. I mean, could you imagine mismatching colors at the first place (most) people look? That could be an instant deal-breaker! To make sure you’re looking geek chic 100% of the time, make sure the eyes match the frames. Have a pair of adorable violet frames? Match your eyes with some complementing light violet eyeliner and a little bit of brown eyeshadow to put it all in place.


14. Blush!: Women who wear glasses have the advantage of showcasing their cheeks. So why leave the cheeks hanging when you can make them the star of the show with a little bit of blush? Our biggest piece of advice to you is this: apply a little bit of blush on those gorgeous cheek bones of yours. The result? A face that looks perky, bright, and oh-so-modelesque. Kim Kardashian has nothing on you, honey!


15. When All Else Fails, Go Natural!: ANOTHER advantage to wearing glasses (yeah, I bet you didn’t think there were this many before reading this article!) is that you don’t really have to do anything to your eyes. The natural look just so happens to look flawless behind the glass, and let’s face it- you’re probably naturally beautiful anyways- so keep things simple. Wearing too much makeup or going overboard- especially with glasses- will only make you stand out- and not in a good way. Touch up on your finest features, and let the rest of your beauty shine through those frames.

Getting that ‘geek chic’ style was easier than you thought, wasn’t it? Let’s break it down so you don’t forget: try to not go overboard with eye shadow, and keep the colors neutral. In fact, you can go completely without eye shadow is you want! Remember to always match your frames- thin with thin, thick with thick, and pay close attention to the colors so they don’t clash. Use an eyelash curler before applying WATERPROOF mascara. Blot away excess foundation so you don’t deal with flakes and smudges, and always use moisturizer and concealer around the bridge of the nose and cheeks so you avoid any annoying red marks. Highlight your cheek bones and go crazy with color on the lips- make them really stand out. Last but not least, don’t forget to dress up your eyebrows to complete your entire style.

Ladies who wear glasses, what’s your biggest makeup trick or tip?


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